I read Nkosanas text and responded then deleted it Senzi knocked on my window. He didn't look okay I stepped out.


Senzi:"Uncle is dead."

He locked the car for me and grabbed my hand he was hurting but he didn't want to show it.


He stopped walking and looked at me I opened my eyes for him.

Me:"Come here." he shook his head biting his quivering lower lip"come."

He sighed but let me wrap my hands around him anyways I kissed his ear.

Me:" It's gonna be okay. "

He shook his head breaking the hug.

Senzi:" I don't know Mami if it wasn't for the funeral cover we wouldn't even have money to buy him a cheap coffin. He deserves an expensive send of."

Me:"What happened?

Senzi:" Car accident no fowl play to add. "

I sighed.

Me:" I am sorry come let's go inside it's a bit chilly. "

I sat him and got on his lap listening to Joyous Celebration 21s songs I was massaging his scalp and his hand grabbed my thighs tightly. The money thing is stressing him he has lost weight in such a short period. Msimelelo came running in followed by Natalie.

Nat:"Ma'am Sir."

Pancake was already jumping on her arms I got off Senzi so he could get Star.

Msimelelo :"Ma I built a house with blocks the teacher said I will design houses soon. I even drew one for you." 

Me :"Take it out while I talk to sis okay?" 

He gave me a teethy smile Natalie followed me to the kitchen. She was a mixed race 25 year old. 

Nat:"Is everything okay? 

I shook my head. 

Me:" Nothing is good my husband and I can't afford to pay you. We can only pay for this month. "

Her mouth fell. 

Nat:" Sisi I pay for my courses with the money you give me I can't fail at school. "

I rubbed my forehead. 

Me:"There's nothing we can do as you can see the food in the Pantry is different we can't even go shopping. Even Msimelelo has to change schools I am so sorry for doing this to you." 

She broke down and cried I hugged her brushing her back. Senzi walked in and raised her eyebrow I motioned him to go back. And he did. 

3 days later I kept reading the message over again. Natalies cries hurt me the most my kidsmy husbands even more. Senzi has been the backbone of this house for far too long. I can tell he is losing hope but I won't allow my house to fall not on my watch. 

Me:"Fuck it." 

I took a quick shower and dressed up I fixed my make up and put on the longest of my weaves. Senzi was watching movies in the cinema with kids. 

Me:"My love." 

He turned his head and scanned my body. Star was sleeping so he got up with him I followed him to our room. I waited for him to finish up he closed the door. 

Senzi :"You look good." 

Me:"Thanks I'm going for a few drinks with Busi we will be back before the clock hits 10. It's like a business dinner." 

Senzi:"Baby don't get drunk we are mourning." 

Me:"I won't I want us to discuss a few business ideas. Something that will benefit us all." 

He smiled and grabbed my waist he kissed my lips. 

Senzi:"If anyone dares look at you I will pull they eyes our with my car keys. I love you."

Me:"I love you more." 


I watched her drive off anf and turned on the tracker on her phone. I clenched my jaws looking at her texts from the guy who she met this week she was meeting her again. When she parked the car I sent Thunder the coordinates if I were to go there myself I might come out in handcuffs. I have a funeral to attend and kids to live for I can't risk having badluck because my wife is misbehaving. 

I reluctantly dialled Ntombis moms number. 


Me:"Ma can I bring the kids please my uncle passed and Ntombi isn't feeling well.." 

MrsM:"Of course are you going to drive here now?" 

Me:"Yes ma I'm on my way." 

I wore a jacket and packed a luggage bag for the kids. I carried it with Pancake. 

Me :"Champ." 


Me:"Come let's go." 

He rubbed his eyes. 

Msimelelo:"Where are we going?" 

Me:"Grannys house." 

Msimelelo:"But why tata." 

Me:"Because there are rats in this house and I have to look for them before they eat your feet." 

I strapped his sister then him minutes later I dropped them off at the Mkhizes. I passed by a Tarvern and bought a bottle of Klipdrift. Thunder called me. 

Thunder:" Eish boss they are having dinner. "

Me:" Keep watching and tell me if they touch kiss or giggle." 

Thunder:"They already kissed." 

I swallowed the lump of my throat but it was there I tried downing it with the alcohol but almost lost control of the car. My vision was blurring. 


Thunder:"Horror are you okay?" 

Me:"Keep me posted." 

I hung up and threw the phone on the drivers seat I punched the steering wheel countless times cussing. I will fuckin kill that bitch I call a wife! 


I have been praying for 2 hours flat and I haven't stopped Aunt Sophia was besides me holding my hand while the bodyguard stood at a distance watching us.  I bit my thumb my feet thumping against the floor vigorously. 

The doctor finally came out. 

Dr:"Good evening are you family?" 

Me:"I am his sister." 

Dr :"Okay there are no parents." 

Sophia :"I'm the parent not by blood." 

He looked at us carefully then at the guard. 

Dr:"Your brother is in Theater he will survive though but he will be in a coma for some time. The pressure of the rope built pressure on the brain so we have to operate to release it other than that he will be okay." 

Me:"Will he be the same?" 

Dr :"I can't tell for now it's too soon." 

Me:"When can we see him?" 

He checked his time. 

Dr:"He will be in there for another 3 hours you can go change and come back." 

Me:"I will wait ma you can go." 

The Doctor nodded dismissively. 

Sophia:"I will got get you something warm and food. You need to eat you are skinny already." 

I smiled faintly at her I didn't need any of this. I don't think I can handle more pain matter of fact I can't handle more pain. If my brother doesn't survive surely I will follow him there is nothing I'm living for other than him in this world. I dozed off on the seat I woke up because of my fathers loud voice. 

Thusi :"That bitch isn't my son who commits suicide? A weakling. Take him out of this fuckin hospital I'm not paying bills for a girl." 

MrKhusi:"Calm the fuck down we are in public." 

He looked at him directly having them both under the same roof made me  will on the next Chapter. 

Have a good night I didn't edit because it's late and I want to post the service is bad in my room and I'm going to bed now. 


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