I was coming back from Church to home Thusi wasn't around. They had some business to handle with Mr Khusi. Which means Lwazi and I were free for the time being. My phone rang just as we were approaching the house since Thusi wasn't around the guards followed me around 24/7. He was already looking at me through the rear view mirror I shifted uncomfortably on my seat accepting the call.

Me :"Hello."

"You didn't have to give me a wrong number you know?" The voice on the other side said. 

My mouth fell I looked at the guard with my eyes wide. Luckily the car had stopped I jumped out.

Me:"How did you find me?"

Sandiso:"I found you because I wanted to find you now stop asking me questions. I need to talk to you."

I was nervous talking to a man over the phone I have never given a guy my number neither have I been interested in one. This guy seems sick to have found my number without me giving it to him but somehow I found myself being intrigued by that.

Me:" We are talking."

Sandiso:"Face to face that is missy."

Me:"I can't leave the house please stop calling me."

I hung up and breathed loudly. My phone rang again I looked at it then chose to ignore it. He looks older that me anyways and with his looks he might have a dozen of girlfriends. My heart is already in shreds I can't have it worse than it already is. I changed out of my school uniform and checked on Lwazi he wasn't in his room. I ran down the stairs. 

Me:"Aunty Sophia where is Lwazi?" 

Sophia:" He was in the pool house last time I checked." 

I went there when I opened the door my eyes felt like they were deceiving me. I rubbed them before running to him he was seizing already. 

Me:"Sizani!! Aunty!! Heeelp!!!"

My voice wasn't even coming out the way it was supposed to I was crying and my chest was slowly closing in on me but I couldn't let go of my brother. He was heavy but if I were to let him go he would surely die I'd rather have my limbs broken that to let go. I continued screaming while scanning around for something to help him the guard was the first one to walk followed by Sophia. 

They untied him the guard hung him over his shoulder and we all ran to the car. I was rubbing his face that had changed colour. 

Sophia :"God please allow him to heal keep his safe." 

I felt his pulse and it wasn't there. My nerves just sky rocketed. 


Senzi:"You look sexy." 

I laughed fixing my yellow dress. 

Me:"Thank you my love are you going to the pharmacy today?" 

Senzi:"I'm not sure I will probably go home." 

Me:"Okay I will see you later." 

I kissed him and walked to my car. 

I scanned the restaurant

he waved his hand at me. I sighed walking over to him I could feel his stares literally on every part of my body. I smiled faintly at him he stood up and hugged me which I didn't expect then he kissed my cheek. 


He smiled he was an old man but very neat and handsome. He had short Gray and black hair his beard was neatly shaved and he smelt good. 

Nkosana:"You look very beautiful 2 kids later right?" 

I faked blushing and nodded. 

Me:"But I am not that good." 

He chuckled.

Nkosana:"Oh trust me you are." he fixed his blazer crossing his legs"So tell me what do you need me to do for you? "

Me:" I know you heard my husband is planning on selling the Shisa Nyama. "

He leaned back raising his eyebrow.

Me:" And I know you want to buy it. "

Nkosana:"Okay look here we can just negotiate something even better come up with a plan on how to do that.Your husband can get rich from this for the both of you including your kids."

I smiled with more interest and flattery my goodness this is going to be a long brunch. 





I looked at the Shisa Nyama again.

Slayer:" Boss selling this place is like selling your soul are you sure? "

Me:" Yes I'm sure look I'm broke and this place was made by my brother and I with our hard earn cash. Please put it on the market as in Yesterday."

She sighed scratching her head

Slayer:" Alright boss let me get busy with that. "

Me:" Thank you. "

I sighed in defeat and walked to my car I sadly looked at the Shisa Nyama it's gonna be a roller-coaster ride selling it. It's temporary closed because I can't even afford to buy meat and I'm trying to save cash as much as I can. Thunder called me something was twitching with regards to the girl I have been tailing. I know her name is Sithabile Thusi already.


Me:"Sure bathin(what's up?)"

Thunder:"This girl is Demons daughter."


I almost lost control of the car.

Thunder:"I'm telling you why do you want to know about this guy."

Me:"Your lane ma'am remember your lane."

Thunder :"Eish sorry boss."

MamNcane was calling I hung up.


Ma:"Hey where are you?"

Me:"I was thinking of coming home why?"

Ma:"Come I cooked samp with beef."

Me:"I'm on my way ma."

She hung up I couldn't help the twitching of my nose something is up but damn Sitha is Demons child. "


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