Sithabile Thusi

 I closed my eyes it's a habit when I sing. I feel the song deeply whenever I do.

 Me:"Nkosi ngilimele Ngipholise (Lord I am hurt heal me)

 Ngipholise Ngipholise (Heal me heal me)

 Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)

 Baba ngidinga wen’uzongpholisa (Father I need You to heal me)

 Oh ngilimele enhliziyweni (My heart is wounded/broken)

 Ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal my wounds)

 Ubuhlungu obungaka ngipholise (I’m in so much pain heal me)

 Ngipholise ngipholise lamanxeba (Heal me heal me Heal my wounds)

Noma kubuhlungu nkosi yami (Even if it hurts my Lord)

Inhliziyo yam’ iyaqaqamba (My heart aches constantly)

Ngiph’ isibindi Baba wam(Give me strength father)

Ukuthi ng’kwazi ukuthethelela (So I can be able to forgive)"

The choir sang along with me I felt the warmth of my tears go all the way to my neck. I opened my eyes when I was done I couldn't even discreetly hide my tears. Our youth leader came to me he was smiling.

Bhuti:" Sis Wam that was amazing. "

Me:" Thank you bhuti."

He stopped smiling but looked concerned.

Bhuti:"Are you okay?"

Me:"Yes God is still shadowing me."

I nervously walked away he was being too friendly. He might be saved but he is still a man. It wasn't that dark outside I walked home hugging my Bible. I was buried in my thoughts the sound of a car horn made me jumped. I looked up to be met by a guy my eyes widened and I walked away in a hurry. He drove passed me still staring he looked ahead then drove away in full speed. I looked at his Black Big Mercedes and the registration which was'Horror 6'. I will make sure to run away from that car the guy looked creepy as hell although I didn't see him clearly. Thusis car was parked at the front when I walked back

the guy looked creepy as hell although I didn't see him clearly. Thusis car was parked at the front when I walked back I ran in looking for Lwazi. I stopped on my tracks when Thusi came out of Lwazis room zipping his pants his chest sweating.

Thusi :"Ndodakazi."


Thusi:"I will see you later."

He played with the ring on his fourth ginger before walking to his room squeezing my bum in the process. I knocked in Lwazis room. He didn't say anything I pushed opened the door slowly. He was sleeping face down the sheet cover his lower body. I could see traces of blood. I sat on the bed and massaged his scalp.

The sounds of our sobs were in harmony.





Star was on my hip pulling on my hair and salivating my face. The kid had  my cheek inside her mouth I have made sure to remove the foundation everytime I come home because I can't risk having her eat my cheeks. 

Me:"Nonkwenkwezi ngzokshaya." 

She was pulling with force instead my daughter laughed. I sighed and placed her on the floor I checked my phone for the hundred time. Senzi finally walked in just in time Star almost fell seeing her daddy. 

Senzi :"Hello Pancake." 

She laughed throwing her head back finally the attention came to me. 

Senzi :"Hello my heart." 

I walked over and kissed him taking Star who pouted she sometimes gives me these looks and never cries. Like I can't deal with her attitude I put her inside the walker. 

Me:"You still good champ?" 

Msimelelo:"Yes until you brought Star she will disturb my peace." 

Me:"Now that's rude." 

Msimelelo:"Sorry ma." 

Me:"It's okay." 

I ruffled his hair and walked back to the kitchen. 

Me:"Would you like something to eat?" 

He was staring at his phone screen with the bottle of water against his mouth. 

Senzi:"Come see." 

I stood next to him endless text messages from his other bank account were coming through. 

Me :"Are you making deposits while standing here?" 

I was confused because those were money out notifications.

Senzi:"Someone is playing with me." 

I looked at him and the look he had on his face was one I didn't like seeing especially with the kids around. 


Senzi:"I'm going for a walk I will be back." 

He took his car keys and left which walk needs car keys? This man better not kill anyone. 




Senzangakhona Sandiso Ndabeni

When I said I wanted to be legit I meant it by that I mean there was no need for me to kill people even though I still had some illegal businesses but they were handled strictly by my sidekicks Slayer Thunder or Bones. Now MamNcane told me that the son of an old Cartel man who was killed by my cousins Similo and Amile had resurfaced he was literally a Ghost because they tried by all means to find him. I did try to help but I didn't get anywhere besides it wasn't my battle to fight and I wasn't even asked to help. The Ghost guy made Similo broke then just last week he made sure my family lost their house cars and business. They were still trying to come up with a plan on how to defeat the guy. Now I have no idea how this involves me but here I am losing money on my account.

I called Slayer and put her on speaker I was driving a bulletproof and I am certain no one had any access to bug this car. It's a Black Mercedes G-Wagon I had custom made I don't use it most of the times because of the registration number and it's for shady dealings.


Me:"Someone is messing with my money get the bank to purposely freeze the Apothecary money right away."

I hung up and punched the wheel furiously. This coward better not mess with my wife and kids no matter what.



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