Part 9

The room was spinning it had dark shadows looming around nd6 I snuggled closer to my mom whom has been by my side since I was carried in. The smell on incense filled my room I could hear the seers loud chants. A loud scream filled my ears it startled both me and mom and I only realized it was me screaming. They were piercing sharp and sounded like that of a demon. If I didn't know better I would say I was a banshee but I don't know if they exist in my area. When the seer approached I tried fighting him off but the guards almost managed to hold me down she made me drink a bitter drink that had me dozing off immediately.

My curse might be from different things mainly they might be because of me. Firstly I had my virginity broken by someone who is not of royal blood on top they got me pregnant upon that a tragic loss my lover was killed because of my heart then I slept with another commoner and didn't listen to my father. I was bound to get bitten by my actions eventually. I am supposed to be a virgin and someones wife pretty soon but I am already referred to as the crazy princess so I doubt any prince in their right minds would dare ask for my hand in marriage hayi my ancestors are disappointing though I am only 18.

Mom:"Oko elele sthandwa sam ndiyoyika(she has been sleeping my love I am scared)"

I slowly opened my eyes mom was in my face the exact same moment I wanted to ask how long have I been out but instead I started crying. My entire body was sore and the foot that was poked by the thorn was swollen my leg was even bigger than I was. I cried closing my eyes.

Me:"Mama what's wrong with me?"

She rocked me back and forth I could hear her sobs. Her touching me was painful but my mothers <membrace was the most soothing thing I would ever wished for.

Dad:"Take her to the car"

He was talking to the guards we have a car in the area? I didn't know that. The moment they touched me I screamed in pain one of the panicked and let go of my upper body I couldn't even scream again I just sobbed.

Mom:"Get out and leave these premises fools!"

Tata is the one who picked me up even his brother was present. I could see blurry visions of people watching they were mostly shocked while others sobbed some people are too loyal to the royal people. Like they would die for the king and queen even the princes and princesses.

The drive was short I assumed we were going to the royal public clinic I could barely keep my eyes open. They gave me an injection which put me to sleep when I woke up I was in a fancy room with bright walls and fresh linen. My body wss facing down I was laying on my belly and judging by the pain and heat from my back. I probably heard sores. I could hear my moms voice through my sobs she was probably below me.

"please inject her one more time she is pain nurse. All she does is cry"

I guess the person who she referred to a nurse is the one that replied "It would be overdose I don't want my job to be at stake my queen forgive me. The doctor will be here soon."

I heard footsteps then a sniffle. I didn't want to cry anymore so I forced strength. I smelled dad before he even said a word.

Dad: "How is she?"

Mom: "Worse there is a high possibility that they won't be able to heal her"

Dad:"She upsetted the ancestors Ndlovukazi yam this is her punishment."

I bit my lower lip to stop myself from making a sound i have already acknowledged the fact that these are my doings but to have my own father think the same too made me wish for my own fateful death. I heard mother gasp.

Mom:" You can't say things like thay Cirha what if she hears you?"

I mentally thanked the ancestors for blessing us with big ears otherwise I wouldn't have heard what mom was whispering to dad.

Dad:"The Nyembezi family wants 2 cows and 3 goats to cleanse their homestead and to pave way for Ntsika and their grand child I grow those animals and I lost them because your daughter was a harlot"

I couldn't help but squil I couldn't hold back the tears. Mom hushed me I guess it's what she has been doing.

Mom :"There is a healer in Port Shepston he will know what to do"

Father didn't protest he and mom always had a common understanding to which they agreed to almost everything. For an arranged marriage couple they were too perfect for each other I wonder how it was when they first met.

It has been almost 3 weeks of me being sick they did take me to the healer and he gave me terrible smelling herbs that healed the sores. But I still saw things things that made me had sleepless nights. My leg also was still very much swollen we were going to another healer at Ngqeleni with the hopes that he will do a better job.

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