Part 8

The party was going good amazing in fact but I could hardly stand with the amount of alcohol I had consumed. I had to end my party before everyone else Xabiso assisted me to another room. He helped me undressed immediately I dozed off to a beautiful sleep.

Before I could open my eyes and complain about the hangover I noticed I was in my naked glory. I jumped up cussing myself for doing it so fast I looked besides me and groaned. The ancestors have really forsaken me this time around Art had her legs draped over my body she was also naked. I palmed my forehead and squilled maybe I should just go on full mode crying and screaming. Xabiso got out of the bathroom naked he didn't seem shocked with what was in the bed.


Xabiso :"Hey"

He crawled towards me and gave me a long and sultry kiss that left me panting.

Me:"What was that for?"

Xabiso:"The show you gave me last night I didn't think you had it in you to be so dirty."

Me :"What did I do?" 

He chuckled instead of responding he gave me a morning glory which woke Art up Luckily Xabiso was already done. She wasn't even grossed out about it and that alone confirmed the 3 sum thing. I pushed Xabiso away and ran to the bathroom I vomited my guts out. I felt like I had done the dirtiest thing on earth I asked Xabiso to take me home after my bath he tried convincing me to stay for the morning but I wasn't interested. Especially with Arts eyes staring at my body and her constantly biting her lower lip. 

Xabiso: "Sthandwa sam" 

I looked at him thinking he was referring to me but he was on the phone we have a weird relationship which is strictly about sex but I really hoped we could try something. He was really in love with whoever he was talking to on the phone I tried to bite my lip and not say a word but I just couldn't. 

Me: "You have a girlfriend" 

Xabiso:"Yes I do" 

Me:"And what am I to you?" 

He chuckled. 

Xabiso:"We just had sex not everything needs a title" 

I blinked back the tears and looked away that hurt me a little okay maybe a bit too much. 

When he dropped me off he didn't even say goodbye instead he drove off in full speed. He and his friend raped me yet he is angry yet he is the one mad he can just go to hell. I was kicking rocks all the way to my house I was probably going to get another beating from my dad. Firstly I am in pants and a top exposing my stomach I look good though if he wasn't a himself he would compliment my looks. So when I got home they didn't allow me inside the gate I had to beg and cry for them to let me in. Mom was waiting by the door with her arms folded.

Mom:"Wohlule mntanam"

She was already giving up on me just because I didn't sleep at home she is dramatic shame.

Me:"I am sorry"

I said walking past her my siblings threw themselves inside my room.

Me:"And then why are you all here?"

Buntu:"We just came to show you our support we weren't there for you when you lost your child and lover"

I couldn't believe he just said that .

Me:"I am okay guys"

Kumkani:"If you were okay you wouldn't be behaving the way you are we love you Noluhle"

Them:"We all do"

I smiled with tears flooding my eyes.

Kumkani:"Anyway you are having a ceremony soon to appease the ancestors and to apologize for your behavior"

I laughed.

Me:"You are joking right?"

Lusapho:"He is not even the uncle is coming it is gonna be huge."

They weren't lying father took out 3 cows from the kraal. They were to be slaughtered on the day of the ceremony he hasn't even said a single word to me regardless of the ceremony he was doing for me. The day of the ceremony everyone came there was traditional beer even the fancy type. It just got me all thirsty but I had to get through the day.

I missed Xabiso but he wasn't even picking up my calls I guess he was all done with me. However I had a great time with him. I had goat skin around my arm they cleansed me. Father went as far as inviting Ntsikas family which was just cruel of him did he really have to do that? Now they were looking at us with murderous stares. They should be directing it to my father not me he is the killer here unless they think I didn't love their son. 

I was walking barefoot in my traditional attire the goat skin band felt heavy on my wrist I have had it on before but this time around it was too heavy. I ignored it though and went to the toilet I needed to breath. We had one near the garden it was a long drop which was convenient for the entire community. I screamed when my feet was poked by a thorn I hissed and sat down. It was black in color I have never seen a thorn like this in my life. When I took it out pus oozed from my feet. The pain was so intense I couldn't stand on my own this has never happened in my whole life of being poked by a thorn. My entire leg was paralyzed I wasn't even sure if I was screaming or not because no one was responding to my screams. Someone should be here by now. 

I knew I was going to black out really soon and indeed I did I could hear people screaming.

"She is cursed" some said "She was poisoned"

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