Part 7

Splash!I jolted up wiping the water off my eyes using my hands.
Me :"What? "
My father shook his head he threw the bucket aside and unbuckled his belt. I knew the punishment wellI jumped off the bed slipping at my own vomit. When did that happen? Ewthe first lash landed on my back then more followed. I was jumping up and down apologising like a mad woman.
Dad:"Have you seen me drunk?"
I shook my head.
"Use your mouth?"
Me:"No tata"
Dad:"Have you seen your mother drunk?"
Me:"No tata"
Dad:"But you think it's okay for you to get drunk?Where do you think this is?Who gave you money?"
Now that was something I wasn't going to dobesides he was tired so there is no way he would hit me again. But damn this water and belt mixture did a number on me.
Me:"I am sorry tata"
Dad :"I will kill you Noluhle"
He clicked his tongue and walked out of my bedroom I cried silently looking at the belt marks. The maids came to my roomthey took the sheets and the dirty clothes I had on. I went to the bathroom and took a shower my mind went to Xabiso. I gasped at my lack of morality but smiled when I thought of its worthit was worth every single lash.
I only realised after my bath that it was morning and dad hit me before breakfastLord of all good things my ancestors must be shaking their heads at me. I wore a knee length long sleeved dress and takkies I couldn't comb my hair since it has been wet and the sun isn't out yet so I can't dry it. I will cut it pretty soon though .
All eyes were on me all the way to the dining areamy young siblings were scared for me. Kumkani was mad mom disappointed and angry and so was dad. They just expected too much from me especially after they killed the love of my life in cold blood. They stepped on my babies blood like it didn't matter I too was almost killed by my own blood because I attended the matters of my heart. I have a lot to tell them but the inch of respect I have for them doesn't allow me too.. Dad commands me to watch over the kitchen for todayI keep the phone inside my bodice just for emergency. I get an escape and dial Xabisos number.
Xabiso:"Don't tell me you are only waking up now"
Me:"Nope I just didn't have time"
Xabiso :"Duty calls?"
Me:"Noqha uTata undina bisile ngeBhanti (dad straightened me with a belt)"
He laughedI didn't. 
Xabiso:"You are lying "
Me:"Not at all but you still around?"
Xabiso :"Of course I am visiting a friend in Margate tomorrow I need someone to come with me"
Me :"That sentence is confusingdo I offer myself or suggest someone?"
Xabiso :"Actually I expected a yes?"
I laughed.
Me:"There was no question "
Xabiso :"Just be ready at 1 please "
Me:"What must I bring?"
Xabiso:"Just you in one piece"
I laughed and hung up. The following I was a woman on a missiondad made sure to get someone to check on me after every single hour. It was actually long enough to give me some time to leave. I did it with so much effort sneaking out is hard my Jesus. I could hear Xabisos car before I could even reach it. I jumped inside he drove off immediately. 
Xabiso :"You did it18 year old"
I hit his arm.
Me:"It wasn't easy at all"
Xabiso:"It will be worth your time Although tomorrow I might get arrested for kidnapping you"
Me:"They'll let you out though "
He laughed pinching my cheek.
Xabiso:"You aren't even comforting mewow you are brutal"
Me:"Not really I'm being honest hey. But for the sake of your poor heart they'll release you"
He played music softlythen laughed at me for what went on this morning. He said I narrate wellI almost bit his ear off. We crossed the bridge that seperated Eastern Cape and KwaZulu Natal in a blinkI was mesmerised by the beauty of nature. Even the cars were more advanced this sidethe air was fresh. 
He stopped at Port Edward for alcohol he gave me a can so I won't be a snob when I get to that place. Apparently he liked me drunk maybe it was because that gave him access to my pants. But really that wasn't the only reasonhe would get inside even now as sober as I am. 
We parked at some fancy hotel at the beach front in Margatehe opened the door with a key his friends yelled happily. 
Xabiso:"Majita this is Princess Noluhle"
I looked at them waiting for some special greeting but they just went "Hi" which reminded me that this isn't the Cirha Kingdom we are not even in Eastern Cape for that matter. Xabiso made sure to keep me closeliterally he had his arm around my shoulder which just made me feel super small. I was petite and him on the other was a bit bulkI nudged him.
Xabiso:"You good? "
Me:"I need the toilet "
Xabiso:"Art please show her the restroom"
It was one of the girls who was alone just checking around there were other girls but they were either shaking their asses. They did that so well you'd swear they had no bones and there was a TV here which was just new to me.
Art:"So you Xabisos girl?"
She was leaning against the door drinkingthe seat was facing the door so basically we were facing each other.
Me:"Girlfriend? Nope we are just really close"
I wiped and got up she stood right in front of me I didn't even have room to breathe.
She bit her lip and looked at my lips this was awkward or maybe I am drunk.
Art:"Then that means he wouldn't mind us having a 3 some"
I didn't even get to ask why when she had her lips on minemy eyes widened I couldn't even kiss her back. Seeing she couldn't stop I decided to go with the flowkissing a girl wasn't that bad but eew it's not a guy. I quickly pulled out and looked at het. 
Me:"A 3 sum?"
Art:"Yes youme and him having sex"
I still had no idea or even a picture of what she was sayinglike Xabiso has one penis how will he use it on both of us?I walked out of that bathroom before things got even more awkward.
Me:"Sex with two other people I give up"
I whispered to myself shaking my head.

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