Part 6

Very very far from home there's a place known as eBaleniit's under the Bizana municipality.  It has significant ocean view with small homesteads in that area. It's one od the beaches the whites didn't dominate but is dominated by AmaMpondothere's no net though so no one uses that area.

The drive to this place has been quiet with only his Loud kwaito music blasting through his car.

He was taking out things from his boothe came back with a big blue container. 

Xabiso :"This is my sanctuary "

Me:"It's 2 hours away from home"

Xabiso:"Hence I call it my sanctuary it's far from home so I can breathe. Drink?"

He poured some white liquid the orange juice.

Me:"What's this?"

Xabiso :"Alcohol"

I drank itit had a bitter taste. But the orange juice helped it subside easier.

Me :"Whoa fancy alcohol from the cities huh?"

He shrugged. 

Xabiso:"You have never drank before?"

I shook my head no.

Me:"This is the furthest I've been from home"

He whistled. 

Xabiso:"I should  take you places honey cause you are missing out"

The drink made me feel lighter my mind hardly thought of the horrible things that happened to me back home.

Me:"I doubt I am missing outI wouldn't want to go the cities "

Xabiso :"Why not?"

Me:"The White menthey are vultures"

He chuckled.

Xabiso:"Were vulturesthe system is slowly changing. Nelson Mandela has been out of prison for a while now Blacks are finally free. We have democracy therefore going to the city wouldn't be that bad"

Me:"I don't know my dad wouldn't want me to go"

Xabiso :"The very same man you running away fromyeah right"

Well he was right and I might have told him what happened besides 2 hours is a very long time. This alcohol made me feel brave and I could see how handsome Xabiso was through the sunset.

Me:"Well I havs nothing to lose "

He smiled and picked me uphe spun me around. I was really drunk I almost fell when he finally put me down but his grip on my waist was really tight. The sea breeze brushed against both our faces as I stared into his eyes but his grip on my waist was really tight. The sea breeze brushed against both our faces as I stared into his eyesI felt something down there. It was like an urgent need that needed to be taken care of he brushed his hand up and down my back then finally kissed me. It was so rushedmy pants were pulled down immediately. I felt the cold bonnet against my buttocks as he placed me on itI heard the sound of a plastic.  I quickly backed away.

Me:"What's that?"


I blinked blankly.

"I'll explain when we done"

We went back to kissing next thing I was lying on my back at sunset with this man on top of him. I didn't even feel shamed when we were done.  Just a bit shyhe smiled and kisses my forehead. 

Xabiso:"So you want me to tell what these are?"

Me:"I know them just have never seen themwell our teacher at school taught about it then a nurse came but I never paid attention"

Xabiso:"This prevents you from getting infected with sexual transmitted diseases and pregnancy. No one should ever have sex with you without these"

Me:"Got it"

We continued with his weird alcohol I think we fell asleep in the car. I woke up and I was on top of himwe were naked. I quickly got up and got dressed occasionally bumping my head 



Me:"Hey wake up"

Xabiso:"Oh fuuck don't you have hangover?'

Me:"No I don't "

He opened his eyes and looked at me.

Xabiso:"You kidding right?"

Me:"No I just feel thirsty and hungry"

Xabiso:"You must be really hydrated then "

We both got out of the car and stretched we bought Vetkoek with cheese and polony on our way back. This guys even forced me to drink again.

Xabiso:"I didn't even get your number "

Me:"Number?I don't even have a phone"

His eyes widened.

Xabiso:"Oh my God do you have a TV at your house?"

I laughed while shaking his head he threw me his.

Xabiso:"I hope you can read "

Me:"I passed Matric"

Xabiso:"Good I'll send you and SMS"

Then he drove offhome was pretty far from here. I walked at my drunken state.

Me:"Whoa is there a party here?Is it my birthday already?when did the year end?"

Mom charged towards meshe scrunched her nose and pinched my here. She pulled me to my room while holding on to it a bit tight .

Mom:"Where were you? "

Me:"Where I will be at till your King dies"

I threw myself on the bed then dosed off.

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