Part 5

My father is insane I swear what will he do with all these men? Check their penises to see if my virginity is somewhere there. My dad is a ruthless kingit's not against the law. He is the law himself so everything he says goesif someone is to be killed. He orders that person to be killed and they get killed well if you are guilty though. 

I turned back to the house to find out what's happening but I bumped on my mother.



Me:"What's happening ?why are all these man out there?"

She calmy walked closer to me with her arms folded.

Mom:"One of those dirty boys got you pregnantand they will confess before the day ends"

I chuckles in disbelief.

Me:"You will not find the man who I love unless I want you to motherwhat will you do kill them all?"

She dramatically placed her hand over her chest. 

Mom:"Do you think we that cruel? If the guy loves you we will know. Now calm yourself"

She walked awayI knew very well that her and my father didn't plan on having a party. I hate not knowing what's happening and I had a bad feeling about itmy nose kept twitching. Something bad was going to happen.

Kumkani:"What's happening outside? "

He was covered in sweat. 

Me:"You were out this whole entire time"

Kumkani:"Are you going to tell me what's happening "

Buntubandile barged in before I could respond. 

Buntu:"They have the thing where they hang people it's on a pedestal"


Buntu:"I don't know who will be hanged but sis I advice you to cough whatever secret you have now"

I shook my head.

Me:"No I will not say anything "

Kumkani:"You should be ordained King instead of megoing against your fathers orders the way you are doing right now"

He squeezed my shoulders. I went up to my roomI felt dizzy my stomach growled to top it of. I ask my food to be brought upI expected a maid instead my aunt walked in. 

Aunty:"Stubborn like both your parents I see a true royalty you are"

I smiled and hugged her.

Me:"Dadobawo (dads sister)"

Aunty:"You look beautiful I can see hips and buttocks. It has to be a girl "

Me:"How do you know these things?"

I sat on my chair and ate.

Aunty:"Oh if you weren't busy being a princess you would know these things. We were taught my our parentseven when a man from the Joburg comes back with a diseaseI see it from a distance "

Me:"Would you say you are a healer?"

She shrugged. 

Aunty:"I'd rather not have a titlefinish your food. Might be your last"

She leftwait did she just say that? Am I going to die? My ancestors how can she say something so brutal? Arh so typical of her.

Two guards waltzed inside my room one grabbed an arm and they pulled me out of my room. Didn't even have it in me to fight one grabbed an arm and they pulled me out of my room. Didn't even have it in me to fightit was now full with fire lamps all around. It was dead silence in the crowd as soon as they saw me whispers went around.  Some gave me a look of disapproval I kindly beg the Cirhas to take care of them. Turns out the pedestal was for me. The Council was packed behind methey had big patio. They introduced my fatherhe stood up and came next to me. I was still standing.

Dad:"Tie her up"

My lips fell  with tearsI was hurt by my dads actions. He is cold hearted but with his kids tooI couldn't believe it. I looked at the peopleI could see shock on their faces. I spotted Ntsika at a distance he seemed to have just arrivedhe looked at me. I shook my head to stop him from whatever his mind was working on. My hands were hanging above my head I could feel the burn.

Dad:"A commoner has decided to disrespect me and the entire Kingdoma mere servant has touched a princess and had no respect for me at all. It's a crimean abomination to even think of a princess that way when you don't have royal blood running through your veins. I want you to step forward now before I do something I will regret"

There was a silenceI felt something burn on my back. Then a loud and piercing scream followedI realised on the second lash that my father was punishing me. I bit my lower lip and allowed the tears to fall as he hit me over and over againI felt something warm trail inbetween my thighs. My knees could barely stand my weight It hurt all over I could barely keep my balance. At some point I thought I heard my mother yell to my father to stop then a deep "Stop"followed. In my weak state I managed to open my eyes and look upNtsika with a spear in his arm stood there staring right at my fathers eyes.

Ntsika:"I did itI deflowered the princess"

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