Part 4

My big brother has been awfully scarce these dayshe is around but too quiet it's as though he is not home. I found him outside the yard he was staring at the river. He didn't even move an inch when he saw me I sat down besides him.


Kumkani:"NkosazanaI heard of your mischiefs"

Not so shockingnews travel fast in this household.

Me:"Heard from who?"


My eyes popped out I did not even know she was around. She's like the family's pregnancy testshe checks how far you are and even knows the gender. She helps us cause we aren't that modernise and the hospitals haven't yet figured out how to know a babies gender. With the colonisation happening in the cities we don't want to set  foot anywhere in Cities even in towns.

Me:"Mom called for her?"

Kumkani :"Yes"

Me:" I don't even know how to resolve this issueI don't want anything bad happening to me or the father of my child"

He looked at me his eyes were distant.

Kumkani:"Who is the father?"

Me:"It's a nobody"

I bit my lower lip.

Kumkani:"You gave a commoner a forbidden fruit? "

His tone wasn't laced with anger but shock.

Me:"Please don't give me an earful dad will do that and more all on his own"

He laughedlike literally his entire body vibrated.

Kumkani:"We are both in troubleI deflowered a poor girl from that village " he pointed across the mountains. 

"Her family came and dad forced me to deny it"

Me:"Did you?"

Kumkani:"I couldn't even say a worddad had them kicked out for disrespecting the palace. They shouldn't have done it the way they did it they will come back once they have made an announcement  "

Me:"Why do you sound unsure about being guilty of what you are accused of?"

Kumkani:"Do you have any idea what's at stake here?"

I laughed in disbelief while clapping my handsI stood up and dusted my behind.

Me:"If Buntubandile is to be King he will be and so will you.But don't throw the poor girl to the wolves"

I  stood up and walked back home

I can't believe my brother wants to sell the woman she loves. The ancestors will punish him severly if he dares deny royal blood.

Ntsika pulled me before I could make it inside the house.

Ntsika:"Are you okay?"

Me:"I am fine"

Ntsika:"Even with what's happening you are really pregnant? "

I smiled and nodded while taking his hand and placing it on my flat tummy.

Me:"I am"

He laughed.

Ntsika:"You have no idea how much trouble we are in are you?"

It was my turn to love.

Me:"I have every idea but I love you and that's enough.  I don't care what happens to me"

He shook his head.

Ntsika:"Don't carry this thing on your shouldersthe horses are bringing the council members there will be a meeting conducted this afternoon "

That shocked me.

Me:"A meeting?"

Ntsika:"YesI have to go now my love. No matter what happens don't let yourself alone be crucified for both our sins. I love you"

He pecked my lips and ran off I waited a few minutes before walking back to the front. I knew what the consequences might be and I was ready to face them unlike Kumkani I wasn't about to be a sellout. 

Father called for me before the horses arrived I have been hoping this process gets delayed but the sooner the better. He was sitting on his throneI stood in front of him.

Me:"Nkosi yam"

He brushed his beard.

Dad:"You brought shame to this family Nomakhosi"

I looked down to show respect and great regret.

Me :"TataI will take responsibility for my wrong doings. I'm willing to be punished as the King pleases"

I looked at himhe was studying me to see if I showed any weaknesses. 

Dad :"Who did it?"

My throat ran out of saliva. 

Me:"I'm sorry"

I shook my head.

Dad:"Nomakhosi don't make me punish you like a commoner"

Me:"I will take it"

He got up.


Me:"I'll take the punishment if it means not revealing the love of my life"

Dad:"Do you have any idea of what you have asked for?"

I clenched my jaws. 

Me:"I do notbut I am willing to take it. Excuse me"

I permitted myself to leave the hutif father were to know that Ntsika deflowered me. They wouldn't hesitate to kill himI know he won't even yield and father won't feel sorry for him. If it's mehe might think twice. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw the chaos outsideI guess they knew I wouldn't say a word about the father of my baby so they decided to bring every young men of the Cirha Kingdown to the palace. This is bigger than I thought. 

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