Part 3

I didn't know I had this confidence till todayhe stayed glued on his bed. I walked slowly towards him.


I stopped right in front of mehe knows no one calls me that name. Well my siblings normally use it but father doesn't like it because his brother named methey were close back then and now I don't know.

I pushed him back and sat on top of himif he didn't have a boner I'd be off him.

Me:"Don't turn me down please I want this "

Ntsika:"My loveyou'll marry a prince soon how will that be possible if you are deflowered"

Me:"It won't necessary be a prince my loveand I love you. I want the person I love to have my virginity don't turn me down"

I began grinding himhe was already breathing heavily and his eyes were bloodshot red.


That was supposed to be a warning but it felt like he was begging me. I didn't know what to do but I inserted my hand inside his pantsI was ready and when I want something I'll be bold enough about it. He quickly turned me around I giggled but he shut me up with a kiss.  I got lost in his hands touching all the correct parts I didn't feel his lips live my mouth to land on my private part. My eyes widened what was he doing? But I got lost in it I didn't even have time to think of embarrassment.  I bit my lip to muffle my scream when I felt like opening real wide my lower body trembled. His grip on my waist tightened. Whatever just happened I want it to happen againhe came back to my lips and kissed me. His lips tasted a bit  weirdbut hell I love them.

Ntsika:"Do you really want this?"

Me:"I love you"

His eyes twinkledhe took my virginity. Although the pain was there I enjoyed every bit of itI think I was paralysed though. He turned on the primer stove and boiled waterhe mixed it and came back me..

Ntsika:"Are you sore?"

I hated the smile on my faceit didn't go away. He wiped his fluids off my stomach then placed the warm towel against my vagina.

Me:"I'm good"

Ntsika:"You are unbelievable you know that"

He said with a chuckle.

Me:"Let's run away go somewhere and do what we just did over and over again "

He furrowed his eyebrows.

Ntsika:"My love do you know what will happen if our affair reaches the Kings ears?"

Me:"He can strip me off my title persecute me for all I care but I want you"

He sighed and came back to sleep besides mehe pulled me to his chest and massaged my scalp.

Ntsika:"I'm willing to die for our love but you are used to being a princess. It won't be easy for you out there and you will feel the ancestors wrath "

I sighed in defeat. 

Me:"Okay I guess we can just enjoy now"

In the wee hours of morningI sneaked back inside the house. My vagina was on fire. I had a bath and fell asleep. Someone pulled the blankets off me. 


She studied my faceI faked a sniffle.

Mom:"Utyiwa yinton (what's eating you )"

Me:"Akhonto (nothing) I just woke up feeling sick"

She felt my forehead.

Mom:"You look fine to me "

Me:"I don't feel fine mama"

Mom:"I'll ask the maid to make you a remedy you managed to bath though"

She noticed that too? What's up with this woman?

Me:"I thought I needed one but I got worse"

My voice has been low this entire this entire time. She doesn't look pleased but leaves anyone. The maid brings me bitter meds and forces me to eat. At least they let me  sleep. Kumkani checked up on mehe was so worried shame.

I admit Ntsikas lips weren't the only addictive part of his body. The new thing that be just gave me was an addiction on its ownhe had to reprimand me about going there everyday.

It's been weeks nowMama said I gained weight. She didn't even look happy about itI'm naturally thin with small buttocks and hips. I'm a bit dark but I look lighter nowI look beautiful if I may say so myself.



Ntswentswe:"Mom is calling youin her room"

With that said she ran out. I fixed myself and went to their bedroomshe was busy checking baby clothes.


Mom:"We were supposed  to go to the hospital and donate these clothes to the newborns "

Me:"We were? Aren't we still going?"

She turned around looking very unhappy. She folded her arms.

Mom:"I don't think so seems like you will be the one needing them"

I blinked my saliva went dry immediately but I still managed to swallow something. 

Me:"Why me?"

Mom:"You have shamed me Noluhleyou are supposed to wed but you have went on and spread your legs . Who deflowered you?"

Me:"No one mother"

She chuckled bitterly and slowly walked towards me. She slapped me.

Mom:"Who made you a whore Nomakhosi?"

I clenched my jaw.

Me:"I told you no one"

Mom:"Then your father will hear about this"

She walked awayI was left rubbing my cheek. I'm not going to tell mother no matter what.But Ntsika always pulled outthe ancestors must be really angry.

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