Part 2

If I were to count the number of people in my yard I'd probably lose my mind. It's a rural palace so there is no intimate familywe live with cousins and auntsthere are no big dinner tables with chandeliers hanging and candles in the middle of the table. It's just a small table fitted for my father and his family that being my brothers and sister.

The rest of the family it's in their houses although the food is the same unless we decide otherwise. We do have big family gatherings from time to time and we normally use our house because the table can stretch . I smiled as I walked by Ntsikahe was such a man. I'm 18 and deadly in lovewith a guard. My dads guard he isn't old just 25. Okay he's really old.

Me:"Good evening "

They all mumble their responses we sit in accord to our age. On either ends are mama and tataon dads right hand side is Kumkani the next King and my older brother opposite him is me of course besides Kumkani it's Buntubandile I don't know how many times he has been scolded because of his endless datinghe hasn't even reached 16 for crying out loud.Following Buntu is Ndalwentle he is such a sweetheart that onereads a lot and is very observant. He once asked me about my relationship with NtsikaI almost fainted but he swore not to tell and I believe him he is sitting right next to me. Then there is Ntswentswe the familys gem she's young so I can't really hate her but I can smell attitude from a distance oh and her name is our Clan name so yeah whatever.   She will send my family to an early grave. Then the lastborn LusaphoI haven't yet figured out his personality. That sums up my family. 

Dad:"You and I have to talk after this"

I nodded at his command I knew just what he wanted to tell me. I wasn't even excited. Father believes one should be educated I too just passed matricstill trying to figure out what I will do next. I found him in our home library reading his politics bookno wonder he makes a great King.


He smiles a little before pointing on the couch opposite him I sit down careful not to wrinkle my dress mom hand makes them.

Dad:"You know your time is soon right? "

Me:"Yes father "

Dad:"I will give you some time so you can decide if you will either do a course and be married or you can just be a wife"

Me:"Thank you for giving me time to think I sure will"

He nods.

Dad:"Goodmeanwhile your mother will be your mentor"

Me:"Mentor haven't you guys taught me enough about being a queen?"

Dad:"Being one yes but you don't know the duties yet"

I looked down.


Dad:"You free to gohave a good night "

My mind wasn't where dad made it out to be when I was growing upI'm grown and I can use my mind to think for myself. Hence I have minds of not getting married with a prince.

Working alongside my mom wasn't that difficult all she taught me was behaviour how to address females at workshops and meetings. And she took care of agriculture too.

It was time to meet up with Ntsika how to address females at workshops and meetings. And she took care of agriculture too.

It was time to meet up with Ntsika sneaking out in the middle of the night isn't easy. Especially when the house is too guarded. He is the first guy I have ever kissed well that's how our love got to be. There was a ceremony a few weeks backhe had happened to be guarding the girls side of the house.  I decided to go to bed early because we had been doing our traditional dance which is known as UkuTyityimba he was walking right behind me. We have been sharing eye contact on a dailyand well eyes speak more than the mouth could. They have the deep truth. I turned to look at himhe said."You have the most beautiful eyes I have ever seen" he sounded genuine. 

I blushed while drawing parttens with m foot.

Me:"Thank you but they look like my dads"

They were a bright hazel.

He grinnedhis right hand rested my cheek. I found that brave of himguards don't even talk to us. Let alone touch a royalty  

Ntsika :"Do you think I'd get punished if I were to kiss you your highness?"

Me:"Not if I don't tell"

He chuckledNtsika was fairly tall. Well built body of course he looks like a private hitman when he is dressed in a suit. He is caramel skinned with middle sized eyeslong lasheshis lips were a bit dark he had strong features. Like when he looks at youyou would assume he wants to kill you. His lips met mineI stood frozen. I really didn't think he would do it. My entire body froze but the warmth of his lips on mine sent my entire body on fire. My legs were like jellyhe quickly grabbed my waist before I could embarrass my self. I giggled when I got the hang of itI remember seeing the stars oh sweet sweet heavens. What's this I was doingit's weird how lips can move so swiftly and do something this great. I could feel heat ooze from vagina. I broke the kiss and stepped away from himI looked at his face with my mouth ajar then I turned around and ran to my bedroom. That was the beginning of it the next few days I would literally ask him for a kiss. His lips were my new addiction or was it the kiss . I loved him and I love him still.

Back to the presenceI went to the guards rooms when my sneaking became a success.  I opened the doorhe jumped up immediately. 

Ntsika :"Nkosazana"

I bit my lip and removed my robehis eyes widened and his lips fell. I could hear him breathe never has he seen me naked. And I don't know where I got my bravery from but I did.

Me:"Make me a womanNkosana yam"

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