Part 10

Upon our arrival I was staring into space watching the shadows mock me I say mock me because they were jumping around the car. We left so it was dark I was even starting to hear things. Things that made my ears bleed my entire body vibrated when I touched them and came back with blood. My lips were chapped I don't know when last I touched food. I pulled mamas sleeves. 

Mom :"we are here Nkosazana you are gonna get help"

Me:"Allow me to die if they don't help me" 

I managed to mutter with my cracked lips bleeding. 

Mom:"ssh suthetha kanjalo yonke into izolunga(don't talk like that everything will be fine" 

I wanted to believe her but the pain in my body made me think otherwise. We were stopped at the gate by a kid he gave us things that we had to hang around our neck. He said something about it helping us not walk in here with dark spirits like I knew what that meant. The room smelt like dirt sweat raw meat and all horrible staff. The healer was preparing some medicine on a jar.. 

Healer :"all the way from Mpondoland your majesties" 

Dad:"You know us?" 

He chuckled. 

Healer :"I know everyone I need to heal before I meet them hello child" 

Was this man trying to me funny

greeting me and nonsense. He knelt down and touched my leg too hard mom even scolded him but he didn't stop. The kid that welcomed us placed a dish next to him the water was very clean. He dipped in his hand then touched my leg if I could run away from my own body I would be on the way back home right and dare not look back. Instead of running I scream-cried with my eyes wide open as he pulled out a chain with 3 locks around it all of them were locked. Mom was screaming too I don't knoe about did since he wasn't in my view the next he pulled out made me faint. It was a black mamba. When I woke up I was in a small uncomfortable even my sides were painful. I couldn't feel any pain. 


I looked at her and smiled. 

Me:"I feel okay I am okay now" 

As much as she had a smile of her own it was sad. 

Mom:"You saw the chains they pulled out of you?" 

Me:"I don't even understand how they were on my leg even the snake" 

Mom:"Those weren't the only things he pulled out bhabha I don't know how to say this. But utatakho couldn't do it."

I looked at her in confusion. 

Mom:"The healer said you won't make it to your 18th birthday party" 

I blinked countless times to get what she was saying properly. 

Me:"Why mama?" 

As shocking as what she was saying was not s tear could even fall if you were to ask me why. I wouldn't tell you. 

Mom:"The poison was beyond his power the ancestors want you with them." 

I have always known they don't like me now they just confirmed it. 

Me:"My birthday is in amonths mama I can't die"

Mom:"There is nothing we can do."

I shook my head and looked at my leg the swelling had gone down.

Me:"Why did they let me suffer and let me heal only to take me? Why didn't they take me while I was sick?"

Mom:"I wish I knew mntanam I really wish I did"

Me:"Let's go home please"

I said getting off the bed.

Mom:"I'll go tell your father"

I sat at the edge of the bed suddenly feeling suffocated I held my chest failing to breathe. It dawned on me that I have been told that I will die it less than 4 weeks. This life I live.

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