The way his eyed darted from the road to me made my entire body shiver it felt like millions of ants were running down my spine or someone was blowing air on my spine. I kept looking at my arms which had goosebumps.

Nkosi:"You like smiling don't you?"

I googled.

Me:"I don't."

He chuckled shaking his head he was driving along the Silver Beach in Port Edward. It wasn't full unlike it always is during the festive season the june weather didn't affect this part the most. It was sunny and the wind was blowing softly.

He stopped the car and got out then he opened my door. We took a stroll along the beach and sat on the stones. There was no doubt I was in love and he made me fall even deeper for him I was helpless and well he seemed to be interested to.

Nkosi :"Do you drink?"

Me:"Huh why?"

He chuckled we were driving towards town.

Nkosi:"Don't be shy I also drink and if you do then we can buy alcohol and drink together."

Me:"I have drank twice."

He nodded.

Nkosi :"So you are still a baby?"

Me:"Haha why would you say that?"

Nkosi:"Because you are wait for me here I will be back."

He went inside Tops and came back fast. He put what he had at the back of his car and drove to the nearest hotel I have seen it a few times but I have never been in a hotel. He held my hand while his other hand carried the plastic he spoke to the receptionist while I looked around in awe. The room was out of this world and it had to have an ocean view I honestly felt like crying.

Me :"Wow so this is what a hotel room looks like?"

Nkosi :"Come here."

He opened his arms for me he hugged me tightly then kissed me. When he broke it I'm certain my cheeks were red or purple since I'm not light or whatever.

Me:"Thank you for this."

We sat and enjoyed ourselves while he refilled my wine glass from time to time.

Next thing I know he was in between my thighs

his face that is and man was I losing my mind. I didn't even know what was happening there but it was good or crazy I don't know. I was super drunk to add and very horny. My dress was pulled up to my waist.

He came back to my lips and kissed me fiddling with something underneath him. As much as everything was a blur I still remember him breathing heavily on top of me while I told him it hurt. I remember him telling me it will be better if he removes the condom and I allowed him to.





I bit my lip looking at Athi who was rubbing her eyes aunty was pacing up and down opposite us while my mother was minding her business that being her bottle of beer and the fire she started.

Aunty:"It's 10 pm and that child is not back what time do you have to leave tomorrow?"

Athi groaned in irritation. She has been asking the same question since 8pm.

Athi:"Aunty we are leaving at 5 we have been saying can we please go to sleep now?"

Aunty:"Sleep? Sleep Athi? My daughter is not back and you want to sleep?"

Lelo:"Do not shout at my brothers daughter Bulelwa Buchule left in front of us and you let her go. She's not back maybe she is having fun doing what you did in order to have her in your stomach."

Her drunk voice echoed the whole room we couldn't help but laugh trying our best to hide it from uAunty. Aunty looked at my mother with her mouth wide open her hands on her waist.

Aunty:" Are you cursing me Nombulelo? "

Nombulelos eyes widened as she turned to look at my mother almost falling back. She placed her hand against her chest.

Lelo:"Me? You are sick in the head like that so called boyfriend of yours why would I curse a child and leave you? Rhaa!! If you want to fight bring fists sisomdala(big sis) and stop talking nonsense to me."

She clicked her tongue and got up.

Aunty:"If this child is up to no good I will kill her "

Lelo:"Yaaa that's what you get for using a child for your wicked schemes."

Athi looked at me we know aunty isn't wicked but at the same time my mother never lies especially when she is drunk.

Aunty :"What are you on about?"

Lelo:"Eh you think I don't know what's happening? What you and your boyfriend have been up to? But I'm a good person and I will not talk because tomorrow you will say it's the alcohol talking. I would rather say it sober.Let me shut up."

She pretended as if she was zipping her lips and placed whatever it was that she was closing with inside her bra. I wished she said something judging by how scared aunty looked it was obvious Nombulelo was telling the truth.


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