My God this Anita girl was just boring me now that her father left he left with his wife! They left Anita and her little brother who was now sleeping. Like why didn't they just leave with my heart as well? This is useless like I can't be here but it's already 8 pm and there's no way I'm walking out. There was a rumor that there's a Baboon in this area and Baboons are known for witchcraft so I can't do that to my self. Imagine it dragging me to its owner just because I was pissed that my crush left with his wife leaving me and his kids behind I wondered what they were busy with. Is he kissing her? Touching her? Of course they are kissing just how stupid am I? Urgh.

Anita:"And I was five here daddy had taken me to a water park mom had a bad allergy."


Anita:"Yes she doesn't do well with coffee and she drank it unknowingly it clogs up her chest."

Me:"Oh my that's bad so can she die?"

Anita:"No usually spends like 3 days in hospital but it's Private Hospitals they keep her longer than necessary."

Seems like her mom has health problem she's still recovering from her Appendix operation. She is allergic to caffeine or coffee whatever. But her allergy might work on my favor in future. 

Me :" That's so bad so she doesn't drink energy drinks? "

Anita:"None of it her health is detoriating. I just hope it doesn't get hectic. Junior still needs her mom." 

Okay I want her dad and I envy that her mom has him but hearing her talk this way pained me. I can't imagine losing Lelo even though she doesn't stay with us most of the time but I love her and I can't imagine her gone. Now knowing your mom is sick and she can die anytime must be painful. 

Me:"I'm so sorry my friend but she looks like a strong woman. She's not going anywhere think positive."

I awkwardly hugged her this tender love and care is just not me. 


The 3 cousins and Bukho walked together home it was their last day of exams and they haven't been spending time together. This was the chance they had Athi also didn't bring her car they just needed to bond. 

Ncumo:"Athi how are things between you and Monde?" 

She rolled her eyes. 

Athi:"I'm so in the friendzone it's not even funny I'm even thinking of going to his house in nothing but a lingerie hidden with a coat. Give him my virginity in a silver platter."

Ncumolwam smiled sheepishly thinking maybe it would work with Mr Bhayi but she shook her head because he knew the man stayed with his wife and and kids.Buchule was buried in her thoughts deeply. Bukho nudged her.

Bucks :" Huh! "

Bukho :" Ncumo told us that you have been disappearing at night."

Ncumos heart dubbed hard against her chest she made it clear to both her friend and Athi that they shouldn't tell Bucks. But Bukho doesn't have a chest for secrets.

Meanwhile at the royal house Nkosi stood with his little brother admiring the girls walking by.

Busani:"So when are you sending lobola to the Jojozis? "

Nkosi laughed shaking his head.

Nkosi:"A girl with no vision? Not my type it's good she is a vision but the excitement of being married to a prince is all she's is about."

Busani laughed.

Busani:"Any girl would be excited spare the poor girl please."

Nkosi :"No man I don't like her like that she's too easy."

His brother looked at him in confusion.

Busani:"So tell me what are you planning on doing?"

Nkosi :"She's a virgin."

Busani:"Obviously your father wouldn't tell you to marry a girl who isn't."

Nkosi:"But her virginity shouldn't determine her looseness.I have to test her."

Busani shook his head although he wanted to know how his brother wanted to test him. He didn't want to be part of whatever schemes he was up to he knew the type of person his brother was.





I prepared a bath since Nkosi wanted to take me out I didn't tell my mother because well she doesn't have to know and it's early in the morning.

Ncumo:"You see what I was telling you about Athi?"

Both the siblings laughed.

Athi:"Just come back early tomorrow we are going for our virginity check in Flagstaff some rural area far though."

Me:"Do we have to wake up early?"

Athi :"I said far mos what does that mean to you?"

Ncumo:"Why are you so moody these days?"

She directed the question to Athi who ignored her and played on her phone. All she does is burst and talk to us like we are her kids she must be going through something but we won't know if she doesn't talk. Mom was sitting with aunt Nombu while my uncle was sitting behind the hut under the guava tree if only a snake can just bite his head.

Mom:"Uyaphi? (where are you going?)"

Me:"I told you mos."

Aunty clapped her hands laughing sarcastically I hope it doesn't ruin things for me.

Aunty:"These kids will make us age young they always say I told you. Now we don't know if they did tell us or they didn't be safe ke ntombi."

I smiled at her and left Nkosi was already leaning against his car smiling. The dress I had on was body hugging and God blessed me with a body to die for. Well. Except for my knees damn they just rub against each other now that he was staring it seemed worse. He opened his arms for me.

Nkosi :"Sthandwa sam"

I giggled against his chest he kissed my lips.

Me:"So where are we going?"

He opened the passenger door for me I got in.

Nkosi:"It's a surprise."

He winked and closed the door.



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