The prince was such a nice person I was laughing endlessly. I didn't think I would be this free around him but I am and it makes me happy. He showed me his tribal tattoo that was covering his arm and that he had a tongue ring I don't understand why he would hurt his skin like that.

Nkosi:"I should accompany you to your houseit's late and you have school tomorrow."

I palmed my face.

Me:"I even forgot I had school."

He chucked and got out of the car it was colder than it was. He was pretty tall now that he was walking besides me and being under his arm was warming me up enough.

Nkosi:"Can I see you again tomorrow?"

Me:"No problem as long as you won't let me stay as long as I did mom is coming back."

Nkosi:"From where?"

Me:"Uuuh uhm from the hospital long story she is fine though."

Nkosi:"I won't ask I can see you don't want to talk about it."

We were just outside my house he stopped and looked at me. Even though it was dark it was clear as morning that we were staring at each other. He touched my chin and made me look up then he kissed me again this time around his hand went over to my butt. Mason has nothing on this guy I'm never kissing that one again. What I have here is way better than him?

Nkosi:"I like the feeling of your ass on my hand."

I gasped at the word ass he quickly hugged me.



I walked inside our room biting my lip Ncumo was studying.

Ncumo:"And when you fail the June exams I will remind you of this day."

Me:"Just one day I have been studying all week."

Ncumo :"I was just joking so what happened?"

Me:"Nothing to tell did you dish up for me?"

She pointed on top of the buckets which had a plank on top. It was our home made dressing table with a broken mirror leaning against the wall.

The next day Athi couldn't fetch mama because her parents were back and well they didn't really like our family much

not that my mom made things any sweeter. That woman just showed her ungratefulness whenever those people were around but it's none of my business.





Man? Such lying creatures I almost laughed at my uncles expression when Aunty made her way back being helped by mother. The man cried the funny thing is how bruised he also was. Listen! My mother is my role model never will I let a man hit me. In fact I should start training myself now.

Aunty :"Molweni."

Me:"Hello aunty are you hungry?"

Aunty:"Too much do you have any sour porridge? The one mixed with water."

Me:"I will go get it from the hut."

I got it for her and sat there staring as she drank it made me wonder how many times does this man have to beat her? How many times must she go to the hospital?How many marks her body should have for her to finally get rid of this man he calls her boyfriend. I didn't want to be like her and I bet I will never be like her.

Me:"Aunty can I go sleepover at my friends house mama had already agreed."

Aunty:"Don't misbehave there Ncumo you are representing the whole Jojozi clan."

Such burdens the resting Jojozis will have to forgive me because I'm about to misrepresent them.

Lelo:"Where are you going?"

I was walking out with my backpack already. 

Me:"Sleepover at the Bhayis."


I smiled and walked to their household humming a happy song this is going to be lit. Anita was sitting outside waiting patiently she quickly stood up and ran to me.

Anita:"I thought you weren't coming anymore."

She hugged me I didn't want to like this girl  slowly but surely I'm liking her. Don't do that to yourself.

Me :"Why would I disappoint?"

She giggled.

Anita:"I don't know we going to have so much fun and mom and dad are leaving tonight."

I swallowed hard.


Anita:"Yes so we will be all alone."

She hooked my arm on hers I couldn't even hide my disappointment. I want to cry right now. Can't I go back home now?


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