Me:"That's my destination."

MrB:"Oh okay."

He stopped the car I looked at him and smiled seductively making puppy eyes.

Me:"Thank you I will wait for your call regarding Anitas birthday."

MrB:"Sure my wife will call."

I smirked and went out of his car was that nervousness? This man will make this thing very easy for me. I can't imagine his dark lips against mine those large hands snaked around my body. He was a very good looking man dark in complexion and talk and buff. He looked like he took her of himself and I smiled as I sniff his perfume was really strong I could smell it on me. If only I had rubbed myself on him.

My mother was sitting outside on the bench.

Me:"Lelo it's dark."

Lelo:"Who dropped you off?"

Me:"My friends father."

She studied my face for a long time even if it was a boy dropping me off there was nothing she was going to do about it. Uncle and his bad timing locked the gate he was whistling as he walked towards the house.

Uncle :"Nombulelo."

He stopped walking and smiled at my mother in exactly one second mom pulled a knobkerrie from under the bench and hit uncle. I stood there stunned as my drunk mother beat a half drunk man.

Bucks:"Stop her!"

Me:"Let him endure the pain I hope it hurts 10 times worse."

The kids were being a nuisance screaming and Uncles big voice surely echoed the entire village I could hear the contact of the stick and bone. Uncle grabbed moms hand and pushed her off he slapped her hard she stumbled backwards and held her cheek.

Lelo:"You will never stop will you?"

Uncle:"I will not allow myself to get beaten by a woman! Not in this house!"

Nombulelo laughed.

Lelo:"Are you that brave? This is my mothers house."

I grabbed moms hand and pulled her to her room she kept screaming curse words. She sat down and cried I blinked once twice. Okay she was really crying.

Me:"Are you okay?" 

She shook her head. 

Lelo:"I lost my job mntanam I was retrenched." 

I have no idea how to comfort a person like none at all neither do I have experience. Now I'm sitting here looking at my drunk mom crying her eye balls out I shifted closer to her and brushed her back. 

Me:"You will find something in 6 months I will be in University. NSFAS will cover my fees hopefully and registration as well and Asanda is also covered." 

She sighed and wiped her tears. 

Lelo:"Still I have to stay with my sister and her boyfriend with their countless kids. How many are they anyway?" 

I laughed. 

Me:"There's only 3 of them then Buchule we will be okay. I am sure you will find something even if it doesn't pay much." 

She smiled hugging me. 


The stalker hasn't called however I did receive a message after leaving the Jojozi household. It read 'you will be mine.' I decided to report it

we will be okay. I am sure you will find something even if it doesn't pay much." 

She smiled hugging me. 


The stalker hasn't called however I did receive a message after leaving the Jojozi household. It read 'you will be mine.' I decided to report it I'm not going to be statistic if kidnapping or worse having a psycho boyfriend. I didn't even think these things can happen how can someone want me to a point of texting me with different numbers randomly?it's really really scary. 

To my surprise when I got home mom and dad were back I didn't expect them to be back so soon. But that didn't stop me from running in screaming. 

They both laughed as I jumped on them. 

Me:"I missed you guys so much." 

Dad:"We missed you too baby I hope you behaved. You look darker." 

Me:"Tan daddy." 

Dad:"You look beautiful regardless." 

Mom:"And your hair is all grown did you visit the rurals?" 

Me:"Yeah Aunty is at the hospital." 

Mom gasped. 

Mom:"Oh God! Is she okay? What happened?" 

Me:"She's okay so what did you guys bring me?" 

Mom:"Come I will show you." 

Dad:"I thought we were going to catch up first." 

Me:"Later daddy." 

My parents are over protective and crazy at the same time I love them so much. 

Mom:"I hope you haven't been drinking." 

Me:"I stopped after you threatened to send me to rehab we can even go to the doctor and take a test." 

I knew she wouldn't do that. I allowed her to drag me to my room. They bought me so much staff I almost shed tears. 


Malume left after slapping aunt Nombu never in my life have I ever witnessed a woman beat a man like that. If only my mom could stand up for herself the same way her sister did it was admirable although I could never be brave enough to hit a man. My uncle is the bread winner of the family. He is a teacher and he gets paid enough to feed all of us Nombus money also helped. Mom on the other hand takes odd jobs here and there. The problem with the both of them is that they live for alcohol Malume always 01brings 2 bottles of beer or more when coming home. After cooking and making sure that the adults were sleeping I went to our room. Ncumo was busy counting the money she had been saving up.

Me:"What are you doing?" 

Ncumo:"I want a phone that has Whatsapp." 

Me:"Is that why you have been saving? For a fancy phone?" 

Ncumo:"No but right now I need a phone." 

She said in defeat and put it back in the container. 

Me:"Maybe you can ask Athi to help you." 

Ncumo:"No I'm not doing that." 

I wiped my face legs and armpits. 

Ncumo:"Where are you going?" 


Ncumo:"Why are you like this these days? You act weird nje." 

I smiled at her. 

Me:"I will telll you all about it when I am ready." 

With that said I left the room and the yard quietly walking to the grounds. The lights flicked I fixed my body hugging dressed and maintainer the sexiest walk I ever mastered. He opened the passenger door before I could embarrass myself and go to his side. He was smiling widely I returned the same. It was dark outside but I could see how handsome he was. 

Me :"I'm Buchule." 

I extended my hand to him he returned the gesture rubbing his thumb slowly at the back of my hand. 

Nkosi:"And I'm Nkosiphendule you can call me Nkosi." 

Me:"I know who you are my prince." 

He chuckled. 

Nkosi :"Thank you for coming I just wanted to meet you before the introduction day."

Me:"That's okay even though I don't know how you got my number." 

He scratched his head. 

Nkosi:"Can I kiss you?" 

Me:"I don't know how to kiss." 

His eyes widened he is a prince I had to make him feel specific. 


Me:"For real." 

Nkosi:"Come here." 

I smiled against his lip yep this is my future husband. 


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