The smile on my face didn't fade Monde was keeping me occupied and on there friendzone. But it's too early it hasn't even been a week since we started talking so I don't expect anything serious.

Aunty was better and as her daughter had said the lady didn't want us to get her boyfriend arrested. And we had to respect the guy and pretend as if he didn't almost kill our guardian.

Bucks:"We can go she's going to be discharged tomorrow."

Ncumo:"I hoped she would be discharged at least next week she is not fit enough. Her bruises haven't healed properly."

I drove them home surprisingly we found Nombulelo around. She's Ncumos mom she hardly comes home and seeing her around was surprising.

Ncumo:" Lelo! "

She stood up and smiled then hugged each and every one of us.

Lelo:" Uphi uSisi(where is my sister?) "

Bucks :"Hospital."

Her eyes widened.

Lelo:"Is she okay? Can we go see her?Oh God I hope she's not dying."

We helped her sit down and narrated the whole story to her.

Lelo:"Uphi lomnqundu unguTatakho Leko? (Where's the asshole called your father Lelo?)"

Lekos looked back at his aunt scared. P


She tried touching her but she yanked her hands off.

Lelo:"Hayi Hayi Ncumo uMntakamama ubethwe yindoda engamtshatanga wayolala esbhedlela! Ndithini? Ndisineke kuloMzi ndilinde andiphakele? (No No Ncumo my mothers child was beaten by a man she is not married to one who did not marry? You expect me to sit here smiling and wait for that man to dish up for me?) "

She was already up on her feet losing her mind.

Me:" Aunty if he hears you screaming like that he might turn back around and run please act cool. "

She clicked her tongue and reached for her bags she opened one and came back with a litre of Castle Lager.

Aunty :"Uzondazi lomfana (this boy will know me)"

I looked at Ncumo who just shrugged poor Leko was so shaken.

Me:"I have a tutorial in 30 minutes I will see you guys tomorrow at school."

I hugged both of them and left.





If there is one thing my mother does well it's fighting. Well apart from drinking and changing men she can fight. I once saw her beat up a guy over a case of beer when I visited her where she used to stay. She didn't stop even when her skirt was showing her butt. But she is a good mother even Asanda can vow for that. She always sends us the little money she makes but she doesn't visit.

Me:"So why are you back?"


She was gulping down the alcohol looking at me with the corner of her eyes.

Me:"Hah you heard me mos."

Lelo:"I just wanted to visit my sister is that too much. This is still my mothers house."

Me:"I was just asking no need to get so defensive."

Lelo:"Whatever I'm going to sleep your Uncles children better not make noise otherwise I will beat their fathers looks out of them."

She clicked her tongue talk about anger issues. After doing everything I had to do I dressed up warmly and walked to Anitas house she had asked me to visit since I will be sleeping over this weekend. Weirdly her parents were around and she wasn't.

Me :" Mr and Mrs Bhayi."

MrsB:"Hello Ntombi Anita will be back in a few minutes. She has told me so much about you."

I drooled over her husband but quickly looked away which was difficult the man is handsome as hell.

Me:"I hope good things only."

They both chuckled

which was difficult the man is handsome as hell.

Me:"I hope good things only."

They both chuckled I sneered when Mr Bhayi draped her hands over her wives shoulders sitting back on the couch comfortably.

MrsB:"My daughter doesn't normally have many friends and I'm thankful you are one of them. Soon she will have a 18th birthday party so you will be working closely with her father. I don't do well in that department and I might be going home."

I was close to hating this woman for having something I want but the words she just uttered made me want to kiss her. But then she looks tired and very old. The husband on the other hand looks very active I looked at him straight in the eye. He neess someone like me young and full of energy. 

Me:" Okay that's not a problem I will have to take your number so we can talk unfortunately I don't have Whatsapp."

MrB:"I will call or my wife will when we need something young lady."

Ugh he could have used my name instead and did he have to emphasize the 'my wife' I already know. You see if I had Whatsapp now my life would be easy I have to ask Lelo to buy me a phone that has Whatsapp.

MrsB:" Honey please help me to bed We will see you around Ncumo."

Mr Bhayi accompanied her to the bedroom it was almost five and it's winter it will be dark soon. Mr Bhayi came back after 20 minutes looking at the time. Yes I was counting. 

MrB:"Where do you stay? Anita is stuck somewhere."

My heart jumped up and down please Lord let him say what I want him to say.

Me:"It's a 10 minute walk.".

MrB:"I will drive you there it's not safe here for a girl ."

My heart jumped I followed him to the car. My teeth chattered as the cold wind hit my bare legsof course I wore a short dress look how it's gonna work to my advantage. We quietly sat in the car as I rubbed my hands together and blew air he turned on the heat. I thanked him and fixed my dress while looking at him. I found his eyes looking there then at my face he found me staring back blankly he looked at the front and cleared his throat. I smirked and looked out the window crossing my legs giving him an even better view. I could here him breathing my smirk grew even wider. Thank you God for always being there.


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