The whole room was the word awkwardness last night Athi had to sleep early she was too drunk. After eating I also passed out together with Bucks now Bucks was the first to walk in after I had made breakfast. Her head was hanging. 

Me:"Are you okay?" 

She shook her head and drowned a glass of water. 

Bucks:"How will I look at Mason?" 

Me:"The same way you did before you kissed him pretend nothing happened it will save you the heartache." 

Athi walked in right after Bucks tensed still hanging her head. 

Athi:"And I always think I will get used to hangover morning guys." 

Me:"Hey babes so what are we doing today?" 

Athi: "We can go to the beach or something but I'm good with alcohol Bucks how is the hangover." 

She almost jumped of her seat. 

Bucks :"That's the least of my worries." 

Me:"She's worried about the kiss she had with Mason."

Athi rolled her eyes placing her fist on her waist then she turned to me. 

Athi:"When are you getting your first kiss?" 

Me:"How did we get to that?" 

Athi:"I am curious sis you don't even have a guy you like are you lesbian?" 

I laughed throwing my head back if only she knew. 

Me:"No I'm just not interested on anyone  right now." 

Bucks :"The year is about to end and we will let loose soon keep your kiss for a special someone don't lose it." 

We both looked at her and held back our laughs. 

Me: "It's not of much significance really it's just a kiss." 

Athi:"It is significant it determines how good or bad you are." 

Me:"I disagree you can find someone bad and assume they are good then you think you are also good then along the way you will find a better kisser then you realize just how bad at kissing you were this whole time." 

They both looked at me like I lost an eye. 

Bucks:" What's your point? "

I shrugged. 

Me:" Nothing I'm just not rushing anything including school. "

Athi:" Like you need to rush school you pass good. "

Me:" I know. "


I was glad Mason wasn't around the whole dayI didn't want to bump on him and experience the awkwardness. Athi drove us home the next morning I will miss the shower more than anything. Using the dish sucks although I am used to it. 

Leko and Sipho were sitting outside sadly when they saw us Leko ran towards us while Sipho walked slowly behind him wiping his tears. 

Me:"What's wrong guys?" 

Leko:"Umama oko elele(mom has been sleeping)" 

We dropped our bags and ran to their room I don't know why I felt relieved when I heard her moaning in pain but the minute Ncumolwam turned her around the tears fell. 

Me:"Mama what happened?" 

Ncumo:"Call Athi tell her to turn around." 

She gave me mamas phone luckily Athi wasn't far so she said. 

Me:"Where is your father?" 

Sipho:"He went out last night." 

Ncumo:"Let's clean her up." 

She looked beaten up her eyes were shut and black. As for her lip it was bustedit seemed she has been sleeping  on the bed for some time. It was covered in feaces and urine the smell was horrible and the whole room smelt like that but this woman has been taking care of me. 

"What happened?" 

Me:"Athi thank God you are here." 

They cleaned up the room while I quickly wiped my mother because bathing was gonna be a hassle on its own. We helped her to the car and locked up the house Sipho and Leko were staring at their mom this whole time. 

We took her to Greenville hospital

Sipho and Leko were staring at their mom this whole time. 

We took her to Greenville hospital we didn't have a medical aid neither could we afford a private hospital. The ride wasn't treating her well the gravel had bumps and potholes so every time she would experience pain because of the drive. I didn't have any idea where she was had because she winced wherever we touched her. 

Athi:"I am getting Malume arrested with or without your consent Bucks." 

Me:"No Athandwa you will cause problems between mom and Malume." 

Ncumo:"What if we weren't coming back today? Do you know what would have happened? Athi I'm going with you to the police station." 

I didn't say anything because they won't change their minds they know the type of person mom is and if she wakes up with her husband in prison we will pay more than hell. 

Me:" I'm gonna go in with mom guys please don't go anywhere. "

We were at the hospital already but since Leko and Sipho are with them I doubt they would leave. 


Me:"I seriously want that man behind bars." 

Ncumo:"And  Aunty is just like Bucks they are both stupid God forgive me for calling an adult stupid but aunty is dumb." 

We sat on the benches waiting the kids were eating when they were done we went back to the car and sat down. 

Ncumo:"heh Mzala what was happening with Bucks and Mason." 

That thought of it made me angry I can't believe I allowed myself to be that vulnerable. Mason held me in his arms he took me to my bed while I weeped like I lost a loved. He kept apologizing countless times and rubbing my back. 

Me:" Maybe they like each other." 

Ncumo:"Even so it's disgusting I mean they are basically cousins too right?" 

Me:"Not really." 

I had to justify it for the sake of my guilt too. 

Ncumo:"Mhhm is that Monde?" 

I quickly looked up he was walking with an old woman. No she wasn't old but she looked very sick and skinny her skin was dark and thin. 

Me :"Should I go to him?" 

He was having trouble with the bags. 

Ncumo:"Yeah maybe." 

I fixed myself and jogged to them. 


The lady coughed I looked at her sadly the Monde. 

Monde:"Athandwa right?" 

Me:"Yes do you need help carrying your staff." 

Monde:"Yeah sure that would be nice." 

He gave me the bag which I regretted  the thing was killing my arm. 

Me:"Are you going far?" 

Monde:"No our transport is here." 

Me:"Where do you stay?" 

Monde:"Seaview it's pretty far but we hired a car." 

He helped the lady sit down and neatly placed the blanket over his lap we stood a bit far from her.. 

Me:"Next time hire mine is she your mom?" 

Monde:"Yes the only person I would kill for." 

Me:"How is she?" 

He shrugged. 

Monde:"They said she will be fine she has TB. This whole time she was staying at the hospital the period she was supposed to stay is over." 

Me:"She will be okay hey why don't you give me your number so you can tell me if you arrive safely or if you have any problems along the way." 

He smiled and typed in his number on my phone. 



I smiled looking at his cellphone number now I'm more interested in knowing more about him. A text came through I stopped walking and read it all over again. 

'Bad girls get punished young lady.' 

My mind started working and the person that came to mind was Mason. I clicked my tongue and called him he picked up. 

Me:"Don't you dare mess with me how insans are you? Buying a new sim card and threatening me Mason stop your stupid games."

Mason:"What? Are you okay?" 

He sounded very sleepy for all I know he could be faking it. 

Me:"Fuck off." 

I hung up and looked at the unknown number I tried calling if but it went to voicemail. Wow Mason. 


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