Athandwas house is less than an hour away from hours matter of fact I think it's 30 minutes plus just that it's on the side. You take an off ramp and drive down the road which makes it seem far.

Me"Yerr this house is beautiful."

Ncumo:"Aunty deserves something like this if not better once we graduate."

I smiled at her she adores my mother a lot just that mom is hard headed and so is she. So when they fight it gets nasty.

Athi:"Finally you guys are here."

She hugged the both of us like she didn't just see us hours ago.

Me:"So much love did you miss us?"

Ncumo:"She always misses us now where is the food?"

Athi:"You should watch your weight your stomach is getting bigger."

Ncumo looked at her stomach the shrugged.

Ncumo :"Don't bother me I have far more important things to worry about than my stomach."

She disappeared to the kitchen.

Me:"So did you buy alcohol?"

Her eyes widened.

Athi:"You want to drink again?" I nodded "okay Mason is bringing it."

My heart did back flips and stretched. 

Me:"Mason is coming?"

Athi :"Yes but he is with his friends they will be in his room because the living room is mine for tonight."

Me:"Why don't they join us? I mean we will all be drinking."

She looked at me suspiciously.

Athi:"We will see as the night commences."

We changed to more comfortable clothes and Mason was back with 4 of his friends one was ogling but my attention was on one person. I wondered how it would be like dating a white person but I can't date I have a prince waiting for me. Maybe I would only kiss him.


Mason :"Howzit?"

Ncumo:"Good did you bring me a boyfriend?"

She joked and Mason laugh I can never be that comfortable around him. His presence makes me nervous and uneasy which always ends with me embarrassing myself.

Mason:"There's 4 guys pick your struggle." 

Athi :"Hah Mason why does it have to be a struggle?" 

Mason:"Because I know my friends well enjoy your little party I will be in my room." 

He took his alcohol and left I was hypnotized. We all gathered in the living room Athi had thrown a number of pillows on the floor and slowly but surely we were getting drunk. 

Athi:" I love you guys so much"

She hugged us. 

Ncumo:" You guys are drunk now." 

Me:"But we do love you." 

"Can we join in on the party?" 

Mason asked his friends jumped over the couches with their booze. 

Me:"Let's get this party started!" 

I screamed which made everyone look at me weirdly. 

Mason:"You should slow down a bit on the alcohol sweetheart." 

I just blushed and looked away he called me sweetheart. 


"Ndrikondla ndrikondle 

Ndrikondlela amany'amadoda

Ndrikondla ngemalam. 

Ndrikondlela amany'amadoda

Uchume sisatwetwe

Ndrikondlela amanye amadoda." 

Our virgin queen was already on the stage doing what she does best and that's UkuXhentsa talk about Imfene. She was moving her waist crazily and making sounds with her feet that echoed the whole room. I the sober one was having fun watching them closely . I did notice how Bucks has been drooling on Mason and how he was just staring at his sister the whole time. I really think that he is very protective of her and it's sweet but he should drop the staring nothing's going to happen. 

The door bell rang. 

Mason:"Food finally." 

He stood up heading for the door Bucks did the same right after. 

Bucks:"I will help you." 

They both left and my curiosity told me to follow them. I will give them a minute and follow. 

Athi:"What an exercise I feel sticky already." 

Me:"And I'm not sleeping with you unless you bath." 

One of Masons friends who has been watching me finally got the chance to speak. 

Guy:"You can come with me to my house." 

Me:"What for?" 

He smirked and wink sies. 

Guy:"We can get it down." 

Me:"Fuck you kid!" 

How old is he anyways? He is white for fuck sakes he owes me much more than a sleepover. I wanted to spit same time it's enough that I already have Mason in my life now this Caucasian wants me to sleep with him. The nerve of this thing. He gave me a chance to follow the 2 to the kitchen I stood by the door peeping carefully. 

Mason:"Get a glass for Ncumo." 

My cousin seductively walked towards him I covered my mouth muffling my laughs. 

Bucks:"So you really don't want to play spin the bottle?" 

Mason:"I'm too old for that game." 

He was being so oblivious to her attempts I did not like what was happening but I wanted to see how far Bucks is willing to go with this.  I felt someones presence behind me. 

Athi:"What the fu-" 

I clamped my hand against her mouth.  She was kneeling while I bent forward Now I missed all the action because of her. Mason had pinned Bucks against the door and they were smashing face.  Athi abruptly got up and entered the kitchen the two split like they weren't stuck on each other a second ago. 

Athi:"Is the food ready?" 

Her eyes were fixed on Mason he looked pretty nervous. Next thing she was gagging she ran to the bathroom upstairs Mason ran after her. 

Me:"What was that?" 

Bucks giggle covering her mouth. 

Bucks:"I just got my first kiss from a white guy." 

Me:"He is like our cousin." 

Bucks:"No he is not our cousin we are black Blaaack. B-L-A-C-K and Mason is white we are waaaay to far from being related now help me carry this food." 

I was shocked to say the list so Buchule was willing to get into trouble because of a relative. I don't think I like the drunk her. 


I choked on my vomit feeling the acid escape through my nose. My face must look horrible and I don't care the hair I had on is also all over my face I'm sure tips are covered in vomit. 

"I am so sorry." 

I shook my head and flushed the toilet he was sitting on the tub looking at me sorrowful.

Mason :"I'm sorry." 

I wiped my tears or whatever was on the side of my face. 

Me :"Why did you have to do that?" 

Mason:"She came onto me and I didn't know how to react." 

Me:"No Mason you could've stopped her I witnessed you kissing my cousin. How dare you?" 

I burped the whole vomit came back up. I threw up inside the toilet and turned to him I was so drunk for this shit. I tried getting up but I slipped he quickly got me before I landed on the floor. 

Mason:" Let's go put you to sleep. "

I tried to push his hands of but he wrapped his arms around me he knows this TV shit always messes with my head. I like these unreal things. 

Mason:"I really am sorry." 

I didn't expect him to kiss me in my smelly state but he did and I didn't resist. This guy and his movie scenes now how do I not act crazy. Whoa why am I even crazy? I thought I didn't see him like that maybe I just don't want him close to my cousin. Yeah I'll go with that. 


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