Mom was taking the whole thing of me marrying a prince way too seriously it suddenly seemed like it was too good to be true. I just didn't think I am worthy or good enough to be ordained the wife of a prince it's a big title. It would help my family gain a lot of respect and I can already imagine the luxuries. I have seen their home and I admit it's beautiful and well taken care off they are a very big family which explains the dozens of houses and huts they have but at the end of the day they are a royal family so everything of theirs is big..

Athi :"Ncumo made a new friend or she's ignoring us on purpose?"

She has been talking but my mind was on the prince I have a picture of how he looks like already. Maybe I had seen him fingers crossed it's the one who is most wanted by the girl. Because there's like 3 unmarried princes there. 

Me :"Why does it matter?"

She snapped her head at me dramatically placing a hand over her chest.

Athi:"You do know if she has a new friend that friend of hers will think we are her friends?" 

Me:"You did befriend Bukho and we have no problem with that."

She clapped her hands while laughing.

Athi :"You guys liked her and I don't like this new friend of Ncumos wena why are you so grumpy?"

Me:"Grumpy? Tshin uAthi."

I exclaimed I was too far from being grumpy I mean my heart was swimming in cooking oil and she is telling me I'm grumpy.

Athi :"Never mind anyways I want us guys to have a little get together of some sort at my house. My parents are coming back next week and I want a blast before they do can you believe they want to take me to rehab?" 

"Who is taking who to rehab?" Ncumo finally graced us with her presence.

Athi:"Finally she remembered she has other friends."

Ncumo rolled her eyes.

Ncumo:"So who's going to rehab? And stop being jealous over nothing. I am still your favorite cousin."

She playfully pinched her cheek making her giggle from the 3 of us these 2 are the closest. Mama says it's because they are undercover hoes but I know them and they are nothing like that.Although they are pretty close. 

Athi :" My parents want to take me to rehab these coming holidays."

Me:"I thought we have winter school."

Ncumo:"We doAthi has tutors nogal so she's not worried.Why don't you ask Mason to talk to them for you seeing he is always around? We will tell Bukho to seduce him?"

She giggled playfully I so wanted to roll my eyes. I might have a tiny crush on Mason but je doesn't view me like that maybe going to Athis house won't be such a bad idea.





I was hoping oMzala agree to come with visit me this weekend I can't stand Mason sometimes and my periods are close. He knows how to piss me off he thinks showering me with gifts will help.

Ncumo: "Have you noticed how Bucks has been this past week?"

Me:"Yhoo andiBusy for lowo bra(I'm too busy for her)" 

Ncumo:"This trading thing of yours will make you lose my mind." 

I laughed putting my phone away and giving her attention. 

Me:"Say that in 3 years time when I have a multi billion rand business." 

Ncumo:"And I will be your partner." 

I ignored her as soon as I saw Monde pass the guy has been my crush since I started school here. He was also in matric and a prefect he seemed like a good guy. With neat uniform and he is always in a serious relationship. Someone I could do not Mason who changes skirts every chance he gets because apparently I'm the only one who owns his heart. He was standing with his friends drinking coke the way he covered his mouth with his fists when laughing killed me. Unlike the rest of the boys his gray pants weren't tailored to be a slim fit his suede grasshoppers were very black and brushed he also had a blazer on which I'm sure knows which door the laundromat is at. I saw him wave at his girlfriend from a distance then went back to his friends my heart sank immediately. 

Ncumo:"Don't tell me urhalela uMonde(you fancy Monde.)" 

Me:"What?! Me?" 

My voice was so squeaky I couldn't even fake being shocked which made her laugh at me. 

Ncumo:"Oh shame mntase have you made any advances though?" 

Me:"Have you seen his girlfriend? The girl has booty for day and nice toned legs? Even his exs had nice butts." 

Ncumo:"Maybe you are what he needs something different." 

I bit my lip watching him he might have felt his eyes on me because he stared right at me. My eyes widened then I looked at Ncumo shyly. But God you know I would like to give my virginity to him and I would like if he would be my boyfriend. 

Me:" Mntase can you do me a favor? " 


Me:"Find out when is his birthday I will buy you something very nice." 

She gave me a bored look. 

Ncumo:"Ask Bucks they are classmates." 

Me:"That one has been up in her feels for the whole week but I will ask her." 

But that Monde... 



She turned around and smiled.


Beautiful human being with a father like that though it would be betrayal looking any less appealing done she does when her father looks like that. And the way her uniform is.

Me:"I thought you said your dad will come get you."

It was after school both our transports had just dropped us off. I saw how her eyes fell when I said that.

Anita:"Yeah well him and mom went out adult things."

I forced the bitter taste rising from the back of my throat down.

Me:"Oh do they go out often?"

Anita:"Not a lot since mom had an operation." 


Anita:"Appendix she will be okay though."

Me:"I hope she will that thing is scary."

Anita:"I know hey and experiencing the whole sickeness with her is traumatizing although dad is always around but still."

Me:"She will be fine have faith you should invite me for a sleepover I could use having one apart from my cousins place."

I laughed playfully she jumped up and down excitedly then hugged me.

Anita :"Can you come tomorrow mom and dad will be away we will have the house all to ourselves. Drink dads vodka oh you don't drink we will just eat then."

Visiting her house when her parents are not around will ruin the whole thing I didn't befriend her for pj parties.

Me:" Uhm bad weekend my cousin wants to throw a party for us so it's impossible. "

I swear her eyes glistened which planet is she from?

Anita:"Can I come?"

Me:"Uuuh uhm let me rather come here next weekend then the next time will be at my place I don't want cousins stealing my friend.? 

Anita:"So I'm officially your friend?"

Me:"Of course you are."

Anita:"Thank you thank you so much."

She hugged me making things really awkward but her friendliness doesn't change the fact that I want to be her stepmom.


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