Uncles car parked in front of their room the kids ran to them to assist with the  bags. Our male cousins also helped with the cases of beer well because they would benefit.

Aunty:"Ncumo wathi denkre uthi zizoqoqwa nguban ezizinto(Ncumo why are you just seated who will unpack these things?"

I almost rolled my eyes Aunty likes shouting unnecessary. If she thinks something is wrong she shouts when something is wrong she shouts when nothing is wrong she shouts.She is always sh

Me:"But the kids will unpack aunty I can't leave this meat the dogs will eat it."

Aunty:"Yho hayi! I give up on you. Where is Buchule?"

My eyes widened.

Bukho:"She's sleeping I think the meat didn't treat her well."

Aunty:"My poor child let me go check on her."

Uncle :"Hayi hayi! (no no) this thing of you spoiling Buchule will make her a weakling leave the child and go wash dishes with other woman."

I almost laughed at how aunty looked at uncle her eyes almost popped out of their sockets not that she argued though.

Bukho:" Your aunt is dramatic. "

Me:" Let me check on Bucks before things get hectic. "

As if she heard me she walked out of our room yawning she looked at us.

Bucks :"Yoo shame I'm drinking again alcohol is nice."

We all laughed as she sat down on the mat with us.

Bukho:"Athi would rejoice if she would hear you say that."

Me:"Athi is a mental case."

Bukho:"Anyways please accompany me I have to get going mama is probably worried."

Me:"Let me go get my bucket first Bucks please find Athi before she vomits around the yard and make sure she sobers up before aunty sees how drunk she actually is."

She just smiled this idiot was probably thinking of drinking again but who am I to judge?The tap wasn't far from Bukhos home she went inside her house while I continued walking. Singing alone while pretending that the bucket was a drum something caught my eye well more like someone and I couldn't help but stop walking. A girl I had seen from school I think she was in Bukhos class if I'm not mistaken. I could tell she was well off but not like what I was their house was recently opened. They built it last year so it has new gates new windows in fact it's new and boy does it look great. A very handsome man stepped out of his big car followed by a young boy and their mother they looked like a cute and very tight family. The girl hugged her mom tightly then kissed the little boy I watched her father look at her mom with admiration then hung his arms over her shoulders. His arms were very firm and the shirt he was wearing was tight I could see how wide his hands were. I felt my nipples harden and my undies dampen while watching someones dad. I knew it's wrong on many levels but my mind was made up I want the girls father.





I don't know how many times I had promised myself to not drink but then it happened and I enjoyed it. I just don't like the taste it left in my mouth it's horrible and I can even smell it. It's like I inhale and exhale the smell but other than that I want more . I found Athi behind the hut crying and vomiting.


She wiped her tears and looked at me she looked really bad.

"Are you okay?" bad question but I didn't know what else to say.

Athi :"I am just drunk and alcohol makes me emotional."

She looked horrible sweat dripping and saliva with mucus I almost vomited at the sight in front of her wasn't bleeding. Can't she smell that?

Me:"Oh do you want me to seat with you till you finish crying?"

Athi:"No I'm done now help me stand."

My body shuddered when her slimy hands touched me I stopped myself from gagging.

Me:"Sies Athi undibamba ngom phalazo(you touched me with vomit!)"

Athi:Hayi rha voetsek now you want your mother to hear mxm. "

She left me dumbstruck well there wouldn't be any other reaction other than this one from Athi.. She is sweet but her anger is always on the loose she just reacts sometimes without thinking. I washed my arm after recollecting myself. People were leaving slowly and Ncumo was still not back which is unlike her so I collected wood for fire so long so we can just boil water when she's here. We do have electricity but we don't boil water for bathing using the stove.

Leko: "Sisi mama is calling you now."

That would be my little nosy brother he is such a bully. Everything he wants he gets and he never knows when to shut up even after mama gave birth to 2 girls he still thinks he is the youngest. Weirdly mama was alone and looked like she was hiding.

Me:" Mama."

She smiled waving me over.

Mama:"Leko told me he saw you drink one of Athis drink." My heart hit hard against my chest but she was still smiling "Anyways that's not my concern iNkosana is to be wedded in 6 months and wena mntanam could be chosen."

I scrunched my nose in confusion.

Me:"He is a prince why can't he choose his own wife?"

Mama:"Because he is a prince sanalwam your father and his father the Chief are good friends and if you behave well he will choose you. I need you to be on your best behavior and don't let Athi influence you she is being taken care of by the Meers and you are here with me."

Me:" Mdu is not my father and why me? "

Mama:" Lele you are beautiful inside and out between you and your cousins you are the one with a killer body. And which prince wouldn't want to have a beautiful wife with a beautiful body? "

I smiled thinking about it.

Me:" Okay I will be on my best behavior."

I promised but damn I want to drink alcohol again so bad.





I plopped on my bed breathing heavily finally I was sober and back home. How couldn't I when it's a Sunday and there's school tomorrow honestly I just want to do a short business management course and get busy this school thing is just a drag. It's a waste of time more especially because white people are already rich by 16 well I was rich by the time I turned 16 too so it's kind of an advantage that they adopted me. I looked at my parents picture on the side of my bed.

Me:"Hey guys I'm still a virgin yay."

There wasn't even enthusiasm in my voice but whatever. I undressed and took one long deserved shower my legs were painful I have been trying to squat but it's painful. I can't have killer boobs with no ass it's a sin but I guess it's Gods plan because wow I'm super flat.

"Hey Bella."

I gripped my towel turning around I sighed in relief when I saw Mason.

Me :"You should knock."

He rolled his eyes closing the door behind me.

Mason:"It's not like there is something I don't know."

His eyes scanned my body in what I assume was his sexy look but he bores me.

Me:"Why are you here? Aren't you supposed to be at your hockey practice or some shit."

He snaked his hands around my waist kissing my shoulders I closed my eyes biting my lip.

Mason :"I couldn't leave without seeing you."

My hands had involuntary landed on his shoulders which gave him a chance to remove my towel. His lips found mine and he kissed me throwing me on the bed he stopped kissing me and looked at my eyes.

Mason:"Still a virgin?" I nodded "Good."

Well Mason is my brother he is the Meers actual son. The only child they were able to conceivethen they got me for free. Now they have 2 kids. Mason is 25 while I'm 18. He started playing with me when I was 12 and he was 19he is the only guy I have kissed and I can say he has taught me everything I need to know when it comes to foreplay. It started of as baby kisses but when I turned 14 it went over to French kisses and fingering as time went by he taught me blow jobs and muffing. In the mist of what we were doing he made me promise him my virginity by the time I turn 21 I did because it either that or he will make sure his parents get rid of me. When I realized that what he was doing was wrong I resorted to alcohol so we drank together and enjoyed each other there after.

I can say we are in a relationship because he threatens me dare I give a guy my number and he always finds out and if he has a girlfriend I flip. I hate what we do but I have gotten so used to it that I miss him when he isn't around. He has thrown in the L word a couple of times and I have been telling him to fuck off.

I felt the familiar wave of euphoria as I tugged his hair tightly screaming his name and rolling my eyes back he came up to my lips and kissed me.

Mason:"Fuck I love you."

I pushed him off me and mistakenly he went all the way to the floor he can be such a dumb ass sometimes. Bloody rapist!



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