Chapter Two


"She doesn't like she's from around here"-Lucas

"She is she work here"-Alpha

He says not paying attention to her and looking trough the file Lucas had just given him being happily married changed him from being a lady's man to a one woman man.

I sometimes want what he had but I did a few years ago until things went downhill between my wife and I.

"She looks single too"-me

"How do you know?"-Alpha

He raises an eyebrow as my eyes stay glued in her.

"She's not wearing a ring on her finger"-me

I look at him and he chuckles.

"Hadn't we went over this?"-Alpha

"Looking won't hurt anyone "-me

I've been in a few cheating scandals before but they all blew over I haven't touched a woman in months. He wouldn't know though he's happy with his wife.

"This won't end well"-Alpha

He shakes his head and I move my eyes back to her there's something about her that I can't put my finger on that makes her stand out.


"sy gaan omval as jy nie ophou met die hoofrol nie (she's going to fall over if you don't stop staring)"-Lucas

I chuckle moving my eyes from her and he slides the envelope over the table and I take it as I shove it in my suit jacket.

"sy is mooi is sy nie? (she's beautiful isn't she?)"-me

I chuckle and he frowns looking at her walking to the bar and he nods with a light chuckle.

"She is"-Lucas

I've been drawn to her since she walked in she doesn't look like she wants to be here and neither is she hiding it well.

I sigh and pick the glass of brandy Infront of me up and take a sip putting it down again.

"Russel het teruggekom maar hierdie keer lyk dit nie of hy skade kan berokken nie (Russel has come back but this time it doesn't look like he's capable of any harm)"-me

His face almost pales as he looks at me and Alpha finally says something since we drifted off topic.

"Hy sal geen probleme veroorsaak nie maar hou hom fyn dop (He won't cause any trouble but keep a close eye on him)"-Alpha

He looks at the both of us and I chuckle he's the last person to say that about his brother especially after the trouble he caused between him and his wife.

"Het jy geweet day hy teruggekom het? ( Did you know he came back?)"-Lucas

"Die is my gebied ek weet van alles wat hier angaan ( this is my territory I know everything that happens in it)"-Alpha

He shrugs and Lucas nods collecting himself and I fix my blazer and look at the both of them.

"Julle sal vir my moet verskoon ek moet gaan ( you'll have to excuse me I need to go)"-me

I look at the both of them getting up and they nod.

"Did okei ek moet ook Gaan ( it's okay I need to leave too)"-Alpha

He gets up and pays the bills walking out and I look around for the manager and walk to him.

"Devon let me talk to for a second"-me

"Yes sir is everything okay?"-Devon

He looks up at me as I'm a few feet taller and look at the girl walking around the restaurant and he follows my eyes.

"I apologize if she..."-Devon

"She didn't do anything wrong but I would like you to tip her for me


I take a thick stash of cash that is not too big from my pocket  and give it to him.

"Thank her for the good service"-me

"I will be sure to do so thank you"-Devon

I nod walking away to the door after catching another glimpse and walking to the car as Roxanne runs after me. She's my wife.


I turn to her as we're now in the parking lot and she sighs putting both her hands on her hips.

"Moenie vir my vanaand wag nie ek sal joy morê sien ( don't wait for me tonight I'll see you tomorrow morning)"-Roxanne

"Okay is sit al? ( Is that all?)"-me

"Ja sien jou morê (Yes I'll see you tomorrow)"-Roxanne

She says and turns on her heels as I walk to the car and drive home as I receive a call from Lucas.


"Dit is die mevrou ek sal jou  die stuur (It's the madam I'll send you the pictures)"-Lucas

I loudly exhale as I drive with one head trying to not squash the phone in my hand. You'd be suprised to know what your wife gets up to until you have someone following her.

"No it's okay I know what she's up to"-me


I drop the call and throw it in the driver's seat our marriage is quite complicated and it's turned sour over the years.

We met in high school and dated until we got married but things always go south when you learn expect it now our marriage is in shambles and both of us can't fix it.

The only reason why we stay together is because of the two sons we have together otherwise the love is no longer there.

"Meneer jou vrou het gebel and vir my gesê dat sy sal laat by die huis wees ( Sir your wife called and told me that she'd be home late)"-maid

"Ja ek weet ek het met haar n uur gelede gepraat ( Yes I know I talked to her an hour ago)"-me

I say and she nods and walks to the kitchen as I walk upstairs . She's been our live in maid for a few years now and the kids are fond of her.

 I walk into the main bedroom and close the door behind me as I undress and walk to the bathroom to take a shower.

I get dressed once I'm done and get some work done in my home study running things by myself without a personal assistant is a lot of work and I couldn't be more glad that the load will not be on for too long as I'm get a new PA.

"Ek het jou koffie gemaak jou Kos is ook gereed in kombuis as jy honger is ek moet nou gaan. ( I made you some coffee you're food is ready and in the kitchen if you're hungry I have to go)"- maid

"Dankie jy Jan gaan ( Thank you you can leave)"-me

She walks out closing the door behind her after placing the coffee on the table and I rub my eyes and get back to work.

Long days and nights with little sleep will be enough to cause my death soon.





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