Chapter Three

[MARCH 27 2019]

"Are you ready ?"-Nicole

She walks in carrying the dress and I get off the couch and fix the short robe covering my naked body.


"Well you should be it's not everyday you get to wear a Nicole Nyathi original for free"-Nicole

She places the dress on the bed and turns to me. She's an upcoming fashion designer and her name has been hot on the streets she's also my best friend.

"It is an honour but that doesn't change the fact that I'm nervous"-me

I walk over to the dress laying on the bed after giving her a short bow and run my hand over the silky dress.

"What if I don't get the job?"-me

"What if you do? And you get to quit waitressing that you hate so much"-Nicole

That would be really nice waitressing is a job from hell to be honest hopefully I finally get to land a job.

She sits on the chair of my dressing table and I inhale sharply to try and calm myself down then look at her again.

"And I get to have my own apartment"-me

I smile at the thought and she chuckles. I like living with Nicole I having my own space would be nice.

"That too are you done with the makeup?"-Nicole

"Yes I decided to go with minimum makeup today"-me

I says walking to my underwear drawer and taking out a matching set. I like looking good even when no one sees the underwear I at least can and I love it.

"Maybe I should take something for my nerves"-me

I turn to look at her as I throw the bra and thong on the bed and she frowns shaking her head dramatically why does it look like she's about to lecture me?.

"Like what? Crack?"-Nicole

"Of course not maybe a shot of Vodka or something to calm me down"-me

She gets up shaking her head in disapproval again and tosses her long braids back as she folds her arms. 

"No we're not turning you into an alcoholic drink water or whatever but you need to be sober okay?"-Nicole

"Yes mom"-me

She says as she walks out and I pick the dress up and wear it. It's a tight long sleeved formal maroon dress I'm going to pair it with black court heels.

They go with everything.

I'm going for a job interview at a company "Sandler Holdings" it's a logistic company and I'm being interviewed for a Personal Assistant job. I'm just glad I'm not in the production section I hate manual work.

I just saw the post and applied a few days back I don't want to stay a waitress my whole life and I want an insight in the corporate world as I study part time.

I'm not sure how I landed the interview but thank lawd.

"You're done?"-Nicole

She looks at me as I walk out and I nod.

"Yeah let me get that water"-me

I say to her walking to the kitchen and getting a glass of water. I put it down after a few sips and I sigh.

"We can go"-me

"Will you need me to pick you up later?"-Nicole

I turn to look at her as I grab my purse from the couch and shake my head.

"No I'll go see Adam later on"-me

"Are you sure there's nothing there?"-Nicole

She asks following me out and locking the door as we walk to the stairs.

"We're platonic"-me

I look at her then keep walking to her car. She comes from a middle class family so a small car after matric is typical from those kinds of families.

While I come from none well I do have a family but it isn't one you'd call family per say.

 I have a mother I don't have a relationship with and my dad sprinted for the hills when I was a kid my daddy a track star.

"That's what I don't get he's kind of hot"-Nicole

"And I'm not in to him like that but you are"-me

I elbow her lightly as we walks to her and she giggles as we get in.

"He has never made a move so... I don't know"-Nicole

"Then why don't you make a move yourself?"-me

I look at her as she chuckles and I laugh too. She's so cute when she blushes.

"I'm not that kind of girl"-Nicole

"Oh well then goodbye Nicole's soulmate she's not that kind of girl"-me

I roll my eyes pulling my phone out of my purse and scrolling through my messages and she chuckles.






She's one of my friends

she's not that kind of girl"-me

I roll my eyes pulling my phone out of my purse and scrolling through my messages and she chuckles.






She's one of my friends I have a handful actually but this not what I want to tell you about in this story.

See my life in the year 2019 is quite historical if I say so myself. Jaw dropping shocking and shameful. That's the story I want to tell.

I want air that dirty laundry and hope that nobody else decides to make the same mistakes I made.

"We're here"-Nicole

"Thanks I'll see you at home then Duma will be coming over with the others"-me

"Okay bye"-Nicole

I get out of the car with my bag and phone in hand SANDLER HOLDINGS. I look at the tall building and inhale sharply walking toward the entrance trying my best to look confident.

"Hi I'm here for an interview"-me

I smile to the receptionist who looks up at me from her computer screen and nods. She looks to be in her early thirties but aging gracefully you can only tell from her demeanor and by how firm she looks she's approaching her mid thirties.

"Right this way"-Receptionist

She smiles getting up and fixing her dress as she leads me to an elevator.

"Its on the third floor good luck"-Receptionist

"Thank you"-me

She smiles and I press the button for the third floor and count the seconds as soon as the doors close.

There's four candidates in the waiting room and I nervously walk to where they are and also find my seat. This is a little nerve wrecking but it'll all pay out hopefully.

"Ndalwenhle Zulu"-Woman

My name gets called out as a lady walks out looking a mess and I sigh. I take a deep breath and walk in trying to be as confident as I can.

"You may take a seat"-Woman

There's three of them here one woman and two men. I sit down look at them with a small smile.

"We read from your CV that you have done a short course on accounting please tell us a little more about that"-man

I was an accounting genius back in high school and I still like it but I didn't get very high with it since I wasn't going to make a career out of it.

I nod and words feel heavy as I start talking and their faces show little to no expressions.

I don't know what my accounting experience has to do with this but I start talking and soon enough the words no longer feel heavy.

"Thank you m Miss Zulu. We'll keep in contact if you got the job"-man 2

"Thank you"-me

I nod with a small smile and walking out after the handshakes still feeling quite restless. I cross my fingers and toes as I walk out that I got the job but they didn't look impressed.

I take an Under to Adams's place and it looks like he's home judging by the loud music.

"I swear to god if you break my door..."-Adam

"You'll what?"-me

I frown and look at him as he chuckles making way for me to walk in.

"I forgot you were coming how did it go?"-Adam

"Hard I didn't think it would be this hard to find a real job"-me

I throw my bag on the couch and sit next to it removing my shoes. He needs to borrow me his slides.

"Nothing comes easy we both know that"-Adam

"That we do"-me

Adam and I have the kind of history you wouldn't expect but I'm glad we stayed friends through everything that happened in the past.

He closes the door and picks the joystick up from the coffee table and resumes playing his video game.

"Do you think I'll get it?"-me

I sit next to him with my hands on my knees and he sighs and looks at me with a side smile.

"If you don't you know you can always get another one"-Adam

"But I want this one"-me

I sigh and he chuckles throwing his arm over my shoulder. I press my nails on his ribcage and he chuckles not flinching.

"And you will there's some coke in the fridge"-Adam

"Diet coke?"-me

"Yeah that"-Adam

I get up and walk to the to the fridge take out a can of coke. 

"How is everything with Sindy?"-me

I look at him and he chuckles and I open the can and take a sip his eyes not leaving the TV screen.

"Rocky but we're fine"-Adam

"How fine?"-me

I roll my eyes and walk over to sit next to him and he keeps his eyes on the TV.

"Fine fine"-Adam

They're not toxic relationships are never fine. Been there done that and I'm never doing it again.


"I know but I love her and love is very rare to find these days"-Adam

"It isn't when you know where to look"-me

He moves his eyes to me shaking his head and I frown.

"I don't see you like that"-Adam

"And I do?"-me

"I'm hot"-Adam


It sounds and flashes on the screen and I laugh as he looks devastated. He puts the joystick on the coffee table while I throw my head back in laughter.

"Do you have any idea what..."-Adam

"It isn't my fault"-me

I choke down the laughter and he looks at me.

"You're lucky I don't hate you after this"-Adam

"You could never hate me for anything"-me

I chuckle as he restarts the game. He done caught feeling over a game.

"Okay I'm sorry"-me

"Do you want to play?"-Adam

He looks at me and I put the come on the table and sit next to him on the couch.

"I'm going to school you son"-me

I pop my joints and and he chuckles handing me the other joystick.

"I'm going to school you"-Adam

"Don't go hard on me"-me

"Will you go easy on me?"-Adam

He looks at me and I pout.

"I'm a girl"-me

"You're tough girl you can take the beating I'm about to give you"-Adam

He ruffles my hair and I push his hand away as he laughs.


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