Thirty Two


"U terapie sessies begin oor twee dae (Your therapy sessions start in two days)"-Jackson

He continues shaving his beard Infront of the mirror and I fold my arms putting the brush down since I was fixing my hair.

"I thought I said I would think about that"-me

He looks at me through the mirror and finds me starring at him.

"Jy sou nooit saamstem om dit in die eerste plek te hê nie(You were never going to agree having them in the first place)"-Jackson

"Still I...."-me

He holds his hand up and I look at him arms folded.

"Terugbetalings word nie toegelaat nie terapie sessies is duur (Refunds aren't allowed therapy sessions are expensive)"-Jackson

"Wat moet dit beteken? (What is that supposed to mean?)"-me

He smiles turning his head to me I will wipe it off his face with a smack.

"If you can pay me my money back you won't have to attend your sessions"-Jackson

"How much?"-me

I look at him cockily and he chuckles.


"Hundred? I'll get my purse"-me

I walk to the door and he chuckles.

"Five thousand you still need your purse?"-Jackson

He turns around and leans against the sink cockily.

"I don't have that kind of money lying around"-me

I roll my eyes and he nods turning around to rinse his razor.

"Then I guess you're getting therapy after all"-Jackson

I walk out with the other half of my head still in knots and the other side combed.

"I'll email you the details is that good?!"-Jackson

He yells from inside and I roll my eyes closing the door.

I get dressed as he walks out heading to the closet as I fix the straps of my shoes.

"What time will you be back?"-Jackson

"I don't know late"-me

I shrug as he gets dressed and there's commotion downstairs so we look at each other.

"I'll check whoever it is"-Jackson

He walks out fixing his shirt and I quickly fix my hair and tie it up to a high puff before following him down.

"Mr Sandler we received a top off that you have illegal drugs in your possession"-Detective

I stand at the stairs as Jackson steps aside letting him walk in my stomach twist as our eyes lock.

"Do you have a search warrant detective?"-Jackson

He moves his eyes away from mine and turns them Jackson.

He doesn't look as spooked as I do he looks calm actually.

"Of course"-Lungile

He gives him the papers and Jackson takes it and reads through it.

"You can go right ahead"-Jackson

I walk down the stairs along part him as his eyes dig into me.

"Jackson what going on?"-me

I stand next to him and he reaches his hand forward to squeeze my shoulder smirking.

"Don't worry about this they won't find anything"-Jackson

I turn to the policemen walking in with sniffer dogs and if I wasn't so scared I would be impressed.

The police never show when you need them in the hood but they go all out in the suburbs with their well fed scary looking dogs.

"How did they...."-me

"Roxanne is behind this Marckus gave me a heads up"-Jackson

He walks past me to Lungile standing at the passage and I try to listen in.

"Kan u dit 'n bietjie bespoedig? Ek het plekke om te wees (Could you speed this up a little? I have places to be)"-Jackson

He tucks his hands in the pockets of his trousers looking down at him.

Would you judge me if I called him hot? I think I've got a thing for the bad guys.

"Ons sal jou laat weet sodra ons iets vind

stap asseblief nou langs ons en laat ons ons werk doen (We'll let you know as soon as we find something now please step.aside and let us do our job)"-Lungile

He still looks the same except that he has a beard and a glasses.

He looks like.... I don't know how to call it but he looks good since he lost some weight.

"Yisa izinja kwikona nganye asizukuhamba de sifumane into esiyizele apha! (Get the dogs to every corner we're not leaving until we find what we're here for!)"-Lungile

He looks around at the men in blue walking up and down the house turning everything upside down.

"I have to leave will you be okay?"-me

"So not worry about him this will be over in a few minutes"-Jackson

I still feel bad about this I kiss his cheek before walking out to the car.

I drive to our flat and find her washing the dishes in the kitchen.

"Hey babe where's our little monster"-me

"Living room"-Nicole

I get to him and my lips stretch into s huge smile.

"I tried talking to Adam earlier"-me

"So where do you two stand now?"-me

I pick the baby up and kiss his cheek they've decided to name him Arnold I have got absolutely no idea where that name comes from.

I walk back to the kitchen with him and lean against the cupboard.

"I don't know I'm too nervous about it to ask but he's implied that we're good"-Nicole

She dries her hands with a dishcloth and throws it in the water.

"Nicki it's been two months you can't be holding your breath hoping that you in fact are his girlfriend"-me

I look at her as Arnold makes cute little noises and I look down at him.

"I don't know how I'm going to bring this up and I'm thinking of moving by the way"-Nicole

I frown.

"As in to a new town or to an apartment?"-me

She turns back to the sink and starts washing the bottles.

"No a luxury apartment maybe get a flate mate to live with"-Nicole

"I'm down to move"-me

She lifts her head to look at me.

"I thought you were cohabiting"-Nicole

"No I'm not it just Jackson has been going through a lot so we're going each other through it"-me

I shrug and walk to the living room and put Arnold in the cot as she follows in behind me.

"What are you going through?"-Nicole

She sits down in the couch and I sit next to her and we both stare at the black screen of the TV.

"My dad resurfaced"-me

She doesn't reply but stares at me.

"Don't worry about it he won't be coming back but I saw Lungile earlier"-me

"Your stepbrother? Where did you see me?"-Nicole

I nod and she sits with her legs folded and fixes her eyes on me.

"He was turning Jackson's house upside down earlier searching for drugs illegal ones"-me

I also put my feet up and we sit facing each other on the couch.


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