Thirty Three


"Hey wat maak jy hier? (what are you doing here?)"-Roxanne

She opens the door in a robe and I shrug with my hands burries in my pockets.

"Die is my huis ek het geen rede nodig om hier te wees nie 

(This is my house I don't need a reason to be here)"-me

I walk past her looking around the house and she folds her arms and stares at me still standing next to the door.


"What were you trying to achieve by attempting to get me locked up for having illegal drugs in my possession?"-me

I turn to her and she clears her throat trying to keep a straight face on.

"Ek weet nie waarvan jy praat nie 

(I don't know what you're talking about)"-Roxanne

Her belly is starting to grow and I'm disgusted that she tried to pin her illegitimate pregnancy on me.

"Gaan aantrek ek neem jou êrens heen (Go get dressed I'm taking you somewhere)"-me

I look at the watch on my wrist then back up at her to realise she has turned pale.

"Dit is nie die regte tyd dat ek ... 

(This is not the right time I...)"-Roxanne

"Ek het jou nie gevra nie jy het twintig minute (I wasn't asking you you have twenty minutes)"-me

 She walks past Rochelle on the stairs and stand in the passage and wait for her.

"Wat maak jy hier? (What are you doing here?)"-Rochelle

She scrunches her nose up in disgust and I chuckle.

"Ek kan jou dieselfde vra jou man is weg en ek kan nog steeds nie aan 'n rede dink waarom hy jou agtergelaat het nie (I could ask you the same thing your husband left and I still can't think of a reason why he left you behind)"-me

"Nie dat ek jou skuld nie ... (Not that I owe you any...)"-Rochelle

She gets interrupted by Roxanne walking down the stairs now fully dressed and frowns.

"Where are you going?"-Rochelle

She looks at me and I watch her coldly.

"Jackson wil met my iewers privaat praat (Jackson wants to talk to me somewhere private)"-Roxanne

I open the door and she walks out to the garage and I'm left with Rochelle trying to stare me down.

"As daar iets met haar gebeur .... (If something happens to her....)"-Rochelle

She tries to look intimidating but end up looking like a constapated rat with her upper lip tightened.

"Jy sal en kan niks daaraan doen nie(You won't and cannot do anything about it)"-me

I chuckle shutting the door behind me as I walk to the car and find her waiting for me in the passenger's seat.

"So waarheen neem jy my? (So where are you taking me?)"-Roxanne

"Jy sal uitvind wanneer ons daar aankom (You'll find out when we get there)"-me

I start the car and drive out of the driveway joining the road and I drive in silence.

"Well we're here"-me

I park the car in the driveway of the house where she was with Russel yesterday and she's gone pale again.

"Wat ... Wat doen ons hier? (What... What are we doing here?)"-Roxanne

She asks trying to keep her breath controlled.

"You weren't this glum the last time you came here"-me

I get out of the car and walk inside Alpha got rid of Russel I'm not sure if she knows yet but she should now.


She gets out of the car and follows me into the house.

"Is dit waar dit gebeur het? (Is this where it happened?)"-me

I turn to her as we step into the room they were in yesterday.

"Ek kan verduidelik ... (I can explain...)"-Roxanne

She becomes teary eyed and I nod my head as she sighs.

"Amuse me"-me

She wipes her left cheek as a tear rolls down and she sighs.

"It started when a month ago it wasn't to go this far. I wanted us to raise our kids together and be a happy family"-Roxanne

Tears roll down her cheeks and I'm anything but touched as she holds her baby bump.

"Waarom het jy my dan probeer tronk toe stuur? (Why did you try to send me to jail then?)"-me

She wipes her tears and I walk to the window as she sits on the bed rubbing her palms against her thighs.

"Jy het my verlaat ek was bereid om aan ons te werk en terug te gaan na hoe ons was maar u is bereid om my te verlaat vir die klein dingetjie wat u kant toe kom. Wat moes ek doen ?!(You were leaving me I was willing to work on us and go back to how we were but you're willing to leave me for the pretty little thing that comes your way. What was I supposed to do?!)"-Roxanne

She chokes out a sob and I turn to look at her.

"U weet hoe ek normaalweg met hierdie dinge omgaan ... (You know how I normally deal with these things...)"-me

She quickly gets up and shakes her head.

"Jy kan my nie seermaak nie ek ...(You can't hurt me


"You're right I can't hurt you but that doesn't mean you're not going to pay for this"-me

She frowns and I check my watch I don't have a lot of time left.

"What do you mean?"-Roxanne

I shrug walking to her rubbing my hands together.

"I want full custody of my kids"-me

Her eyes pop out of their sockets and she shakes her head vigorously.

"Nee ek sal nie toelaat dat die boemelaar my kinders grootmaak nie. Watter waardes sal julle twee daarin vestig? Hoere te wees ?! (No I won't let that tramp raise my kids. What values will you two instill in them? To whore?!)"-Roxanne

I chuckle walking past her to the door I haven't even started and she's going crazy already.

"Is dit nie ook wat u by hulle sal inboesem nie? (Isn't that what you also will instill in them?)"-me

She doesn't reply and I chuckle.

"Kom ons gaan jou kêrel is dood (Let's go your boyfriend's dead)"-me

I walk out to the car and she follows me shortly after getting in too and I drive her back in silence.

"Asseblief moenie dit doen nie (Please don't do this)"-Roxanne

She says after sometime and I turn my eyes to her then back at the road. I park on the driveway and she looks at me with glossy eyes.

"Ek sal jou gee wat jy wil moenie my kinders se volle toesig eis nie (I'll give you whatever you want just don't claim full custody for my kids)"-Roxanne

She says and I turn my eyes to her.

"Hulle is ook my kinders (They're my kids too)"-me

Her lips quiver as she starts crying again and I unclock the car door so she can get out.

"jy sal nie hiermee wegkom nie (You won't get away with this)"-Roxanne

She wipes the tears that keep running down her cheeks with her sleeves and she sighs.

"Ek is reeds klim asseblief uit my kar (I already am please get out of my car)"-me

I stare at her mockingly and she steps out of the car and I drive out as soon as she closes the door.

I pick the kids up from school and drive back to the house.

"Hoekom het ma ons nie gaan haal nie? (Why didn't mom fetch us?)"-Lukka

He shakes the unopened juice box in his hands as I remove my seatbelts.

"Because you will be staying with me from now on"-me

I help them out of the car and we walk in as Cheyenne make them food and I help them with their homework as Ndalo walks in.

"Hey how was your day?"-me

She pauses as she sees the kids running around in the living room and puts her purse on the couch.

"It was good you didn't tell me your kids are coming over"-Ndalwenhle

She walks to me as I put the glass down and hug her.

"I was planning on talking to you about it first but it happened last  minute"-me

She pulls out of the hug and looks up at me.

"What were you planning on talking to me about?"-Ndalwenhle

Cheyenne walks in with their food and they sit down.

"I want full custody of my kids"-me


She looks at me questioningly.

"Is something wrong?"-me

She doesn't seem happy about it but she shakes her head anyway holding on to the couch next to us.

"Do you really want custody or you're using your kids to get back at Roxanne?"-Ndalwenhle

Cheyenne walks out with the kids and I frown.

"Of course not I'd never use my kids to fight my battles with their mother"-me

She nods with her arms folded.

"If you're sure then I'm with you all the way I guess"-Ndalwenhle

"You guess?"-me

She nods.

"I'll support you Jackson why did you make such a mess anyway?"-Ndalwenhle

She looks around the living room there's books clothes pencils and everything else the kids used for whatever they were doing.

"They were busy with some art project we were making a pig"-me

She turns her eyes back to me and looks at me questioningly.

"What kind of pig?"-Ndalwenhle

"laat ek jou wys (Let me show you)"-me

I pull her outside by the hand to where the pink little pig is.


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