Thirty Seven



"Jackson are you okay?"-Cheyenne

She walks in as I down my third glass and I nod.

"Hoe lyk ek vir jou? (What do I look like to you?)"-me

She looks taken aback by my reply and fold her arms walking further into the study.

"Jackson ek is nog steeds jou tante moenie so met my praat nie!(Jackson I'm still your aunt do not talk to me like that!)"-Cheyenne

I empty the glass down my throat and rub my eyes putting the glass back on the table.

"Wat doen jy hier? (What are you doing in here?)"-me

I ask her and she closes the bottle of brandy putting it away while I stare at her.

"Ek sien Ndalo se klere is nie meer in die kas nie wat het gebeur? (I see Ndalo's clothes are no longer in the closet what happened?)"-Cheyenne

Well I now see what she's doing here.

"Wat het jy in my kas gedoen? (What were you doing in my closet?)"-me

"(I'm you're maid well I work as your maid and I was concerned when I didn't see her clothes because I wanted to take them for ironing)"-Cheyenne

She looks at me with a sigh and I chuckle picking my beeping phone up from the table.

"Close the door on your way out"-me

I nod my head at the door and she walks out as I open the message from Alpha.

~π˜Ύπ™€π™’π™š π™€π™«π™šπ™§ 𝙩𝙀 π™©π™π™š 𝙝𝙀π™ͺπ™¨π™š π™¬π™š π™£π™šπ™šπ™™ 𝙩𝙀 𝙩𝙖𝙑𝙠~


I curse under my breath and put the phone down.

I take my keys and walk out driving to his house and walk into him in the living room.

"You wanted to see me"-me

I find him on his feet with a glass of water in his hand.

"Hello to you too"-Alpha

I chuckle as he puts the glass down on the table and sighs.

"Jammer ek dink jy het uitgevind wat gebeur het ek bedoel wat ek gedoen het (Sorry I guess you found out about what happened I mean what I did)"-me

I walk over to the table and sit down as he slowly does too. He woke up a week after the surgery and he's been recovering really well since then.

"Ek het en jy weet wat jy hieraan moet doen (I did and you know what needs to be done about this)"-Alpha

I sigh shaking my head lightly.

"Ons kan die ma van my kinders nie seermaak nie (We can't hurt the mother of my children)"-me

He chuckles.

"Jackson jy is dieselfde persoon wat vir haar gedek het na alles wat sy gedoen het en sy het steeds die polisie op jou rug gesit (Jackson

you're the same person who covered for her after everything she did and she still put the cops on your back)"-Alpha

I nod knowingly.

"Ek weet maar die beste wat ek kan doen is om alles van haar weg te neem maar ek kan haar nie pyn veroorsaak nie (I know but the best I can do is take everything away from her but I can't inflict pain on her)"-me

Roxanne and I might have had our bad times well years in this instant and we're not on good terms right now but I'll always have a soft spot for her.

"So wat stel u voor ons doen want sy kan nie hier rondloop sonder enige gevolge vir wat sy gedoen het nie? (So what do you suggest we do because she cannot walk around here without any consequences for what she did?)"-Alpha

Ouma walks down the stairs with Junior behind her tail and our attention shifts to them.

"Jackson dit is goed dat u hier is ons was op die punt om middagete te bedien (Jackson it's good that you're here we were just about to serve lunch)"-Ouma

She smiles and I let out a low sigh.

"Ek wil graag by jou aansluit Ouma maar ek moet iewers heen gaan nadat ek met Alpha gepraat het (I'd love to join you Ouma but I need to go somewhere after talking to Alpha)"-me

She gets to the bottom of the stair and shakes her head walking to us.

"Nee ek dring daarop aan dat jy bly; jy moes saam met jou kinders gekom het; ek wil hulle sien voordat ek vertrek (No I insist that you stay you should have come with your kids I want to see them before I leave)"-Ouma

I look at her and nod reluctantly I already feel guilty for what I did and now I have to eat with them like nothing happened.

"Where's Sino?"-me

She's honestly the last person I want to see because of my guilt.

Alpha's phone rings and I hand it to him from the coffee table as he answers.


He frowns as he talks to someone on the phone until the call disconnects.

"Sino is at the hospital something happened"-Alpha

He gets up and looks for his keys.

"Is she okay?"-Ouma

"I don't know but she seemed panicked"-Alpha

I follow him out as he gets in his car and I gets in mine and we drive out to the hospital she works at.

We get pulled over by police cars and I sigh stepping out of my car as Alpha does the same.


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