Thirty One



I replay the conversation as the door opens and I quickly pause it and Ndalo walks in.

"Why do you look so startled?"-Ndalwenhle

I stare at her shaking my head. I know I look suspicious but I'm hoping she doesn't suspect anything.

"Nothing I was just..."-me

"You don't trust me do you?"-Ndalwenhle

I guess she figured it what I was doing.

She looks at me standing next to the door and I frown.

"Of course I trust you this is just a little complicated"-me

She walks in with her eyes still swollen to stand next to the table and I look at her.

"They doesn't mean you should do it alone does it?"-Ndalwenhle

I get up and walk to her around the table and nod.

"I don't want you implicated in any of my shit when I go down"-me

"What do you mean when you go down?"-Ndalwenhle

I sigh and cup her face pecking her lips.

"Every dog has its day sweetheart mine will come sooner or later"-me

She twists her face in confusion and I chuckle.

"I don't want to lose you"-Ndalwenhle

I hug her and burry my face in her hair and she pulls out of the hug looking up at me.

"You won't lose me I promise"-me

She closes her eyes and they have turned teary when she opens them.

"What's going on then?"-Ndalwenhle

I let her walk out of my arms as I go back to stand infront of my laptop.

"Roxanne has started plotting on me"-me

"What do you mean?"-Ndalwenhle

She walks around the table and stands next to me.

I press the play button and she looks at me as Roxanne and Russell's conversation replays.

"I know where he burries 𝙇𝙖𝙣𝙜𝙖𝙡𝙚𝙠𝙪𝙨𝙖 𝙈𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙞𝙨𝙤 and I have some 𝙚𝙫𝙞𝙙𝙚𝙣𝙘𝙚 linking him to his 𝙢𝙪𝙧𝙙𝙚𝙧...."-Roxanne

She stays quiet letting the conversation play out before turning her wide eyes to me.

"What's going to happen now?"-Ndalwenhle

She looks at me blinking twice and I look at her with a shrug.

"I need to let Alpha know what Russel is planning"-me

She nods reluctantly hugging her arms.

"Is jy oukei ? ( Are you okay? )"-me

She nods and I turn the laptop off before closing it with a sigh as she watches me.

"Did you really kill him?"-Ndalwenhle

She fiddles with the cardigan she's wearing and I walk to her.

"Hy moes op een of ander manier betaal vir wat hy aan jou gedoen het 

(He had to pay for what he did to you somehow)"-me

She hugs her arms and looks up at me once I get to her.

"You shouldn't have done that now you're going to jail for it"-Ndalwenhle

"I'm not going to jail"-me

She looks a little shake by Russel and  Roxanne's conversation but it isn't something I didn't expect.

Roxanne can be vindictive when she wants to.

"How do you know?"-Ndalwenhle

"I'll make sure of it"-me

I kiss her head and she looks up at me.

"Are you done napping?"-me

"I can't sleep"-Ndalwenhle

She shrugs.

"Do you want me to sing for you?"-me

"Please no I'll force the sleep"-Ndalwenhle

She walks to the door as I call Alpha to come over since I need to discuss this with him.

"When did they have this conversation?"-Alpha

"Three hours ago"-me

I close the laptop and he nods.

"That means we can try to counter whatever they're planning"-Alpha

"It's time we made a move"-me

He looks at me shaking his head.

"Hou u vrou aan die leiband ek sal Russel laat verdwyn(Keep your wife on a leash I will make Russel disappear)"-Alpha

He pats the baby's back as she snuggles on his chest and I chuckle.

"Sy is nie meer my vrou nie maar ek sal met haar praat (She's not my wife anymore but I'll have a talk with her)"-me

"Will it work?"-Alpha

He looks at me questioningly and I nod.

"You've known me long enough to know I get things done"-me

He chuckles.

"That I do"-Alpha

Rainbow makes baby noises and he picks her up and kisses the side of her head with a smile across his face.

"Ek sou nooit kon dink dat dit agt jaar gelede jou lewe sou wees nie ( I would have never thought this would be your life eight years ago)"-me

He chuckles.

"Ek ook nie maar die lewe gebeur ek het ook nooit gedink dat jy Roxanne vir iemand sou verlaat nie (Me neither but life happens

I also never thought you'd leave Roxanne for anyone)"-Alpha

He walks to the couch and puts her down as she sucks in her thumb laying on her tummy.

"I'd love in you know"-me

"You're too old for another baby Jackson"-Alpha

He opens the beer that was on the coffee table and takes a sip.

"Ek wou nog altyd 'n dogtertjie hê ek het genoeg seuns (I've always wanted a little girl I have enough boys)"-me

We both chuckle.

"Ek was goed met Jasmine nou het ek nog 'n persoon om seuns van af te skrik (I was fine with Jasmine now I have one more person to scare boys away from)"-Alpha 

He shakes his head with a chuckle as his phone rings.

"Let me get this"-Alpha

He puts the phone down and walks out answering the phone.

"Man I have to go Sino is angry at me for some reason"-Alpha

He chuckles and comes back to pick Rainbow up and I walk him out.

"Boss we have a problem"-Marckus

He shows up carrying a bag.

Have I not had enough problems already?

"Come in"-me

I lead him to the the dining room revising what he has in the bag.

"Wat doen jy met hierdie dinge in my huis? (What are you doing with these things in my house?)"-me

He puts it on the dining table and looks at me horrified.

"We can't make our way out of the province or back to the warehouse there's multiple road blocks all over the city"-Marckus

I curse under my breath as my eyes move to the stairs.

"Waarom is ons dan nie daarvan in kennis gestel nie? (Why weren't we notified about them then?)"-me

I pick my phone up as Ndalo walks down the stairs to the living room.

"Who are you taking to?!"-Ndalwenhle

She has changed into a pair of tights and looks better than earlier.

"No one Marckus was just leaving"-me

I nod at him and he walks out as she frowns making her way to me as she sees the bag in the table.

"You deal drugs?"-Ndalwenhle

Her mouth hangs open and I tuck my hands in my pockets with a sigh.

"I had to find means to live this was the only way"-me

I refer back to my past.

"You're rich now why didn't you leave it?"-Ndalwenhle

She looks at the stack in the table and I sigh.

"It's not that easy Ndalo you of all people should know that life isn't black and white!"-me

I snap at her and she bites her lip.

"I shouldn't I've never dealt drugs before "-Ndalwenhle

She drops her arms.

"Shouldn't you be sleeping?"-me

She shakes her head.

"I thought I'd make you dinner"-Ndalwenhle

We steer off the topic and I let a breath of relief out.

"I could just have you for dinner"-me

She blushes shaking her head while I stare at her pretty self.

"I'm still mad at you what's going to happen to all of this?"-Ndalwenhle

"It'll be gone by tomorrow morning"-me

She walks out without saying anything and I pick my phone up.


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