Chapter Six

[APRIL 1 2019]


"Give my meetings for the day"-Mr Sandler

I pick my tablet up and adjust my glasses. I don't have an eye problem this is just for easthetics.

"You have a very busy day ahead you have a meeting with Mr Miller and the suppliers for the fabrics demand a meeting with you and and one with Mrs Sandler she..."-me

I look up at him and he's a few metres away from me.

"Is that all?"-Mr Sandler

"You need to..."-me

He's still moving forward so I pause to watch him and this man looks gorgeous up close even from afar.

"Skirts look good on you"-Mr Sandler

"Sir I..."-me

"Shh don't say anything"-Mr Sandler

I'm not sure if wether he's drunk or not but I put the tablet down on the table and try to walk around it but he grabs me by the wrist and pulls me to him.

"Are you running from me?"-Mr Sandler

"Jackson we can't..."-me

He lets out a groan like he's just been punched and I put my hands on his chest and try to step away from him but he's holding me tight.

"Say it again"-Mr Sandler

"Mr Sandler..."-me

"Say my name again"-Mr Sandler

Okay DJ Khaled.

His eyes are closed as he says this and my breath is becoming uneasy I don't think I should be this close to him.


He opens his eyes and brings his face down to mine while I grab his blazer as my palms sweat and he rubs his lips against mine.

"You're beautiful you know that?"-Mr Sandler

We've kissed again after that day but I thought it was for the last time everytime. I can't be sleeping or kissing around with my boss.


I make a sound as his hands massage their way down my waist all the way to my butt and he grabs it.

"Open"-Mr Sandler

I'm not sure what he wants me to open but he pulls my chin down and I let him part my lips as he slips his tongue into my mouth. 

I kiss him back as my arms wrap around his neck and he presses me heavily against him and sweeps me off my feet.

My butt lands on a cold surface he puts me down on the table as my skirt lifts and his hands cup my boobs through the top I'm wearing and I moan. He kisses me down my neck as I throw my head back and he suck on the flesh on my neck.

I unbutton his shirt as he removes his blazer and steps away so he can do it himself I don't undress myself. That's his job.

He steps back toward me and we resume the kissing as we help each other undress and he parts my legs and stand between them as he lifts them and I get a glimpse of his big hard flesh dangling between his legs.

"We need a condom"-me

I look at him and he chuckles stepping away from me and I look at him walking to his pants butt naked.

"Here happy?"-Mr Sandler

He hands it to me and I look at him cluelessly and he smirks. Did he plan on having sex with me?

"You're the one that requested it put it on"-Mr Sandler


I frown and climb off the table and lean Infront of him tearing the condom wrapper and pulling it out.

"Roll it gently down"-Mr Sandler

Oh now he's giving me "directions for use".

I do as he says and roll it down as it's lubricant rubs off on my fingers and hands making them oily. He pulls me to my feet with my hair and looks down at me.

"buig oor die tafel sodat ek kan sien hoe hierdie ronde boud my insluk. (bend over the table so I can see this round butt swallow me in.)"-Mr Sandler

He says and that sounded so good in Afrikaans might even be the sexiest language after mine.


A moan slips through my lips as he rubs himself against my wet entrance while I hold both my butt cheeks so he can enter the right hole.

I don't want no mistakes.

"Fok!"-Mr Sandler

His fingers dig into my hips as he slowly slides into me and I cry out in both pain and pleasure. His dick has a curve like a hook so it really does hit the spot.


I muffle a moan as there might be a few listening as he starts with gentle strikes but he picks up his pace over time and gets rougher on it as I hold on to the table for dear life.

"Sshh someone might hear us"-Mr Sandler

He says trying to put a hand over my mouth and he does lifting one of my legs to the table and lifting my upper body so I'm against him.

"Fuck aah god!"-me

I say as soon as his hand leaves my mouth and he covers it again slipping a finger in it and I suck on it closing my eyes.

My walls contract and I hold on to his arm that's around  me and he picks his pace up as I reach my peak and scream out in pleasure and I feel him release inside me through the condom.

"Are you okay?"-Mr Sandler

He asks with his face still close to mine and I nod as he helps me on to my feet properly and pulls out.

Neither of us say a word as I pick my skirt and top and get dressed along with my thong. He also gets dressed but has trouble with his tie.

"Do you mind helping me?"-Mr Sandler

I try not to limp as I walk to him and help him with his tie and fortunately our clothes aren't wrinkled.

"Thank you"-Mr Sandler

"It's a pleasure"-me

My cheeks heat up as he raises an eyebrow and I realise how bad my choice of words are.

"It sure was"-Mr Sandler

He holds on to my waist as I try to step away from him and looks down at me.

"Sir I.."-me

Words leave me as he lowers his head and pecks my lips and I stare at his.

"We need to talk?"-Mr Sandler

That sounded like a question.

"I guess we do"-me

I say as he releases me and I breath out and walk to the chair opposite his on the table and he sits on the big chair.

"I can't really tell you this won't happen again because it will"-Mr Sandler

He leans back in the chair and looks at me like I'm some piece of meat and oddly I like it.

"We've said it about two or three times with the kissing but it lead to us having sex on my table"-Mr Sandler

I'm not sure what he did with the condom but it's out of sight and I'm glad.

"It can't happen again"-me

I stand up but wince as the stinging sensation between my legs reminds me of what I just took in.

"Miss Zulu..."-Mr Sandler

"You're married and on top of that you're my boss. This shouldn't have happened"-me

I rush out of the room trying not to waddle as he calls out my name I ignore him and run to the bathroom.

I'm shocked when I look at the mirror as I wash my face. My makeup is running well my mascara and and my hair is messy.

"Oh my god Ndalwenhle what have you done?"-me

Tears stream down my face as I wash my face and reach for the paper towels and dab my face dry.

"Are you okay?"-Mr Sandler

I look up at the the mirror and he's standing behind me.

"Yes I'm fine. I just need to fix myself"-me

"Can we talk?"-Mr Sandler

His voice is gentle as he stands behind me and his strong cologne tickles my sense of smell.

"We have nothing to talk about I'm fine. I just need to fix myself"-me

"Can we talk?"-Mr Sandler

His voice is gentle as he stands behind me and his strong cologne tickles my sense of smell.

"We have nothing to talk about that shouldn't have happened"-me

By the time I've cleaned myself up. My makeup is gone and only my lips are faintly red from my lipstick.

"Miss Zulu...."-Mr Sandler

"Sir please. I can't turn into a homewrecker"-me

I turn to him and he looks taken aback and I sigh trying not to look at his wedding ring.

"I need this job and I can't jeopardize it by sleeping with my boss"-me

"You already have"-Mr Sandler

I don't know how to answer him so I walk past him back to the office and I have attracted a few eyes to myself.

"Miss Zulu"-Mr Sandler

"We better get to your meeting we can't be late"-me

I say packing my bag and he clears his throat and walks around his table looking professional again.

"Make sure that the table is booked and that Mr Miller knows we're on our way"-Mr Sandler

"Yes sir"-me

I pick my phone up as he packs his stuff and walks out and I follow behind him calling Mr Miller's assistant.


After that long day I Uber home since I can't be in the same car as him.

"Hey how was work?"-Nicole

She's sitting in the mat and watching a show with a glass of wine in hand.

"Terrible I just..."-me

I sigh removing my heels and throwing my bags on the couch and sitting next to her.

"Was it that rough?"-Nicole

"You wouldn't begin to imagine"-me

I untie my hair as she hands me her glass of wine and she gets up and walks to the kitchen.

"Ice cream?"-Nicole

"And the bottle too"-me

"What bottle?"-Nicole

"Of wine"-me

She giggles as I scratch my head and gulp down the wine that was in her glass and sigh.

I know I might be acting like a miss goody two shoes but I feel bad for sleeping with a married man I could be putting his marriage in jeopardy all because I couldn't keep my legs closed.

"Babe are you okay?"-Nicole

"Yes I'm fine"-me

I take the bottle from her and refill the glass.


She gives me the spoon and we both eat from the tub and I drink my wine as we binge watch her series.

"What would you do if you... If you did something that would hurt a lot of people if it came out ? "-me

"Do you regret it?"-Nicole


I look at her and clear my throat going back to the series. I regret doing it with a married man but the sex was good though and I can't help but feel like him and I have chemistry one that I can't put my finger into or quite understand.

"Did you kill anyone?"-Nicole

Does the sperm that wasn't put into good use in the condom count?

I shake my head and she sighs.

"Well then just try to fix the mistake and if you can't then it's better you kept it a secret"-Nicole

"That's not good advice"-me

"It is a kind of advice and it's better than nothing"-Nicole

She giggles as my phone pings inside my purse and I pull it to me by the handle to me and take my phone out.






I could use a little bit of unwinding to be honest.

"How do you feel about a few drinks tonight?"-me

"Yes please I also had a long day"-Nicole












I put my phone down and turn to Nicole who's starring at me.

"Let's get ready we need to leave by eight"-me

"What happened to your makeup?"-Nicole

"It's a long story"-me

I get up picking my shoes and bags up and walking to my bedroom as I undress and walk to the bathroom afterwards.

"Can I borrow your shampoo?"-Nicole

She walks in as I'm in the shower and takes it as I finish up and walk back to my room. Now what to wear.

A short dusty pink woolen sweater dress and matching high heeled thigh highs a thin shiny Gucci black belt and a small black bag. That should do.

"How do I look?"-Nicole

"How are you done so quickly?"-me

"I do two things at the same time"-Nicole

She wearing a short black open back mini dress with red block heels and a red purse. Her hair is slicked back and her edges are layed and she looks amazing.


I nod at her and she chuckles as I stare at her.

"You look amazing too do we need makeup?"-Nicole 

"We always need makeup."-me

We do our makeup and later on Adam comes to get us with his girlfriend. This might be a long night.

"A bar?"-Nicole

"The vibe is better than a club"-girlfriend

We find seats at a nearby table and order drinks as Nicole tries to flirt with Adam who might give in any moment.

"They sell food too"-Girlfriend

She picks the menu up giving Nicole a look that she returns before smiling again.

"What's in their special"-me

I pick the one infront of me and look through it. I haven't had anything to eat since around lunchtime.

"Isn't that your boss?"-Nicole

I follow her eyes to a corner table and Mr Sandler is having drinks with some woman and they seem pretty close. It must be the wife.

"Yeah it is"-me

I don't move eyes from him until he catches me looking at him and I look away but still feel his eyes on me.

"He's hot do you think you could hook us up?"-Nicole


Adam looks jealous and I am too of Mr Sandler don't even ask me why.

"I mean he's my boss our relationship is only professional"-me

"That's a pity"-Nicole

Her eyes meet with Adam's and they stare at each other for a few minutes before he looks at his girlfriend and takes her hands into his.

"I think it's time we got something to drink don't you think?"-Adam

"Yeah sure let's go"-girlfriend

They get up and walk to the bar and Nicole and I are left at the table as she turns to look at me.

"Do you think I made him jealous?"-Nicole


"Adam did you see the look on his face?"-Nicole

"You're lucky she didn't notice anything"-me

I refer to his girlfriend and she waves me off. My phone vibrates inside my bag and open it.


-Mr Sandler

I look at his table and he's not looking at me but talking to the woman Infront of him.

"What's wrong with you?"-Nicole

"I need the bathroom"-me

I get up with my bag and walk biting my lip nervously. What does he want ? And why am I listening to him?


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