Chapter Seven

[APRIL 1 2019]


She gets up from her table and walks out the door as I look at the girl sitting across me and look at my watch.

"It was nice seeing you Yolanda but I'll have to leave"-me

"Oh you're not booking us into a hotel?"-Yolanda

I take my wallet out and put a few two hundred notes on the table and she looks at me then at the money.

"What is this for?"-Yolanda

"Catch a cab to your place"-me


"I'll see you again sometime"-me

I grab my jacket and walk out to the parking lot and she's looking around as she puts her phone against her ear. She's calling me.


"Where are you"-Ndalwenhle

"Look behind you"-me

She's a few feet away from me and the parking lot is a little dark as she turns to me.

"Mr Sandler..."-Ndalwenhle

She sounds relieved as I walk closer to her and she stays on one spot and looks at me.

"You look beautiful Miss Zulu but aren't you cold"-me

The sweater she's wearing is short and she doesn't look like she has anything under it. 

"This thing is too short"-me

I'm not pleased at his short it is as good as it looks I don't those men in there gawking at her.

"You called me"-Ndalwenhle

"What are you doing at a place like this?"-me

That's not what I wanted to say to her I didn't want to say anything actually I just wanted a closer look at her.

"I'm with my friends"-Ndalwenhle

"This place isn't fit for you you deserve..."-me

"Mr Sandler I just came to hear what you wanted me outside for"-Ndalwenhle

I walk a few inches closer to her and stroke her cheek with my thumb as she looks up at me.

"I wanted to see you"-me

I hold her close to me with the other hand and her body fits like a puzzle into mine the sweet perfume she's wearing awakens senses I thought I lost as the years had gone by.

"Now that you've seen me..."-Ndalwenhle

"Let's go back to my place"-me

I say and she looks at me in horror as she pulls away from me but I still keep her hand in mine.

"I-I... you have a wife"-Ndalwenhle

"We're not going to my wife I said my place"-me

I pull her to the car and she doesn't fight me as she gets in once I open the door and we drive to my house.

"What do you think?"-me

She looks at me then at the house and my smile fades. We're in Durban North parked in the driveway of one of my houses there and she doesn't seem moved by the mansion.

"Is everything okay?"-me

"Yes it's just..."-Ndalwenhle

She trails off and I press the garage door remote and it slowly opens up and I drive in.

"What if your..."-Ndalwenhle

"She doesn't live here"-me

I interrupt her and she nods her head as I unlock the car doors and she tries to get out of the car.


I grab ahold of her arm as she looks at the arm shocked then up at me.

"I'll open the door for you"-me

"Oh okay"-Ndalwenhle

I'm not used to the gentleman thing but I'm willing to try it out just for her.

"Wait in the car"-me

I close the gate with the remote before opening the door as she climbs out of the car.

"Thank you"-Ndalwenhle

"It is a pleasure ma'am"-me

She blushes lightly as I lead her to the house and she places her bag on the couch in the living room and looks around.

"Do you like it?"-me

My phone rings disturbing her from talking and I look at it and it's one of my guys so I look up to her.

"The main bedroom is the last door upstairs the door has a different design from the others"-me

She nods and I turn around to look at my now silent phone and call the guy.

"Sure boss"-Lucas

"What were you calling about?"-me

I sit down on the couch and remove my tie unbuttoning two of my top shirt buttons.

"I found what you needed about her and you need to see this"-Lucas

"Send it to me via email"-me

"It's best I give this to you in person"-Lucas

I sigh massaging the bridge of my nose before looking up again.

"Be at my office tomorrow morning"-me

"Sure boss not a problem"-Lucas

I hang up and walk upstairs to find her and the main bedroom door is slightly opened but she's not in the room.

"Miss Zulu are you..."-me

I walk into the balcony and find her looking outside as I stand by the door and look at her from behind.

"You're here"-me

"I'm sorry I just couldn't resist such a view"- Ndalwenhle

She seems a little more relaxed now as she briefly looks at me then at the city lights again.

"It's okay I didn't think you like balconies"-me

That's the only thing that came to mind.

She looks at me briefly before looking away into the distance again and giggles.

"I like beautiful and extraordinary things beauty is everywhere you just have to have look"-Ndalwenhle

"Is there any beauty in us?"me

She fully turns to me and I walk over to stand next to her and she turns to me biting her lip.

"I don't know is there?"-Ndalwenhle

She's looking up at me and the moonlight as well as city lights reflect in her eyes as she stares at me.

"There is you just have to let me in"-me


She says it softly as she looks down again and I chuckle. I knew she wasn't going to keep the stare for too long.

"What does that mean?"-me

"Shouldn't this be the part where you tell me to not fall in love with you?"-Ndalwenhle

"Well are you?"-me

I frown cupping her face as I pull her body to mine and her hands are planted firmly against my chest.

"I don't know what love feels like"-Ndalwenhle

She tilts her head and I lower my head and kiss her lips as she parts her lips and I slip my tongue her mouth and she gently sucks on it.


A muffled groan sounds involuntarily from me as I squash her body against me and her arms wrap around my neck.

I tongue kiss her as her hand goes up to the side of my face and she pulls out and look at me with her lips still parted.

"Jackson I...."-Ndalwenhle

"I like it when you call me by my name"-me

I pick her as her legs wrap around my torso and I walk back into the bedroom and place her on the bed as our faces are inches apart.

"If you feel uncomfortable or change your mind you can tell me to stop"-me

Her brown eyes bore into mine and she nods hesitantly.

"Say yes"-me

I ask for her consent as she licks her lips and fumble with her words before responding.


She closes her eyes when I devour her lips again and she unbuttons my shirt as I undress her.


"Yes baby?"-me

She moans as I kiss her chest down to her tits and rub her hard nipple with a thumb as she gasps as I take one into my mouth and gently suck in it.

Her back bucks up once I roll my tongue against it and she holds the back of my head and her moans filled the room as I switch between her two breasts before trailing kisses down her abdomen down to her panty line.


Her moans are soft and addictive as I kiss down her mound until I come face to face with her wetness swiping my nose against her taking in her strong scent.

She tastes better than she smells as I lick her and a gasp escapes her mouth as soon as I start licking and sucking on her clit as her hands push my head deeper into her p€ssy and she moans.

Her legs wrap around my head and I'm stuck between her as she spasms and her juices start flowing as I lick and suck as I can while she seems to enjoy my tongue lapping on her.

"Are you okay?"-me

I say as she releases me and I get back up while still between her legs and she looks flushed.

"I-I yeah"-Ndalwenhle

Her breathing is heavy as I watch her chest rise and falls as I position myself between her legs and rub myself against her and she moans.

"You still fine?"-me

"Please just..."-Ndalwenhle

She didn't finish her sentence as she lifts her b*tt opening her legs wider and I chuckle sliding into her inch by inch as she moans.

Her hands grab the sheets and my mouth covers hers as she moans into it and her legs wrap around my torso as I thrust into her.

My hand goes down to rub on her cl*t as she wraps her arms around me and cries out in pleasure.

"G-go... deeper"-Ndalwenhle

Her voice is wobbly and she stutters as I go b@lls deep inside her and I feel her walls tighten around me as I also feel myself tense up and we reach our peaks at the same time.

"Are you okay?"-me

"Yeah I'm fine"-Ndalwenhle

I lay on top of her and play with her hair until she shifts uncomfortably and I roll off her and pull her closer to me on the bed.


I smirk as her eyes half close and I roll off the bed to get a damp towel in the bathroom and come back to roll the both of us.

"You're sleeping over"-me

"I have work tomorrow"-Ndalwenhle

She sits up pulling the covers against her body and looks at me.

"I'll take care of that"-me

"You have a meeting with the board to..."-Ndalwenhle

"I said I would take care of it"-me

She blinks a few times like she's thinking over it and nods staring at me and I slip into my boxers.

"Are you hungry? I'm not a had cook"-me

"No I'm fine"-Ndalwenhle

My phone rings before I insist and it's a call from Roxanne. I reject the call while she watches me and I extend my hand to her.

"Wear my shirt so I can go fix you something to eat"-me

She gets up and does as I say as I look at her walking to the bathroom after slipping into my shirt and leaving the tops buttons unbuttoned.

"We can go"-Ndalwenhle

"You fixed your hair?"-me

"I don't like it messy"-Ndalwenhle

I nod and let her walk out first to the kitchen and she sits on the barstool as I fix a light meal for her after washing my hands.

"So what are we?"- Ndalwenhle


I expected this question but not right now.

"Am I like your sidechick now?"-Ndalwenhle

I look up at her from what I was doing and she's staring at me and circling the glass infront of her with her fingers.

"I already know I am but just confirm it I'm not sure why I want you to say it either but just do"-Ndalwenhle

She says frowning and I chuckle lightly.

"Ndalo look I..."-me

She raises an eyebrow and I can't help but find it cute how she did that.

"You are but that doesn't change anything between us I like you and want to explore this thing between us"-me

"What thing Jackson?"-Ndalwenhle

Her smile is enough to make me release a sigh of relief and bite my lip. I have a feeling that she understands the arrangement between us.

"The things I want to do to you"-me

I don't want to tell her that I think I have feelings for her but they might not be strong enough for me to leave my wife for her.

"Do you want to show me the things you want to do to me?"-Ndalwenhle

She smiles naughtily and I chuckle she looked much more innocent earlier.

"I thought you'd ear first"-me

"There's something else I could eat"-Ndalwenhle

She says and I chuckle. Why do I get the feeling that she's drunk?


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