Chapter One


[MARCH 25 2019]


That's my name and age up there written boldly in capital letters. I hate introductions I always have so I won't even bother.

You'll know me as the story continues and hopefully I'm descriptive enough. Now where do we start.

I'd say the beginning but I don't remember it and that's too far and I only want to tell you about my life in a year. 

"Put that thing down and get out front!"-Devon

He's referring to my diary I sigh getting up and straightening my bow tie.

"I'm still on break!"-me

I yell back. It will be over in five minutes but that doesnt count around here now does it?

"I don't know the kind of watch you have but throw it out because you're break is only Forty minutes long"-Devon

His thick foreign accent is intimidating but over time it gets annoying to the point where you'd want to knock this man out.

"I want you on table seven and nine"-Devon

"Yes sir!"-me

I walk past him to my locker and place my diary inside and check myself and the uniform on the mirror pasted on the door before closing and locking it.

"What do you need me to do?"-me

I walk out of the back and into the busy side of the restaurant.

"Serve out drinks I had someone handle the tables"-Adam

He places the tray of expensive drinks Infront of me and I roll my eyes.

"I don't remember signing up for this"-me

"Neither did anybody else"-Adam

I hate business functions. I'm not a part of it but I'm one of the waitresses working here and I already want to leave.

"I have your drinks ladies"-me

I have on one of the brightest smiles a tired woman could possibly put on. Bright but not too bright.

"Thank you"-Lady 1

There's four of them on the table and seem to be discussing something serious since only one of them replies.

"Will you need anything else?"-me

"We'll shout"-Lady 2

"I'll keep an ear open"-me

I smile after serving them and walk back to the bar

"Jackson Sandler and his partners at table ten"-Adam

He already has a tray again.

"Thirty minutes before eleven"-me

I mutter to myself and take the drinks to this Jackson Sandler man's table. Four and a half hours on tall ass stilletos has my feet aching.

I walk to their secluded section and smile as I start serving the man.

"Your drinks gentlemen"-me

I smile a little wider as I'm only spared a few glances and nods as I serve them.

I look up briefly and my eyes meet a pair of dark ones. He looks to be in his thirties brown skinned well built perfectly chiseled face and a beard with waves that swim.

"Please excuse us"-man 1

I drop my eyes and nod taking my tray and walking away this should all be over in thirty minutes. Now twenty four.


I must have done something now I bet you ten Rands with an extra fifty cents on the side.


"I would like to talk you"-Devon

I inhale sharply and look at Adam who's also looking at me from the bar and nods his head slightly.

 I follow him into that office of his I was called into.

"You called me"-me

I shut the door behind me nervously and I still have a tray in my hands. Goodness.

"I just got a note from one of our important customers"-Devon

I walk toward the table and sit opposite him inhaling and nodding.

"Did something happen?"-me

"You got a tip"-Devon

Oh lawd I almost thought I'm losing my job of something. I force a smile.

"Really? That's good news isn't it?"-me

"It is"-Devon

He's starring at me and I sit back on the chair and look at him.

"Do you know who it came from?"-Devon

"No I have absolutely no idea"-me

I say truthfully shaking my head.

"Jackson Sandler"-Devin

"I still don't know who that is"-me

I look at him and he nods handing me the envelope and I open it and it's not too big of a stash but I'm still grateful though or maybe not. 

Maybe in-between not bring grateful to being grateful because I am get new nails with this money.

"Thank you"-me

"I'm glad you're adjusting better"-Devon

"Me too"-me

I smile and get up from the chair walking to the door with the tray and envelope in hand.

"Table ten"-Adam

He yells before I get to him and I want to cry. That is not even of my tables.

I find the table empty the men who were occupying it no longer here.

"Excuse me

no longer here.

"Excuse me where can I find the bathrooms?"-Woman

She taps her hand on my shoulder and I stop arranging the glasses on my tray and turn to her.

"Down that hallway"-me

I point at the hallway on my left side and she smiles and walks away and I resume what I was doing. Cleaning up the table.

A tingling sensation on my skin has me looking up no one is paying me any attention but something feels off. I feel watched. Heavily.

"Do you uhm notice anything strange tonight?"-me

I asks as soon as I get back to the bar and I check my watch. Twenty two minutes left time is slowing down without a solid reason to.

"Yes you have actually survived a whole shift"-Adam

"Shift? This is like a quadruple shifts all at once"-me

He chuckles and I do too. I seriously should be used to this by now but it feels foreign everytime.

"People are starting to clear out"-Devon

He looks around and I do to. I praise a living God phew.

"Just in time I'm not staying behind to clean up this time"-me

"I'll drive you home"-Devon

"I have school in the morning"-me

I look at him and pick the tray up to take the dirty glasses to the back.

"You can leave now it's clearing out"-Devon

You see this thing of people coming out of nowhere like they walk through the walls. I grab a tighter hold of the tray to keep it falling as I stumble.


"I'm sorry are you okay?"-Devon

He takes the tray from me and puts it on the round wooden table nearby and I stand up straight and look at him shaking my head.

"Why did you sneak up on me?"-me

"I didn't I was walking behind you this whole time"-Devon

"What did you say about me going home again?"-me

I change the subject and he chuckles.

"You can go but you still have a shift tomorrow night"-Devon

"I know bye"-me

I walk out to my locker and take my bag and a change of clothes out and change into them.

Flat shoes after this are a must. I request and Uber and grab my bag walking out to the parking lot. It's quiet and peaceful out here.

"Do you need a lift?"-Woman

She's the one from the bathroom. I smile and shake my head.

"No I'm just waiting for my Uber. Thank you "-me

"Okay goodnight"-Woman

She drives out rolling her window up and these cars are expensive all of them.

I look around and my Uber arrives and I get in as it takes me to shared flat. It makes sense since I'm a student I'd not it should.

"Evening ma'am"-Uber driver

I nod as he looks at me through the rearview mirror. I don't have the strength to greet that's how tired I am.


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