Chapter Nine

[ APRIL 2]


"Hoe is hy?( How is he?)"-me

I ask Roxanne as I walk into the house and she's standing in the passage.

"Hy is nou reg hy slaap ( he's fine now he's sleeping)"-Roxanne

"Hoekom? moet hy nie skool toe gaan nie ? ( Why? Shouldn't he go to school?)"-me

She follows me to kitchen as I turn the kettle on to make myself instant coffee.

"Ek was bekommerd oor him toe besluit ek dat hy nie vandag sal gaan now ( I was worried about him so I decided that he won't go today)"-Roxanne

She stands next to the counter as I make the coffee and walk to the living room.

"Where were you last night?"-Roxanne

"I was out with a friend"-me

I take a few sips of the coffee and put it in the coffee table.

"What friend?"-Roxanne

She looks at me and sits on the one seater couch to my left and my phone vibrates from the back pocket of my jeans.

"What is it with all the question let me go check up on him"-me

"Was it a woman?"-Roxanne

She gets up too and I look at her with a blank stare and sigh.

"Of course not I just needed some to.r out"-me

"Okay then my parents went out and I told them that you came home late and left early"-Roxanne

I nod as she sighs.

"I don't want my parents knowing about any of this the flaws in our marriage"-Roxanne

"They wouldn't have to I'd you hadn't invited them here"-me

I walk up to Lukka's bedroom and open the door walking in and he's asleep on the bed.

The curtains are closed and he has an extra blanket in him this too much for a child like him.

"Hey big guy"-me

I say standing over him at the side of his bed and running my hand on his untamed curly hair.


I frown feeling him burn up and sigh. I'll have to call Sino to check him up I don't feel too good about this condition of his.

"Don't wake him up"-Roxanne

"I'll get Sino to come over and check him later today"-me

I look at her standing at the door leanig against it with her arms folded and looking tired.

"I'll be expecting her aren't you going to work?"-Roxanne

"No I'll be working from home today"-me

She nods and moves away from the door walking into the room and looking down at him.

"What if it's something serious?"-Roxanne

"No we both know Lukka is a sickly child but there's nothing he hasn't been through and conquered... He'll be fine"-me

"Yeah I know I just... sometimes I wonder how long he will have to fight for"Roxanne

She sighs and I noticd how drained she looks she's always 'henned up' when it comes to the kids I walk around the bed to her and pull her into my arms.

"He'll be fine he's a fight just like his daddy nothing will happen to Lukka"-me

I run my hand through her silk pressed hair and she sighs and snuggles up to my chest.

"He needs the both of us here for him

he's a fight just like his daddy nothing will happen to Lukka"-me

I run my hand through her silk pressed hair and she sighs and snuggles up to my chest.

"He needs the both of us here for him not just me"-Roxanne

She steps away and looks up at me as guilt knock in my conscience.

"I know and I'm...."-me

"Promise me you'll be here for us"-Roxanne

"Ek sal altyd hier wees ( I'll always be here)"-me

I rest my chin on her head and she inhales sharply sniffing here and there.

"We're falling apart what if the kids can sense it?"-Roxanne

We fell apart a long time ago we are merely just clutching to straws in this marriage.

"They can't out arrangement has been for years it never badly affected our kids"-me

She pulls away from me and nods.

"Yeah you're right I'm just..."-Roxanne

She sighs her facing having turned red and clears her throat.

"Lukka will be okay. Call Sino"-Roxanne

She walks out her heels clicking as she walks out and I sigh and walk out after her to my study and open my messages.



I look over my schedule and there's a lot I need to get done today that needs me at the office.

I get up from my chair and walk to my bedroom to take a shower from the en suite bathroom and get dressed in a maroon suit.

She's on her laptop in the dining as I rush down the stairs.

"I have to pop on at the office for a few hours I'll be home early"-me

She turns to me as I walk downstairs wearing my wrist watch.

"I thought you weren't going in today"-Roxanne

"I have things that need me there personally I'll see you later"-me

I say grabbing my phone and laptop bag and walking out of the house.


She followed me to the garage I owe the car door again and turn to her.

"We need to talk"-Roxanne

"I'll be home early we can talk then"-me

I kiss her cheek and walk around to the driver's seat and drive out of the garage to work.

I park at the parking lot and walk into the building and Gloria is at her desk and typing in her camera.


She yells out for me as I walk over to her desk and nod.

"Miss Zulu ordered your coffee and sent me some notes from the previous meeting I'll have to sit in for her"-Gloria

She hands me a blue file and a takeaway of the coffee she made me the last time.

"Thank you please prepare the boardroom for me the meeting is in a half an hour from now"-me

"Yes sir"-Gloria

She nods and I walk away from her desk to the elevator.

My nose curls up in disgust as I take a sip of the coffee in my hand. It taste slight different today.

I throw it into the dustbin as I walk into my office and place the file in the table.


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