Chapter Five

[MARCH 29]


"Stop starring at her"-me

I say to him as he watches her until she leaves closing the door after her.

"Does Roxanne approve of this?"-Alpha

He walks further into the office and sits comfortably on the chair opposite me.

"Please don't mention my wife's name right now"-me

I sit down cracking my knuckles and sigh loudly.

"Are things still rough between you two of you?"-Alpha

"They've gotten worse"-me

"And her? What are you doing with her?"-Alpha

He refers to my personal assistant and I sigh and clasp my hands together.

"I'm not sure but I just find myself drawn to her for some reason I feel a type of way when she around and I..."-me

I open the drawer on my left and take out my stress ball squeezing it and leaning back on my chair. I didn't even finish explaining.

"She doesn't look like the no strings attached type"-Alpha

"I'm not going to cheat on my wife man that was just a heat of the moment thing"-me

I say to him and he chuckles shaking his head. I liked the kiss she fits like a puzzle against me and to be honest I'm not sure I mean my words.

"Maybe you should try marriage counseling to try and fix things between the two of you"-Alpha

"That didn't work the last time we tried it and I'm not sure if anything will work at this point"-me

I squeeze the ball until my knuckles turn white and I let go of it and sigh.

"Then why are you still with her?"-Alpha

"We have kids together and I can't just leave her I mean we... that would break her plus we've turned into a business arrangement  or whatever"-me

Isigh the love between us evaporated ages ago. We just stayed together for the kids and our marriage has been about the kids and business ever since.

"Cheating on her would hurt her much worse"-Alpha

"Are you here to have me purge on you or is there something important we need to discuss?"-me

He chuckles and nods as I keep squeezing my stress ball it help but not how I want it to.

"The shipment arrives in 10 hours the driver pulled out on us so we need a new truck"-Alpha

"That's not a problem I know a guy that could help us with that"-me

"You need to sign for this one Jackson I won't have the time. One of my clients need me out of town"-Alpha

He takes a harddrive out of the inner pocket of his blazer and slides it over the table to me.

"You'll also need to go through this I need to leave later man"-Alpha

He checks his watch and I nod.

"Sure I'll catch you later man"-me

He walks but bumps into Miss Zulu at the door and she screams in shock before composing herself again and clearing her throat again.

"S-sorry sir"-Miss Zulu

He moves aside after huffing at her and she walks in and places the file on the table infront of her.

"I got your other file but if you don't go now you'll be late for your gold session with..."-Miss Zulu

She pauses and picks her tablet up going through my diary. Her pink lips part as she reads through it.

"...with Mr Wilmer"-Miss Zulu

She says switching it off and looking at me her eyes are dark brown and her curly hair falling over her forehead make her look like she's in her late teenage years. She looks like she could be ninenteen.

"That's all for today I just need to file those papers you'll be needing them for your meeting tomorrow"-Miss Zulu

She places the tablet on the table and  I realise she has been avoiding my eyes as much as she can.

"Miss Zulu"-me

I say as she walks around the table and picks the stack of papers up.

"Sir?"-Miss Zulu

She looks up at me but doesn't maintain the look for too long.

"What just happened between us it should never happen again"-me

"Yeah I understand sir"-Miss Zulu

She looks up this time and nods before taking the papers again and walking out with them.

I watch her behind as she walks out and our eyes meet again as she closes the door and I sit back down. Something about her draws me to her but I also could never date someone while I'm still married to Roxy.

My phone vibrates on the table and I pick it up as it's a message from Roxy.









She replies almost immediately and I sigh.



That's the only word I can put together right now before throwing my phone in the table.

"Mr Wilmer just called you need to leave for the golf course in the next ten minutes"-Miss Zulu

She walks in and starts packing the files on the table and arranging everything.

"Do you mind cancelling that?"-me

She looks at me like she's about to open her mouth to say something but she closes it again and nods.

"That's not a problem"-Miss Zulu

"Thank you please call my driver to bring the car around"-me

She picks the phone and gets to it as I watch her talking on the phone

she's beautiful and her wide hips and round butt would have any man running after her like a lovesick puppy.

"He'll be in the lobby in five minutes"-Miss Zulu

"Do you need a ride home?"-me

"No thank you I'll be fine a friend is fetching me"-Miss Zulu

She says and I chuckle.

"I'm not sure how you heard that but what I meant is I'm taking you home Miss Zulu"-me

She pauses looking at me but gets met with a serious face so she nods and starts packing up.

"We can go"-Miss Zulu

She has her purse and laptop bag in hand as I nod and let her walk out first as she leads me to the elevator.

Walking out earns us a few looks here and there as we head for the exit and she looks uncomfortable as I lead her to my car.

"Let me get that for you"-me

"Thank you"-Miss Zulu

She avoids looking at me as I open the door for her and she gets in the car and I walk around and get in too as we drive out of the parking lot 

"Are you okay?"-me

She looks uncomfortable for the rest of the ride as I can't keep my eyes off her and she looks outside the window but moves her eyes to me as I speak.

"Yes I'm fine"-Miss Zulu

She nods and moves her eyes to the window again as I clear my throat and take my phone out and try to get busy.

"You can drop me off here"-Miss Zulu

"Is this neighborhood safe?"-me

We stop infront of her building and the driver unlocks the doors.

"It is better than nothing thanks for the ride Sir"-Miss Zulu

She emphasizes the SIR as if to remind me of my place in her life or maybe I'm reading too much into this.

She takes her bags and steps out of the car as the driver drives off as soon as the door shuts.

"Drive me home"-me

"Yes sir"-Driver

He fixes the rear view mirror and drives me to the house and the kids are waiting for me at the stairs.


He runs towards me as Liam struggles getting down the stairs.

"hey groot ou! wanneer het jy so swaar gekry? (hey big guy! when did you get so heavy?)"-me

I pick him up and he laughs as I pick him up again.

"Ek was nog altyd groot (I've always been big)"-Lukka

He looks up at me laughing and I chuckle ruffling his curly hair.

"I can see"-me


His arms are up in the air as he finally climbs off the stairs and walks to me and I pick him and kiss his cheek.

"my ander groot ou! hoe was skool (my other big guy! how was school?)"-me

He's my last born and three years old while Lukka is ten years old.

"Jackson jy is uiteindelik terug my ouers is hier (Jackson you're finally back my parents are here)"-Roxanne

"Ek het gedink ons stem saam dat ons met mekaar sal gesels oor familiebesoeke (I thought we agreed that we would talk to each other concerning family visits)"-me

I walk to the lounge as she follows me her stilletos clicking on the marble floor as Lukka follows behind us.

"Liefie gaan asseblief na jou grootouers toe jou pa en ek moet praat ( sweety please go to your grandparents your dad and I need to talk)"-Roxanne

He runs out of the room and we're left together in the room as we look at each other.

"Ek weet wat jy gaan sê maar ons ...(I know what you're going to say but we...)"-Roxanne

"wat gaan ek sê Roxanne? Dat ek nie daarvan hou dat jy my gesag so minag nie? (what was I going to say Roxanne? That I don't like you disrespecting my authority like this?)"-me

Her hands go above her hip and she looks at me with shock all over her face.

"Gesag? Ek het gedink ons is gelyk aan die huwelik (Authority? I thought we were equals in the marriage)"-Roxanne

"Dit is ook wat ek gedink het (That is also what I thought)"-me

She throws her hands in the air and storms out as I watch her walking away and Liam plays with my beard.

I don't even know why I still doing this with this woman.

"Jackson jy het laat by die huis gekom ek het selfs tyd gehad om aandete te kook (Jackson you came home late I even had the time to cook dinner)"-Rochelle

She walks in from the kitchen and looks at me smiling and I place Liam down on the couch.

"Waar is die bediende?(where's the maid?)"-me

I look at her and she frowns walking further into the room.

"Dit is een manier om dankie te sê en jou skoonmoeder te groet (that is one way to say thank you and greet your mother in law)"-Rochelle

"Ek is jammer ek het jou net nie hier verwag nie (I'm sorry I just didn't expect you here )"-me

She smiles as I fake one and she walks over to briefly hug me as her husband and Roxanne walk.

"Jackson dit is al eeue sedert ek jou gesien het (Jackson it's been ages since I've seen you)"-Robert

"Ek het nie verwag dat u so skielik by ons sou kom kuier sonder om ons daarvan in kennis te stel nie (It has I didn't expect you coming to visit us so suddenly without informing us)"-me

He frowns and looks at his daughter who's standing guiltily next to him.

"Wat bedoel jy Roxy het gesê dat julle albei wou hê dat ons tyd as n gesin moes spandeer? (what do you mean Roxy said you both wanted us to come over and spend time as a family)"-Robert

We both look at Roxanne who fakes a smile and looks at the both of us smiling innocently.

"Ek het gedink dit sal 'n goeie verrassing wees (I thought it would make a good surprise)"-Roxanne

I give Liam to her and walk upstairs as I hear her following after me.


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