Chapter Eight

[APRIL 2 2019]


I feel him move away after unwrapping his arms around me at the sound of his ringing phone.



"Waneeer het dit gebeur? ( When did it happen ?)"-Jackson


He sits up next to me as I keep my eyes closed and pretend to be sleeping.

"Ek sal in n uur daar wees ( I'll be there in an hour)"-Jackson


"Hoe is hy? ( How is he?)"-Jackson

I sit up and rub my eyes stretching myself and pull the covers up as I look at him now standing in the middle of the room in his boxers.

"Is everything okay?"-me

He drops the call and turns to me with worry written all over his face and I frown.

"Yes my son is asthmatic and his mother just called and..."-Jackson

"Is he okay?"-me

He nods and I nod back as he throws his phone on the bed and looks at me.

"I'll get someone to bring your clothes in a few hours I want you at the office in two hours"-Jackson

"Yes sir Mr Sandler sir"-me

I nod lifting my hand as a sign of a salutation and he chuckles as he gets dressed as I watch him.

Everything about this man seems to be sexy his muscles pulls and contract as he gets dressed and I can't move my eyes off him.

"You're still here?"-Jackson

He raises an eyebrow and I frown.

"Ndalwenhle get your ass to the office and I better find my coffee still hot on my table when I get there"-Jackson

"When will you get there?"-me

"I'll head there after I see my son"-Jackson

He says he clearly looks worried so I don't breath another word and get off the bed.

Thick place smells like him and you can tell he wasn't the one that decorated this place. It doesn't have a lot of masculine energy it has a good balance of both.

"Will you eat out?"-Jackson

He walks in to the bathroom as I pee and I shake my head.

"I'll eat later Adam must be worried about me"-me

"Who's Adam"-Jackson

He looks at me through the mirror while washing his hands and I comb my hair back with my fingers as I get up from the toilet.

"He's the guy

Adam must be worried about me"-me

"Who's Adam"-Jackson

He looks at me through the mirror while washing his hands and I comb my hair back with my fingers as I get up from the toilet.

"He's the guy I was with last night"-me

He nods and I wash my hands and walk back to the bedroom to find him not in the room.

There must be good in the kitchen since he cooked last night. I head downstairs but I'm surprised when I find a woman there.


My voice is low as she looks at me from what she was doing and I walk down the stairs.

"Who are you?"-Woman


"You're already down this is Cheyenne she's my maid"-Jackson

He walks in out of nowhere and the maid doesn't look like she likes me at all.

"It's nice to meet you Cheyenne"-me

"It's nice to meet you too"-Cheyenne

She doesn't mean it and I don't either I nod and turn to Jackson.

"What time will my clothes arrive?"-me

"In a few go back to bed"-Jackson

"You said you wanted me at the office"-me

I look at him and he kisses my cheeks placing his hand around my waist.

"I changed my mind just send me my meetings and you can have the day off"-Jackson

"Aren't you having any breakfast?"-Cheyenne

"No I'm fine thanks"-Jackson

He walks out after grabbing his keys and In left with Cheyenne who places her hands on her hips and I turn back to the stairs.

"How long will you be here for?"-Cheyenne

"I'll leave later"-me

She doesn't want me here and I'm not sure what her problem with me is I walk up the stairs to the bedroom and go take a shower.

I'm a little curious to why Jackson doesn't want me to go to work since he wanted me to go earlier.

The shower I'd quick and I come back to a sports bag places neatly in the bed and my phone on the pedestal.






There's more texts following after this and I feel bad for ditching her like that.



I throw the phone on the bed and get dressed.


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