Chapter Two




"So are you going to tell him"-Ashley

I close the laptop and look at her as she stands next to the window.

"I don't know I mean I still have about a week before having to tell him"-me

"That's only going to make things worse"-Ashley

Ashely has been my best friend since we started varsity but she's annoying I'll give you that.

"Then what else do you suggest I do?"-me

"Meet up with him and break the news to him gently"-Ashley

"What about my family?"-me

I put the laptop next to me and walk to the door as she follows me to the living room.

"You're old enough to make your own decisions Felicia"-Ashley

She walks to the kitchen as I pick my phone up and a message came in a few minutes ago.



I reply to him and then turn to Ashely.

"I think I know what to do"-me


She now has a packet of chips in her hands and sits down on the couch.

"I could tell my family and his over dinner with him there "-me

"No now I'm convinced you can't think"-Ashley

She shakes her head and I sigh sitting opposite her.

"What else do you suggest I do?"-me

"Tell him before telling anybody else?"-Ashley

"I wanted to tell my parents first"-me

The front door opens and my mother walks in accompanied by my big brother.

"You two are home? I thought you'd be partying it up by now"-Vumile

He throws a knowing look at Ashley and she rolls her eyes.

"We're a lot of things but not party animals"-Ashley

He's about to reply and I look at my mother who's smiling at me.

"Mom are you and dad busy tonight?"-me

"No I was planning on taking him out on dinner tonight. Why do you ask?"-mom

She places her shopping bags on the couch and I twiddle my fingers drawing a breath.

"I need to tell you something but we can postpone it if you're busy"-me

"What is it?"-mom

Her smile flips over into a frown so I shake my head and look at her with a fake smile.

"It's good news I just want to tell it to you in a special way"-me

"Well I guess your father and I could postpone"-mom

I look at Vumile who's now seating on the armrest of the couch where Ashley is seated.

"I would love it if you also came"-me

"I was going to come anyway I wouldn't miss your cooking for the world Ashley will you be there?"-Vumile

He looks at her and she blushed as her cheeks turn crimson red.

"I wouldn't miss it for the world"-Ashley

"Of course you wouldn't "-me

My mother picks up one of her shopping bags and hands it to me and I peak inside.

"I bought you your hair"-mom

"You kept your promise"-me

I look at her with a smile and she nods with a chuckle.

"You already have a lot of those things I don't understand why you wanted more "-mom

"A girl could never have to much hair"-Ashley

She chuckles and picks her bag up and looks at me.


I don't understand why you wanted more "-mom

"A girl could never have to much hair"-Ashley

She chuckles and picks her bag up and looks at me.

"Babe I'll be here by 8pm make sure the food is low in fat carbs and..."-Ashley

"I'll make sure it's prefect"-Vumile

She turns to him as he winks and she nods walking out.

"Bye mom"-Ashley

"Bye sweety"-mom

She smiles turning her head to Vumile and he looks at me.

"Let's go"-Vumile

He points at the kitchen and I lead him as he walks closely behind me.

"What are you announcing don't tell me you're pregnant"-Vumile

He looks at me with a concerned look and I shake my head with a giggle.

"I'm not that dumb I got an offer from the company that gave me my bursary. I'm going to New York City"-me

I smile as he pulls me into his arms and kisses my cheek.

"I'm so proud of you I told you that you are destined for nothing but greatness"-Vumile

He smiles letting me pull out of the hug and a look at him inhaling sharply.

"I don't know how to tell mom or dad let alone Sizwe"-me

I sigh and the smile on his face becomes smaller.

"You're old enough to make your own decisions and if he loves you Jen he'll let you go"-Vumile

"It's not like I need his permission or anything. I just want us to part ways peacefully"-me

I roll my eyes as he pours her himself a glass of water and gulps it down.

"You go Mrs Independent"-Vumile

He holds his hand up for a high five that he gets accompanied by a fist bump.

"So will you take care of the food while I go tell him?"-me

"Of course anything for Ashley.

"Nothing for me?"-me

"Go before I change my mind"-Vumile

I walk to my bedroom and pick an outfit.

I go simple and quickly go take a bath and then come back with my parents purse in hand.

"Please borrow me your car keys"-me

I look at him and he smiles at me with a chuckle.

"Take your father's car"-Vumile

"Are you trying to get me killed?"-me

"They're on the couch"-Vumile

He's busy preparing food and I chuckle. One would be suprised by how domesticated he is.

"Bye boy"-me

I tell walking out to his car and drive out to Sizwe's work place.

The interior and exterior of this building is perfect.

I'd gladly work here if I didn't already have an offer from the US.

"What are you doing here?"-Sizwe

He seems shocked to see me. His tie is on the table and his eyes bloodshot and no blazer is on him.

"To see you babe"-me

I smile leaning forward to kiss his lips but he moves his face and my lips land on his cheeks.

"What's wrong ?"-me

I frown sitting on the chair opposite him and he sighs rubbing his head with his hands.

"Nothing too bad I just lost a huge contract and..."-Sizwe

He looks at me with a look of distress in his face and I feel bad from what I'm about to tell him.

"Well I need to tell you something"-me

"Is it bad news?"-Sizwe

"Depends on how you take it"-me

I look at him with a smile and he sigh and sits back on his big chair.

"Go ahead"-Sizwe

"I got an offer from the US it's the same company that paid for my varsity expenses..."-me

He fixed his eyes on me and I clear my throat with a sigh.

"They want me to go and work for them"-me

"Are you going to take it?"-Sizwe

I try find the right words to say this without him feeling like I'm leaving.

"Well its a good offer and I..."-me

He gets up and grabs his blazer and his car keys before looking at me.

"Where are you going?"-me

I get up too and he draws in a huge breath and looks at me.

"I need time and space away from you"-Sizwe

He walks out and I call after him but he does reply  so I just throw myself on the chair and groan.

I didn't want it to turn out like this. Honestly.


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