Chapter Twelve

"This is my girlfriend Luna"-Andrés

She shows me a beautiful lady at the bar and I smile.

"She's beautiful hey"-me

"Hey I heard a lot about you"-Luna

I smile shaking her hand and nod.

"Good things I hope"-me

I turn my head to Andrés and she smiles.

"What bad thing would I say about you?"-Andrés

"There you are"-Bradley

He shoots a look at Andrés and she drinks her drink carefree.

"Meet Andrés's girlfriend Luna"-me

She smiles and he shakes her hand.

"I'm pleased to meet you"-Bradley

"So more drinks?"-me

I hold his arm and he looks down at me.

"Are you sure?"-Bradley


I say and he nods ordering more drinks.

"Will you guys join us?"-me

"No we're headed to the dance floor"-Luna

She laugh as I realise she's drunk and leads Andrés to the dancefloor.

"You drunk enough yet?"-Bradley

"No I'm fine just take me home"-me

I try hard to make sure my words aren't slurred and he nods putting his drink down.

"Okay where's your friend?"-Bradley

He looks around for Andrés and she has already left. We're at the bar now and taking more shots.

"She left with her girlfriend"-me

He nods and gets of his chair and helps me down the on I'm sitting on.

I slip as I put my foot down and he catches me as I'm about to fall.


"Sorry I can't find the floor"-me

He chuckles taking my purse as well as his car keys and phone.

"You're standing on it"-Bradley

"Oh I knew that!"-me

I laugh as he places his arm around my waist and we walk out to where his car is parked.

Pushing through sweaty and drunk bodies to get to the exit prove to be a challenge for him so he throws me over his shoulder as I scream.

"Don't drop me!"-me

"Don't worry your safe with me"-Bradley

He stumbles to the parking lot and puts me down when we finally reach his car.

"There are you hurt?"-Bradley

"I need to pee"-me

He frowns and I pout pressing my legs together. I really need to go!

"Really? Like right now?"-Bradley

He looks around and I nod at him.

"Can't you hold it until we get home?"-Bradley

"Do you want me to pee on your seats?"-me

He sighs pulling my hand to the bathrooms and stops at the door.

"I'll wait here for you"-Bradley

"Cross your arms over your chest like a body guard"-me

I point at him and he chuckles.


"You look much hotter that way"-me

"Felicia go do your business!"-Bradley

I walk past him into the ladies bathroom and get into a stall and do my business.

I throw my head back and sigh

go do your business!"-Bradley

I walk past him into the ladies bathroom and get into a stall and do my business.

I throw my head back and sigh holding and letting go of the pee occasionally feels a little nice.

"Are you done?"-Bradley

I walk out after washing my hands. I nod and he takes my hand again and we walk to the car. 

"Are you spending the night at my place?"-Bradley

"No I'm tired"-me

I shake my head. He opens the door for me and I get in as he walks over to his side and get in starting the car.

"My place it is"-Bradley

"Do you have extra pyjamas for me at your place?"-me

He looks at me and shrugs.

"You don't need pyjamas to sleep in"-Bradley

I shoot him a look and he chuckles.

"That's not what I meant I'll give you something to sleep in"-Bradley

He drives to his place and he's well off judging by the house he owns.

"Wow even my parent have nothing on this"-me

I look at him and he shrugs.

"Your parents are rich?"-Bradley

"You make them look like they just getting by with this life thing"-me

He leads me inside and I look around the walls are mainly glass concrete is here but not a lot of it is.

"Do you like it?"-Bradley

"It's beautiful"-me

I look around and he smiles.

"I'm glad you like it come and let me give you something to wear"-Bradley

He leads me upstairs to the biggest bedroom in the house well it looks like it is.


He gives me a t-shirt and I take it and look at him.

"The shower is over there in the bathroom use my stuff. I'll give you some privacy"-Bradley

He walk out and I walk to the bathroom and close the door behind me.

It's beautiful like everything else in this house. I take a shower using his shower gel and then come out drying myself and wear the t-shirt.

It's baggy on me because well Bradley is muscular I repeat my underwear since it's clean and I can't find a spare toothbrush in here.

I use the mouth wash and go looking for him barefoot around the house.

"You're done already?"-Bradley

He's in the kitchen as I walk in and push my hair back. I don't need to do anything with it since it's a weave.

"I don't waste time"-me

"I made Mac and cheese it's okay isn't it?"-Bradley

He looks at it then at me.

"Yeah it's okay"-me

We're both still tispy but the shower helped me undrunk a little bit.

"Let's go to the cinema I have good livid in there"-Bradley

"Let me get the forks"-me

He takes the bowls and I follow with the forks in hand.


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