Chapter Three

I wait for about an hour in his office and he still hasn't come back I get up from the chair I was sitting on and straighten my skirt and look around the office.

I'd hate to leave without us straightening thing out and being on the same page but I know that if it was him who was in my shoes I'd be just as devastated but I'd never hold him back.

"Miss Adams your still here"-PA

Sizwe's personal assistant walks in and pauses when she notices me standing in the middle of the office.

"Yeah I was just about to leave. Please tell your boss to call me when he gets back"-me

I look at her and she smiles.

"I will have a good day"-PA

"Thank you you too"-me

I smile at her picking my purse up and walking out.

"Hold the lift!!"-me

I say as the elevator doors start closing and I pick my pace up but the man inside it manages to hold it for me.


I smile as he nods and I stand next to him and the doors close as we head for the ground floor.



I swallow a lump down my throat and sigh roughly shoving the phone into my bag. It high key hurts that someone so close to me isn't happy about me going to the states this is huge for me and he needs to "calm down".

"Rough morning?"-man

His voice is deep and catches me off guard as I look up at him. Well isn't he a bronze Greek God.

He's wearing a grey suit that looks expensive as well as his Rolex watch peaking under the sleeve of his blazer. His hair is curly and charcoal blue with grey eyes and bronze skin.

"Are you okay?"-man

He looks at me concerned because my starting and I snap out of it and nod.

"I'm fine I just had a long day"-me

"Hermosa( beautiful) it's still barely afternoon"-man

His accent and English tells me that he's not white but neither is he black.

"Well... It's been quite a rough morning "-me

He chuckles and pulls at his phone as it rings and moves his eyes to me and I nod.

"Lo obtuviste? ( Did you get it?)"-man


"No asegúrate Dr que ella bien. Volaré a Italia en uno dias ( No

make sure that she's fine. I'll be flying down to Italy in a few hours)"-man


The call goes on and I have got absolutely no idea what he's saying but it sounds intense.

"I'm sorry about that preciosa what did you say about this morning?"-man

He finally drops the call and I frown.

"What does that mean?"-me


He looks at me feigning confusion and I chuckle.

"The Italian word you just said"-me

"It's Spanish Hermosa"-man

I'm blushing lightly as he chuckles smiling down at me and I roll my eyes.

"Will you tell me what it means?"-me

"If you lunch with me I don't mind"-man

He smiles and I raise an eyebrow.

"Why would you want to have lunch with a stranger and like you said it's still in the morning"-me

He smells good and expensive as he tucks his hands in his pockets and looks at me.

"I want make a friend you want to learn Spanish"-man

He smiles and I chuckle. Sleek...a little.

"I don't want to learn any Spanish"-man

"You don't even know my name"-me

"Will you tell me?"-man

He looks at me as I look forward and fold my arms.

"Felicia Adams"-me

I peak over my shoulder as he looks at me intently.

"Beautiful name Antonio Montez"-man

I turn my head to him and he smiles briefly. Is it me or he seems to have an aura I can't put my finger on quite.

"Is that yours?"-me

The lift dings and the doors open and we both walk out.

"It was nice meeting you Preciosa"-me

I try to sound as sleek as him.

"You too"-Antonio

I smile and walk away to the exit as he goes the other way.

"What about the lunch?"-Antonio

He sounds like he's behind me and he is.

"Are you following me?"-me

"I'm going to the parking lot"-Antonio

We walk into the parking lot and I walk to the  car.

"You won't lunch with me?"-man

He frowns and I smile.

"I have somewhere to go but if I ever see you again then I promise to have both lunch and dinner with you"-me

"I'll hold you to it Hermosa"-Antonio

He walks to a Bentley and I smile and get in the car and drive home.

"You're finally back change your shoes and come help me"-Vumile

He looks at me the minute I walk and put my purse on the table.

"Wow it smells so good in here"-me

I smile opening the pots and look at him as he rinses his hands.

"I need your help go and change Felicia"-Vumile

"But I'm tired"-me

"And I don't give a damn this is your dinner"-Vumile

I sigh with an eyeroll and walk to my bedroom and change my shoes into slippers and go back to the kitchen.

"Where do you need me to help you?"-me

"Marinate the meat"-Vumile

I nod and walk to the sink to rinse my hands.

"How did go?"-Vumile

He asks as I dry my hands and sigh looking at him with my teeth sunk into my lips.

"Bad let me tell you"-me

I fold my arms and sigh.


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