Chapter Thirteen

I wake up to the curtains still closed in the room I'm sleeping in but I can tell it's late.

𝟎𝟗 : 𝟓𝟖 𝐚𝐦.

There's a digital clock on the bedside table and I bite my lip realising how late it is.

I slept alone. I wasn't planning on sleeping with him or anything but I'm glad he didn't make any moves on me 

He's already a good guy in my books. I get out of bed and walk to the bathroom to clean myself up and go looking for him.


The hang over is mild do it isn't too bad I'm just tired above everything else.

He isn't upstairs so I head to the stairs and see him walking in from the front door in gym clothes.


He says looking at me walking down and also waking to the stairs.

"You're up already?"-Bradley

I nod as he looks at me walking down the stairs.

"Yeah I need a coffee"-me

He chuckles with a nod he's in jogger and a t-shirt looking all sweaty and sexy. Okay I don't mean it like that but he looks good.

"Coming right up bacon butty?"-Bradley

"That's what you call it?"-me

I light giggle and he chuckles lightly.

"What is the proper name for it then?"-Bradley

"It's a bacon sandwich at least that's what we call it?"-me

He looks up at me still amused he doesn't look hungover it I went hard on the alcohol alone?


"Me and my fellow South Africans!"-me

I roll my eyes.

"I should have known"-Bradley

He puts the water bottle down and scrunches his face.

"Mind if I take a shower first?"-Bradley

"Of course not go ahead I'll make the coffee so long"-me

He walks upstairs and I turn the coffee machine on. Goodbye instant coffee Bradley has a coffee machine.

"How many sugars do you take?"-me

I yell but he can't hear me since he's already gone. I take the cups out and drink a huge glass of water so long.

"Who the hell are you?!"-Woman

A girl carrying a baby girl on her hip in stilletos walk in and I almost choke on the water.

"Excuse me?"-me

"You heard me where the hell is Bradley?!"-Woman

She must be his baby mama or girlfriend because

she doesn't look pleased to find a woman in his house.

"He's in the shower who are you?"-me

I put the glass down and she scoffs.

"I should be asking you that and what you're doing in my man's house"-Woman

"Leysa what are you doing here?"-Bradley

He walks down in a fresh pair of jeans and  a white t-shirt and Yeezy flip flops.

"What am I doing here? Are you fucking this bitch?"-Leysa

"Who the hell is a bitch to you?"-me

I'm a guest here but I'm also not about to be insulted by some bitter baby mama.

"Felicia please calm down!"-Bradley

He moves his eyes to me and I turn to the coffee machine and continue with what I was doing here.

"I came here to give you your daughter I gotta go to work"-Leysa

She gives him the baby and he looks at her confused.

"Work on a Saturday?"-Bradley

"I'll see you later Bradley here's her bag incase she has to spend the night"-Leysa

She gives him the bag too and I watch on the sideline while she turns to me.

"I don't want you anywhere near my baby"-Leysa

"You're going to pull the disappearing stunt again?"-Bradley

"Of course not I'll be back in a few hours"-Leysa

She shoots me a threatening look and walks out.

"I'm sorry about..."-Bradley

"It's okay I was about to leave anyway"-me

I walk past him to the bedroom I was using and wear my clothes again.

"Let me explain I'm sorry about Leysa"-Bradley

"No it's okay. I just need to leave"-me

I pick my phone up and request an Uber.

"I'll see you on Monday"-me

I pick my bag up and walk past him at the door. He left the baby downstairs alone.


He finally catches up to me and grabs my arm turning me to look at him.

"I had a great time this isn't the end of our friendship"-Bradley

"Of course it isn't"-me

I pull my arm away and walk out as my Uber arrives.


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