Chapter Sixteen

"You sleeping over at my place?"-Bradley

He looks at me linking our foreheads and I blush as he gently strokes my chin.

"I've got a lot of work to do you want me to improve the..."-me

"I never said I overwork yourself"-Bradley

He puts both of his hands on either sides of my waist and I roll my eyes.

"It sounded like that to me"-me

He kisses the side of my face and stares down at me.

"Well I'm sorry for being a big jerk to you baby"-Bradley

He says looking a little glum and I pout.

"How sorry are you?"-me

I tilt my head to the side.

"Sorry enough to let you drive my car"-Bradley

"Oh what the catch for letting me drive your car?"-me

I shrug he chuckles letting go of me and I lean against the table and stare at him.

"A sleepover"-Bradley

He earns himself an eye roll from my side.

"Is Leysa still at your place?"-me

"She doesn't live there"-Bradley

His mood turns sour as soon as we mention Leysa they don't get along for people that share a baby.

"I'll be there by six then I have to pass by my place first then"-me

He smiles and nod pulling me to his chest and I try to fight him off. We're still at work.

"Bradley stop!"-me

I laugh as he stops wrestling me and pins me against the table.

"Yes ma'am"-Bradley

"Don't you have a meeting to get to?"-me

I push him off and walk around the  table and sit down.

"I do I'll see you later"-Bradley

He gets his laptop bag and I blow him a kiss before he walks out. He left the car keys on the table.

I turn my chair to the glass wall and look outside seating the car keys between my fingers.

"I got your copies"-Lisa

She walks to the table as I turn to her a little startled I wasn't expecting her.

"Thank you just in time"-me

I smile and she chuckles.

"We knock off in fifteen minutes what are you going to do with them?"-Lisa

She puts the small stack of papers on my table and I smile widely at her.

"I'm going to save them for tomorrow morning"-me

I giggle and she smiles sitting down.

"I heard about you and Mr Richards"-Lisa

I must be the news hot topic then obviously.

"What did you hear?"-me

I roll my eyes and close my laptop starting to pack my stuff up.

"Are you guys a thing now?"-Lisa

"What did you hear?"-me

I look at her she's trying to get something out of me.

"You two look rather cosy I heard you're in sexuationship of some sort"-Lisa

"You're asking if I'm sleeping with him or not?"-me

I inquire and she grows pale as I chuckle before walking to the door.

"Do you mind I was about the brash before you walked in"-me

"Of course"-Lisa

She gets up and straightens her dress walking out.

I close the door after her and walk to the table to get my stuff then grab the car keys and walk out to the car.

Most people are gone so I drive out to my place to pack an overnight bag but I meet Travis I'm the elevator.

"Hey stranger you've become scarce"-me

I stand next to him and he chuckles.

"I've been around your the one that's disappeared Andrés told me about your new adventure"-Travis

I lick my upper lip and frown.


"With your boss"-Travis

I raise an eyebrow I didn't know he and Andrés were friends or that they talked about me.

"He's not really my boss and we're just..."-me

"It's okay you don't have to explain and I don't blame him you're hot"-Travis

He nods as if he wants to confirm what he just said and I chuckle.


"You know what I mean I'll see you later"-Travis

"It was nice seeing you again"-me

I walk out of the elevator buy he calls out to me and I turn.

"Look after yourself will you?"-Travis

"I will you too"-me

He nods as the doors close and I walk to my apartment and open up walking in.

I pack my stuff into an overnight bag one pair of pyjamas toiletries a change of clothes professional clothes for tomorrow and a makeup kit.

"Babe are you home yet?"-Andrés

I have changed into a two piece silk tracksuit and slipper boots.

"I'm in the bedroom!"-me

She walks in with a bottle of wine in a maroon dress that has a slit going up until her hip.

"Are you going somewhere?"-me

"I take it I look good"-Andrés

She twirls before walking out and I take the bag and follow her to the living room.

"Going somewhere?"-Andrés

She gets wine glasses and sits down pouring for the both of us and I put the bag down and check if I got all my stuff.

"I'm sleeping over at Bradley's place thank you"-me

She hands me a glass and I sit next to her and take a sip.


"It's obviously going to happen Andrés"-me

I roll my eyes she's still on the sex topic if it happens then it happens. I'm old enough to look after myself.

"I know but be careful you're not on birth control"-Andrés

"I'll visit the pharmacy tomorrow morning"-me

I shrug I'll be fine.

One glass returns info two and I have to leave after that.

"You're not too drunk to drive are you?"-Andrés

"I'm fine"-me

I get my stuff and she locked for me and hands me the keys as I walk out to the car and drive to the Bradley's place.

19 : 17

I'm an hour and seventeen minutes late.

I walk into him in the kitchen and he's cooking well it's a good sight. He's only in blue jeans and has a white apron on.

"In sorry I got distracted with Andrés then well the rest is history"-me

He chuckles drizzling olive oil on the meat he's grilling and I'm not sure what I want to eat first. Him or the meat?

"It's okay she didn't feed you I hope"-Bradley

"I have some room"-me

I put my bags down and walk to him in the kitchen. He looks even better with an apron on.

"Good because I cooked you a feast"-Bradley

"How did the meeting go?"-me

He shrugs turning to the fridge to get a set and and handing it to me.

"It was fine I have to prepare a piych it's due in a few days"-Bradley

He looks stressed ambition does that when you have too much of it.

He has got aspirations to own MindSpace Outsourcing Services and he's well on his way there.

"Do you think the COO position would suit me?"-Bradley

I smile taking a sip of my beer and nodding.

"You'd make a sexy boss"-me

He laughs revealing his perfect teeth and all's to me sitting on the barstool.

"You make a good hypeman"-Bradley

"You think so?"-me

I raise an eyebrow like he does and he  ups my face bringing it to his.

"I know so"-Bradley

He kisses me and moves his hands and down my abdomen massaging it gently my arms wraps around his neck and the other hand stays on his jaw.


I try to move away so I can catch a breath but he pulls me back and parts my lips slipping his tongue into my mouth.


He pulls out and looks at me and I exhale sharply well he's a little rough.

"Are you okay?"-Bradley

I nod but my nod is short lived before he kisses me again and picks me up my legs go around his torso as he places me on top of the and unzips my jersey and lifts the vest I have under it.

He runs his finger on the black lace of my bra before looking up at me and I bite my lips when he cups my breast massaging it and move his hand to the back to unhook it.

Our lips meet again and the kiss gets heated until he manages to unhook my bra he kisses down my neck suck it until he reaches my bossom.

Nipple play is something I'm not really into but he's good at it. His tongue lapping and locking on my sensitive nipples has me gasping and pulling closer to my chest.

I'm startled by the smoke filling the room and the smell of burnt meat when I open my eyes while he's still latching on my boobs.



"The house is burning down!"-me

He stands up straight and looks around to found the kitchen filled with smoke he rushes to the grill and I look for my jersey in the floor as he opens the door and windows to air the smoke out.

"Is it bad?"-me

I'm covering my boobs like he wasn't all over them a second ago and he nods.

"Do you feel like chicken tonight?"-Bradley

He chuckles and I clear my throat picking my jersey up and wearing it.

"But I wanted real meat"-me

I whine and he smiles.

"Your going to get all the 𝒎𝒆𝒂𝒕 you want okay?"-Bradley

That's not the meat I was talking about but okay.

He walks to me and picks me up again.

"You're going to burn something else now"-me

"That would be got wouldn't it? Sex in the middle of a burning house"-Bradley


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