Chapter Six


"Have you got everything?"-Vumile

He asks for the third time and I nod with a short giggle.

"Yeah I have everything I'm sure this time"-me

"Good Ashley is here"-Vumile

He looks at the door and she walks in carrying a gift bag and I smile with my arms folded.

"You're late"-me

"I know but it was for a good cause"-Ashley

"Everything about you is for a good cause"-me

She walks into my bedroom and places the gift bag on the dresser and walks to me as we hug.

"I can't believe you're leaving"-Ashley

"Neither can I"-me

We pull out of the hug and she touches my cheek and sighs.

"We'll video call and you can come and visit me whenever Ash"-me

She wipes imaginary tears away and fans her face.

"I'm proud of you"-Ashley

"Thank you that means a lot"-me

"I know"-Ashley

We giggles and she sighs and bites her lip with tears on the corner of eyes. We're both emotional.

"Is this goodbye?"-Ashley

"No it's an... I'll see you during the summer type of thing"-me

"You mean winter 'causewhen it's summer on the other side of the globe it's winter here"-Ashley

"Exactly my point"-me

 I roll my eyes and blink the tears back more than anything else parting ways with my best friend is the hardest.

"The car is ready"-mom

She walks in and stands next to the door as Ashley sighs and walks out.



Her eyes are glued on to me this whole time. She and Dad never came around I had to put my foot down and tell them I'm going to America with or without their approval.

"How are you?"-mom

"I'm scared but I'll be fine"-me

"I know you're strong just like your mother"-mom

She walks over to me and we share a brief hug before she sighs and cups my cheeks.

"I love you"-me

"Don't disappoint"-mom

"I won't I promise"-me

The tears I was holding in break out and steam down my cheeks. I'm going to miss them. My family friends Ashley and Sizwe speaking of him he's kept his distance and won't answer my calls.

"Don't fall pregnant"-mom

"I'm smart enough to be nobody's BABY MOTHER"-me

"Good girl"-mom

We wheel the suitcases out  and I carry my purse as well as the gift bag Ashley brought.

"Where's dad?"-me

"He's at work but he'll call you as soon as you land"-mom

"Oh okay"-me

He didn't want to see me off that's very obvious that he's not happy about this and probably never will be.

"Sizwe is on his way"-mom


"What do you mean


He didn't want to see me off that's very obvious that he's not happy about this and probably never will be.

"Sizwe is on his way"-mom


"What do you mean why? He wants to see you before you leave"-mom

I sigh and nod as Vumile loads the suitcases and bags and I sit with mom and Ashley in the living room.

"You have thirty minutes before we leave"-mom

She looks at the door and gets up as Sizwe walks in.

"Mom good evening"-Sizwe

"You finally got here I expected you an hour back"-mom


Ashley and I both look at each other then at him.

"What are you doing here?"-me

I get up and fake a smile. I'm still hurt over that night when I was at his place but then what else can I do?

"I'm here to see you can we talk"-Sizwe

He looks around then at Ashley who nods and walks out to where Vumile is.

"I'll see if your dad still won't make it"-mom

She walks out and I'm left in the same room as him.

"You look beautiful"-Sizwe

"Thank you"-me

The only thing beautiful about me is the shoes I'm wearing other than that I look like shit.

"I just wanted to see you before you leave and..."-Sizwe

"You wish things were different? me too"-me

I nod and he chuckles.

"To be honest breaking up was a good decision. I don't want to hold you back"-Sizwe

"Thanks that means something"-me

I fold my arms and smile this hurt more than it did when we were at his house but I won't cry. I have makeup on.


"Please don't say it I'm already torn into two"-me

"That was never my intention"-Sizwe

"I know but it still doesn't make it any better"-me

He pulls me into his arms and hugs as I wrap my arms around his torso and close my eyes.

"Remember what I said about fate and destiny?"-Sizwe

I nod and he kisses my forehead.

"We'll be fine"-Sizwe

We pull away from each other and I have to go to the airport or I'll miss my flight.

"Buckle up buttercup"-Vumile

"Yes sir"-Ashley

"Spare us we beg"-me

They're sitting at the front and mom and I are at the back.

"What did Sizwe say"-mom

"A lot"-me

I don't go into detail and she nods as I look out the window and take in my city... One more time before I have to go.

"Wear a jacket"-mom

"It's still warm but I'll carry it"-me

I smile as the car comes to a stop and I exhale loudly and get out of the car.

"To new adventures kid"-Vumile

He fist bumps me and I look at him tearfully and he frowns.

"I love you"-me

"I have a girlfriend"-Vumile

"Please ... Ashley won't mind"-me

I roll my eyes and hug him and he rubs my back with a chuckle and pulls me away from him.

"I love you too and be good "-Vumile

"I always am"-me

I smile and he chuckles rubbing my head.

"That's hard to believe"-Vumile

"Let's go we've seen enough"-Ashley

She gets out of the car and we unload my bags and walk into the airport I'll be breathing American oxygen...soon


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