Chapter Seventeen

I wake up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom and come back to find him searching the bed for me.

"There's you are"-Bradley

He sounds half asleep the butterflies in my stomach flutter at the sight of him reaching his hand out to me in his half asleep state.

"Did you miss me"-me

I get in bed and he cuddles me from the back with his arms tightly around me.

"More than you think"-Bradley

He kisses my neck and I bite my bottom lip this is the second time we woke up for sex tonight.

"That's so sweet of you to miss me even in your sleep"-me

He chuckles against my ear as his hand goes up to my hip and he massages it.


His touch is addictive and magical too it's hard to resist.

He lifts my leg up and brush my inner thigh as I start hyperventilating.


He asks for consent before nuzzling my neck and I moan as soon as his hot tongue licks and sucks on my neck.

"Mmh yeah"-me

I nod vigorously his moves his hand between us and guides his hardness till between my thighs and slips it inside me.

A huge gasp escapes my lips as he starts stroking and pulls me closer to his chest.


He groans and burried his face on my neck as my toes curl and I throw my head back and it falls on his shoulder.

"Is that okay?"-Bradley

He's doing most of the work as I rock my hip to and fro my abdominal muscles tense up and I hold the back his neck.

His hand moves to between my clit and he rubs it in circular motions causing me to try and close my legs when he strokes deeper and harder.

"Yes I..."-me

A loud gasp and whimper escapes my lips as I reach my orgasm and he pumps faster as his inner thighs also tense up.


He groans pulling a handful of my hair and filling my up with his sperm.

"Oh my god"-me

I rest my head on the pillow and he pulls me closer to his chest as we catch out breaths.

"I can't get enough of you you know that"-Bradley

He pulls out of me and I feel his fluids mixed with mine drip out of me and I squeeze my legs together.

"We've got work tomorrow"-me

I remind him when he flips me over to lay my back and he gets on top of me kissing me again you know that"-Bradley

He pulls out of me and I feel his fluids mixed with mine drip out of me and I squeeze my legs together.

"We've got work tomorrow"-me

I remind him when he flips me over to lay my back and he gets on top of me kissing me again I can't get enough of his kisses.

"One more?"-Bradley

"No where do you even get the energy?"-me

I'm tired and also hurt but he look like he keeps getting rebooted.

"Okay then sleep tight"-Bradley

He kisses me after saying that and pulls out still knowing on top of me.

This is the part where we go back to sleep but he's staring at me.

"How the hell are you always so beautiful?"-Bradley

I don't reply so he kisses my forehead and cuddles me to his chest and I close my eyes listening to his rapid heartbeat.

I fall asleep to him playing with my hair and drawing circles on my back.


I wake up alone in the bedroom with the curtains drawn with the bedroom lights off.


I sit up and rub my eyes stretching my as I feel different and hurt like I've been doing a thousand sets of squats.

"You're already up?"-Bradley

He walks in wearing his gym clothes and I nod.

"Do you ever sleep in ?"-me

He smiles removing his t-shirt that's drenched in sweat revealing his muscular upper body.

"Only when given a reason to"-Bradley

"What kind of reason?"-me

I throw my legs over the bed and get up wearing my slippers and stretching myself.

"You really wanna know?"-Bradley

He bites his bottom lip and I blush as he walks to me. He smells like sweat but he's bearable.

"Well I could show you"-Bradley

"Really? I'd like that"-me

He pecks my lips and I lean against him as he looks down at me.

"How was your beauty sleep?"-Bradley

"I hardly got any sleep"-me

I whine and he chuckles running the back of his hand on my cheek.

"I'm sorry I didn't mean to keep you up"-Bradley

"It's okay let me go take a shower"-me

I walk past him but he pulls me back with a smile.

"Do you want me to join you? It'll save us some time"-Bradley

I nod and pull him to the bathroom with me. It's very innocent with him just scrubbing my back for me.

"You smell good"-me

I smile looking at him while he dries himself.

"I smell like strawberries and vanilla": Bradley

"Is that a bad thing?"-me

I chuckle as I get dressed in tight black formal pants and a white long sleeved blouse with stilletos.

"It's not a good thing"-Bradley

We showered in my toiletries and I must admit that the scent isn't good on him he'll just have to pack in on that cologne.

"What above t breakfast at Sue's?"-Bradley

"The strip club?"-me

I frown and he chuckles wearing his watch while I make I have everything for the day.

"No she has a restaurant downtown you should taste their breakfast special"-Bradley

He leads me downstairs and grabs his car and house keys and lead me to the car.

He's still a gentleman as he opens the car door for me and then goes over to his side and drive down to Sue's.


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