Chapter Seven

There's a different feel to American airports one you possibly couldn't get anywhere else it's a different kind of atmosphere one I could never begin to describe.


I walk toward the man with my name written on his board. He looks formal in a black suit and shoes that are too shiny.

"I'm Felicia Adams"-me

He nods look at me then at my bags.

"Allow me ma'am"-man

"Thank you"-me

He takes the suitcases and one bag while I carry the other with my purse in hand.

"I was given instructions to drive to your apartment you start work first thing  tomorrow morning"-man

He's telling me this while walking to a black car parked a distance away from us. I don't even know what happened to the board that had my name on it.

"Do we work for the same company?"-me

"No I work for your boss David Richards. We're both employees basically"-man

He looks at me briefly before opening the backseat door and look at me.

"I'll be done in five minutes"-man

"Thank you"-me

He shuts the door again after I get in and take phone out of my purse and switch it on.



I send the message to Vumile and text Ashley too before the man gets in the driver's seat and drives off.

"Is there literally no grass here?"-me

"There is in some parts but it's mostly concrete"-man

I roll down the windows and stick my face out as the cold air brushes against me. 

South Africa is warm around this time while New York is so cold.

"I haven't got your name you know"-me

"Micheal Guerrero"-man

He looks at me through the rear view and I nod with a chuckle.

"Well you already know who I am"-me

"The whole office does"-Micheal

He smiles focusing back on the road and I sit properly and roll the window up halfway.

"Is everyone as professional as you"-me

"Not in the least ma'am the people in your office are far worse than me... We're being casual now aren't we?"-Micheal

"We are Micheal I was just asking"-me

I chuckle as we stop Infront of a huge skyscraper and he gets out comes to open the door for me.

"You are on the sixth floor"-Micheal

"Isn't that high? I don't like heights"-me

"Don't worry yourself ma'am

I was just asking"-me

I chuckle as we stop Infront of a huge skyscraper and he gets out comes to open the door for me.

"You are on the sixth floor"-Micheal

"Isn't that high? I don't like heights"-me

"Don't worry yourself ma'am it's not as bad as it sounds"-Micheal

He chuckles as I step out of the car and he closes the door and unloads my stuff while I carry my purse and hug my arms from the cold.

"How hot is it in the summer?"-me

"It's still a few months away from summer"-Micheal

He carries the bags into the building while I wheel the suitcase behind him.

"After you"-Micheal

He stands aside and lets me walks into the elevator first then gets in after me.

The elevator dings and opens after a few minutes and we walk to my apartment which is the third last door on the right.

"You should be comfortable and safe here"-Micheal

He smiles opening the door and we walk in as he places my luggage on the couch and next to it.

"I should be"-me

I smile looking around. This place is even flashier than I thought it would something tells me I'm going to be quite happy around here.

"These are you keys"-Micheal

"Thank you"-me

That's the third if not fouth time I've said those words.

"I need to leave now but there's a laminated paper of all the phone numbers you'll need if you need something"-Micheal

"Okay bye"-me

He hands me the keys and follow him to the door and lock after him. I thoroughly take in the apartment and look around giving myself a tour.

It has two bedrooms a conjoined kitchen and living room one bathroom and a not too big balcony it's enough for one person honestly.

"Finally you called and did you know that we are asleep on this side of the world?"-Ashley

We're video calling as I'm seated on the mat next to my unmoved suitcases next smiling at the familiar face.

"I absolutely had no idea pardon me"-me

I roll my eyes as she giggles softly.

"How was your trip and aren't you supposed to be jet lagged?"-Ashley

"It's starting to kick in but I had to talk to you first before sleeping"-me

She sits up and stares at me through her phone screen.

"How is your new apartment?"-Ashley

"Gorgeous but I'll show it to you tomorrow bye"-me


It's still morning around here but I turn the geyser on and take my luggage to the biggest bedroom between the two and leave it next to the closet.

I walk to the bathroom with my toiletry bag and take a shower then get out and walk to the bedroom and get in bed.


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