Chapter One



"And we're here"-Sizwe

He parks the car in the garage and we both walk out as I look at him with a beaming smile.

"Should I be the one to break the news to them?"-Sizwe

He pulls me into his arms and kissing my forehead as I giggle.

"No I want to be the one to tell them"-me

"Then let's go"-Sizwe

He pulls me by the hand to the front door.

I just got my results and I'm finally done with college forever.

Sizwe is my boyfriend we've been together for ages. He's a family friend so our parents took it better than they would have if it was with some random guy from the streets.

"Here you are I'm so proud of you my baby"-mom

She exclaims as soon as we walk and I smile and go to hug her.

"Let me guess who told you"-me

"She meant well you know how she is!"-mom

My aunt is a lecturer at the Cape Town university so I'm sure she called my mother as soon as she found out.

"I wanted to be the first to tell you where's dad?"-me

"He went out but he'll be back in a few hours"-mom

She greets Sizwe before walking out and I turn to him and he's still smiling cheesily.

"Let's go"-Sizwe

"Where ?"-me

I shrug as he pulls my hand and leads me to the door.

"For a swim or whatever else you want to do"-Sizwe

"At your place?"-me


I smile and get in the car as we drive out to his place.

"Play some music"-Sizwe

"What song do you want me to play?"-me

I take my phone out and play

SUITED by SHEKINAH. He rolls his eyes and I chuckle.

"That's the hundredth time I've heard that song"-Sizwe

"Oh please this song ages like wine. She snapped on this one"-me

"You say that on every Shekinah song you know that ?"-Sizwe

That's true she's one of my favourite artists and it's not even a suprise because of how amazing she is.

"I know"-me

He parks the car and we walk. He's four years older than me and has already made his imprint in the corporate world while I'm still at the door.

"Welcome ma'am "-Sizwe

He lets me walk in first as he leads me to the mini bar in his living room and takes a bottle out.

"How about we celebrate?"-Sizwe

"Let me change first "-me


I turn to the passage but he pulls me back and smiles.

"No need to I'll get the glasses"-Sizwe

He smiles as I remove my shoes and I untie my hair and ruffle it.

It's almost 5pm at the latest and I know I won't be going home if I get sloshed .

"Babe order some food so long"-Sizwe

He shouts as I pick my phone and walks in carrying two glasses and a bottle of vodka.

"Should we be getting dash for that ?"-me

I look at him and he chuckled shaking his head.  I guess not.

"Come let's sit down."-Sizwe

He hands me a glass and we start drinking and one glass is accompanied  by four others and by then I'm drunk.

"Are you okay"-me

I laugh as he leans his back on the couch and he lights a cigarette.

"I'm fine"-Sizwe

He smiles as he turns his head to me and passes me the cigarette.

"No I'm okay"-me

I push it away and he nods and places it on the ashtray.

My phone rings but I push it away and it fall of the table and I turn to Sizwe.

"That might be your dad"-Sizwe

"I'll talk to him some other time"-me

He moves closer to me and touches the back of my head.

"We should go upstairs"-me


He nods and kisses me as I cup his cheek and kiss him back.

"Or just do it here"-Sizwe

He smiles pushing me on my back and getting on top of me as I pull his shirt up.


I am Felicia Adams and this is my story.

I am from the Eastern Cape but my parent moved me to Cape Town when I was ten and that's how I met Sizwe and his family who are good friends with my parents 

I'm twenty three years old and officially an acvountsnt as from today.

Sizwe is twenty seven years old and the CFO of his father's oil company. One of Africa's biggest oil refinery companies.


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