Chapter Nine

I get downstairs to the ground floor walk to the parking lot and Micheal gets out of the car as I walk toward him.

"Morning ma'am"-Micheal

"Good morning Micheal"-me

He opens the door for me and I get in at the back as the car drives out as my phone vibrates and I take it out of my purse.



I find myself smiling as I reply and the car comes to a stop at my work place and step out of the car as soon as Micheal opens the door for me.

MindSpace Outsourcing Services Pvt. Ltd. 

That's the name of the company I take a deep breath and look at Micheal who's waiting for me to walk in.

"Wish me luck"-me

"You already have it by you ma'am"-Micheal

He says and I chuckle with a deep breath and clear my throat.

"Thank you Micheal"-me

I walk in with my shoulders straightened and trying to look as confident as I can.

"Miss Adams"-Receptionist

It's a black woman at reception and she looks absolutely breathtaking.

"Hey that's me"-me

"I know let me show you your office"-Receptionist

I have an office? I mean I thought I would but with someone with as little as experience as me they're taking a risk.

"This is lovely"-me

I say walking and looking around as she stands next to the door and I turn to her.

"The boss is out of town for now but he'll be flying back to New York in a few days one of our HR managers will be here to see you"-Receptionist

"Oh it okay I'll just look around for now"-me

I smile and she nods and walks out and I look around more placing my bag on the table and start looking around and soon enough I find myself going through some files.

"Miss Adams I hope you find you office quite comfortable"-man

A deep voice sounds from the door and I look up with the file still in my hands.

"Hi I do it's beautiful and the view is also incredible"-me

"May I come in?"-Man

"Yeah sure"-me

I say with a smile putting the file down as he walks in further into the office as his cologne spreads all over and he smells good.

"Welcome to the company I'm Bradley Richards"-Bradley

"Felicia Adams I'm sure you already knew that"-me

He extends his hand forward and I shake and mine fits like a glove into his.

"I'm pleased to meet you"-Bradley


He holds on to my hand a little before letting it go and my phone rings and U walk to my purse.

"I'm sorry

can I take this?"-me

"Yeah sure let me excuse you"-Bradley

He walks out and I walk to the window and answer the call.

"Sizwe hi"-me

I look out the window biting my lip gently I miss him terribly but it is what it is.


His voice sounds croaky and I frown.

"How are you?"-me

I find myself saying and he sighs looking at me.

"I'm fine I was just checking on you"-Sizwe

"Thank you that means a lot I guess"-me

I say looking out the window with a small sigh.

"How are you settling in?"-Sizwe

"Good it's okay here"-me

I say to him and he groans lightly on the other side.

"I'm glad that's all I wanted to say bye"-Sizwe

He hangs up on me and I sigh e try to call again but if rings unanswered until I give and start checking the company books.

Not a lot is off so I just open my laptop and start working for a few hours until I hear a knock on my door and Bradley is standing at the door.

"It's lunchtime and I was wondering you'd like to come with"- Bradley

"Oh no thank you but I'm not hungry"-me

I smile and he chuckles walking in and sitting on the chair opposite me.

"You've been in here for hours you need a break come on"-Bradley

He's good looking and his charm is also quite loud and noticeable but it's not enough to have me drooling.

"Maybe next time but I'm a little busy right now"-me

I smile half closing the laptop Infront of me and he places a hand under his chin and stares at me.

"You sure?"-Bradley

"I'm very sure"-me

I say and he chuckle getting up with his hands in the air.

"Well I tried but I guess I'll see you later"-Bradley

"Later and please close the door when you leave"-me

He walks out closing the door on his way out and I get back to work. The work keeps my mind off Sizwe and I love my work it's so stimulating.

"Knock knock"-Receptionist

She walks in carrying a take away bag and a large container of coffee.

"Bradley dropped this off for you"-Receptionist

"Thanks where is he?"-me

I ask and she looks at me as she places them in the table.

"He's out in a meeting but I can tell him you were looking for him when he comes back"-Receptionist

"No it's okay I only just wanted to say thank you"-me

I say and she nods walks out. He better not be trying to charm my pants off I'm still not over Sizwe.


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