Chapter Four

"Would you like some more meat?"-Vumile

He's looking at Ashley who nods her head and looks at him with a smile.

"Yeah but just a piece"-Ashley

He nods getting up and I find both my mother and father looking at me.

"This was very lovely having all of you here for dinner but I also would like to know why we were called here"-Dad

He picks the glass of water up and take a few gulps and I nod.

"I have an announcement to make"-me

I look at all of them across the table and all eyes are on me.

"I got a job offer in the US and..."-me

My eyes move to my father's icy glare and I sigh. Mom has no expression on her face so I look at my brother and Ashley for encouragement and she smiles.

"I'll be moving to New York City in about five or four days"-me

I look at all of them around the table and my father is the first one to break the ice.

"Have you checked wether it is legit or not?"-Dad

"Yes it's the same company that funded my tertiary education"-me

Ashley puts her fork down and smiles.

"I'm personally proud of you for bagging such an amazing opportunity"-Ashley

I smile and my mom gets up and  sighs.

"That's too far even your brother never..."-mom

"But I'm not Vumile Ma. Ndizawukwazi ukuzijonga( I'll be able to take care of myself)"-me

I interrupt her and she sighs looking at my father for backup and he shakes his head.

"We can't send you so far away..."-Dad

"This is a good opportunity for me...please don't hold me back"-me

I'm begging at this point and Vumile also nods in agreement.

"Licia is twenty three. She can make her own decisions"-Vumile

He looks at me and places his arm on my shoulder and I look at them with begging eyes.

"I'll think about it was that all you wanted to say?"-Dad

"Yes but..."-Dad

He gets up and walks away from the table leaving us in a tense state.

"Mom please talk to him"-me

I look at her as she slips on the orange juice with a frown on her face.

"America is very my baby think about this clearly"-mom

"I have and I want to make a name for myself outside of South Africa... I wasn't going to be a baby forever I'm twenty three years old"-mom

She gets up from the table without replying and follows her husband to their bedroom and I sigh.

"Don't worry about them they'll come around"-Vumile

Ashley nods in agreement and also adds to his statement.

"Remember when you gotnipple peircings? They eventually came around"-Ashley

"And when you dyed your hair green"-Vumile

We all laugh but it's short lived as me moving is more serious than just having green hair and pierced nipples.

"But you know this one is different"-me

"You've always been the rebel

they'll come around"-Vumile

Ashley nods in agreement and also adds to his statement.

"Remember when you gotnipple peircings? They eventually came around"-Ashley

"And when you dyed your hair green"-Vumile

We all laugh but it's short lived as me moving is more serious than just having green hair and pierced nipples.

"But you know this one is different"-me

"You've always been the rebel it won't stop you from leaving"-Vumile

Obviously it won't I have my own life to think about my parents won't always be here for me and neither can I always seek their approval on the decisions I make regarding my own life.

"Obviously do you need help with the dishes?"-Ashley

She looks at Vumile who nods at her.

"I don't mind a few hands extra even if it's just two"-Vumile

I look at the both of them and I can't help but feel like there's more to their flirting than I think there is.

"Is there something going on between the two of you?"-me

I look at them and he shakes his head and chuckles.

"Not yet"-Vumile

He looks at her and winks at her while she blushes and looks down.

My phone pings from the living room and I get up and walk to it.



I read the text and throw the phone on the couch and sign down.

"What is it?"-Ashley

She stands behind the couch I'm sitting on and looks down at me.

"Sizwe wants to see me"-me

"He came around?"-Ashley

I told her about what happened and she wasn't as pleased as I am about all of this.

"I'm still pissed"-me

"I am too... on your behalf"-Ashley

"But I also want to hear him out"-me

She folds her arms and chews on her lip as if she's trying to think of what I'm about to say.

"As long as it is what you want"-Ashley

"Cover for me"-me

I nod my head at the passage indicating my parents and she nods and then scans me.

"Change your dress and tie your hair up"-Ashley

"And carry an overnight bag"-me

"You're leaving with him?"-Ashley

She didn't look pleased at that I shrug as she looks at me with a raised eyebrow.

"It's only for tonight Vumile will drive you back to your place"-me


She claps her hands one and I ignore and walk to my bedroom and change into a black t-shirt and jeans then tie my hair up like I was told.

I pack the overnight bag with pyjamas and clothes for the next phone and toiletries.

"Uyaphi? (Where are you going?)"-Vumile

He's arms are folded and Ashley is washing the dishes behind him at the sink.

"Sizwe called and..."-me

"So you're going to jump just because he told you to?"-Vumile

He doesn't looked pleased I'm not in the mood to reason with him right now.

"No I need to talk to him just that"-me

"At his place overnight?"-Vumile

"I'll see you later"-me

I smile waving at them and walking to the door.

"She means tomorrow"-Ashley

I just the door and don't wait for his reply as I head out of the gate and to Sizwe's car.

He doesn't get out to open the door for me of greet me when I get in the car so I figure he's also angry at me.

"Hey are you now calm?"-me

I look at him and he sighs finally moving his eyes to me.

"Im sorry about this morning you just caught me at a bad time"-Sizwe

"So you left me in your office for over an hour and just sent a lousy text 'explaining' yourself?"-me

I fold my arms and throw daggers at him and he sighs but doesn't reply and rather starts the car and drives to his place.

He carries the bag into the house once we get there and throws it on the couch.

"I'm sorry about how I abruptly left you in the office this morning"-Sizwe

I don't reply but stand next to the couch and look at him as he reaches the back of the pockets and takes a small red box out.

"I got this for you"-Sizwe

I walk toward him and he opens it a diamond ring comes into view as I look at him and my jaw drops to the floor.

"Sizwe I can't... I'm twenty three for crying out loud!"-me

I'm overwhelmed by this as he gives me the rings and exhales sharply.

"I know but Ive waited for long enough and now that I stand at a huge chance of losing you... I had to tell you this"-Sizwe

"What are you telling me?"-me

I know where this is going but my head feels foggy and I want to hear him say it.

"Marry me ... please"-Sizwe

He steps closer to me and I take a few steps back and inhale sharp breaths.

"I can't... You know this Sizwe"-me

"Please think about it at least... I love you Felicia"-Sizwe

He looks shattered and so am I but I know that if we were meant to be then we'll find a way back to each other.


Hes begging and I'm hurt that I have to do this to him.

"I'm sorry"-me

I sit down and burry my face in hands as I drop the ring on the floor.

"Where are you going?"-me

I look up as he takes his car keys and he looks down at my wet face.

"To give you time to think just think this through... that's all I need from you"-Sizwe

"Sizwe...please don't leave"-me

I get up and follow him to the garage and watch him get in as I bang the window.


The car starts as I step away and he drives out. 

It wasnt supposed to be like this I was supposed to go to America make a name for myself like he was while maintaining our relationship with the love of my life and later get married and have a family.

I sit down on the cold floor and hug my knees and stare at the closed gate and cry... Growth shouldn't hurt thus bad.


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