Chapter Fifteen

"The figures look fine but I prefer good better and..."-Bradley

"I know I'm working on it"-me

I put the file back on the table. We're looking at the company's latest financial records and he's an asshole when it comes to business.

"I know I just... I'm a little stressed"-Bradley

"It's okay"-me

I look up at him then go back to reading through the file.

"Have you had lunch yet?"-Bradley

He twirls the pen between his fingers and I shake my head getting up and putting the file down.

"No but I have a date with Andrés I'll get something to eat when I see her"-me

He nods.

"Would you like me to get you anything?"-me

"No I'm fine I'll order myself some Chinese food"-Bradley

"You mean grease"-me

I shake my head and pick my bag after realising it's lunchtime.

"Black men need their grease"-Bradley

He chuckles and I smile.

"I'll see you later babe"-me

"Okay gimme a kiss"-Bradley

He gets up and walk around the table and I blush tilting my head up.


I pick his lips then wipe the lipstick off his lips.

"One more here"-Bradley

He points at his smooth shaven chin and I giggle.

"We're still at work"-me

"The door is closed"-Bradley

I roll my eyes and kiss him on the chin again.

"I'll see you later"-me

I walk out with my purse the coffeeshop were meeting at isn't too far from my workplace so I just walk.

"Hey look at you!"-Andrés

She yells

as I walk in drawing attention to me and I smile with an eye roll.

"Hey! You look good"-me


I sit down opposite her and she hands me a menu.

"Thank you"-Andrés

"Luna has been treating you good"-me

She blushes.

"She tries and you've  been missing this weekend  hopefully the  cookie  jar is still closed"-Andrés

Sealed closed"-me

I spent the weekend with Bradley and we haven't done anything yet we haven't even talked about sex yet.

"Do you like him?"-Andrés

I lean back on the chair and put the cup of tea she'd already ordered back on the table after taking a sip.

"I do I think we could work"-me


She raises an eyebrow as she tucks her hair behind her ear with her blue eyes digging into me.

"You never really know with these things do you?"-me

I shrug and she nods.

"I guess you don't but get contraceptives just in case things get..."-Andrés

"I'm smart enough not to get pregnant Andrés"-me

I roll my eyes and stab the cake with the fork.

"I know I'm just looking out for you"-Andrés

She pulls a packet of cigarettes out of her purse and she starts smoking.

"I know"-me

She's over protective and sometimes comes off as aggressive but she means well.

"So how was it?"-Andrés

"How's Luna I didn't know you were bi"-me

I look at her and she laughs out loud before turning as red as a tomato.

"I don't know I guess I just fell deeply in love at just the touch of our hands"-Andrés

"Not to burst your bubble but..."-me

"I know it's cliché but also so damn good"-Andrés

Well she's gone.

"Next thing your going to tell me your astrological signs correlate and..."-me

"I'm not into astrology but they might"-Andrés

She smiles and I chuckle. 

"You're officially a gone girl"-me

She smiles as I finish my cake up.

"I have to get back to the office I'll see you later"-me

I check my wristwatch then look up at her as I get my purse.

"I'll handle the bill don't worry 'bout it"-Andrés

"I'll get it next time bye"-me

I get off the chair and say goodbye to her walking to the exit.


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