Chapter Eight

"I'm coming!"-me

Five hours later I'm woken up by a persistent knock on the door. I rush out to the living room to open the door.

"Hi Travis"-Man

I'm met by a grey eyed man as soon as I open the door and I huff out.


I nod and her chuckles while I try to comb my hair back with my fingers.

"I heard there's a new neighbour moving and thought I'd pop by and say welcome"-Travis

He smiles and reaches his hand forward and I do too as we shake hands.

"Thank you and I'm pleased to meet you"-me

I smile for the first time since he's been standing here at my door.

"Would you uhm like to come in?"-me

I point behind me into the flat and he chuckles and shakes his head.

"I'd love to but I have to be somewhere else but I'll pop by some other time"-Travis

"Okay sure thanks for the warm welcome"-me

I smile again as he chuckles ticking his hands in his pockets and blows out a breath before walking away and l shut the door.


 I mutter under my breath as I realise that I slept in jeans and a sweater. I unbutton the jeans and take them off walking to the bedroom.

16 : 43. 

It's still daytime I change into black tights and a  tank top and start unpacking.

"Miss neighbour!!"-person

It's a woman's voice this time she's knocking and shouting at the same time.

I sigh and walk to the door I don't know if it's these people that are so neighbourly or they're out to annoy me.

"I'm sorry hi"-me

I smile as a blonde woman with blue hair rollers in her hair. Wow.

"Hey I heard you've just arrived"-lady


a few hours ago"-me

"Oh that's lovely then my kids and I are having dinner in two hours would you like to join us?"-lady

She smiles and I clear my throat. With the exterior and interior of this building and the neighborhood it's situated at you'd think people don't walk around with rollers in their hair.

"I'd love to but I would want to..."-me

"Nonsense dress up nicely"-lady

She smiles and looks at my outfit with a chuckle.

"I'll see you in two hours then"-me

"I live opposite you"-lady

She points at the door behind her and I nod.

"I'll see you later then"-me


She walks away and I close the door and huff. I also don't know why I agreed to that.

"Now what wear that's 'nice' "-me

I walk to bedroom and fix the bee first before picking an outfit and waking to bathroom for another shower.

I tidy up after getting dressed and I still have about ten minutes so I decide to show up early.

"You're here already?"-lady

She looks at me as soon as she opens the door and I nod.

"I thought I'd come by early sorry I came empty handed. I don't know even know where the shops are located here"-me

"It's okay come in"-lady

She steps aside and I walk and look around the apartment and chew on my lip. It's a habit.

"Nice place"-me

I turn my head to look at her and she smiles closing the door and walking to the kitchen and I follow her.

"Do you need ant help?"-me

"Yeah you can set the table so long the kids will be here soon enough"-lady

She smiles pouring two glasses of wine and gives me one as I take a sip.

"So where do come from?"-lady

"Africa South Africa to be specific"-me

The dining room is conjoined with the kitchen so we're able to chat as I set the table.

"I have heard a lot of things about your country"-lady

"Not all good that I'm sure of"-me

I glance up at her and chuckles as she attends to the pots.

"Gender Based Violence"-lady

She looks up at me and I shrug.

"That's one of our biggest problems before corrupt government officials and..."-me

"And racism"-lady

Well that's not what I was going to.say but yes.

"That too racial inequality"-me

"That must be a huge problem"-lady

"I've heard about it in America too"-me

She chuckles and comes over to refill my glass of wine. I hadn't realised I was so into it.

"There's no place on earth where people of colour aren't discriminated against"-lady

She rolls her eyes and I pick the glass up and look at her.

"You know we haven't exchanged names yet"-me

"I'm Andrés"-lady

"Isn't that a guy's name?"-me

I frown and she chuckles while looking at me.

"It is but then what else can I do?"-Andrés

We both chuckle as her kids walk in and she brings the food to the table.

"I haven't gotten yours"-Andrés

She looks at me as we're now seated and I chuckle.


"Not so unique but okay"-Andrés

"Yours is?"-me

We chuckle at that and maybe just maybe I shouldn't have judged her by the blue rollers on her hair.


"No I'll just have the steak"-me

I shake my head and pick my fork as her kids take over our conversation.


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