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#9 At Seanes’ House Later that evening the kids were playing outside the house and the door was open but the front light of the house was not lit Seane drove in at the gate and parked the car infront of the house as the kids ran towards it she stepped out smiling and took her handbag from the backseat. Seane:(locked the car) Pako!Kabo why are you playing outside the house at this time why did I say about you playing till this time? Le tlhapile?Pako:(shook his head) No akere we were for you to come and bathe us. Seane:(sighed) you have grown up now you two are suppose to bath on your own…(stared at the front door) is your dad your home?Kabo:He is in the bedroom… Seane: Okay mphetang jaana ke lefithele ko bathroom’ng. Kabo and Pako took their small motorbikes and went inside the house as Seane followed them and closed the door the kids headed to the backroom to put their bikes and Seane went straight to the bedroom she opened the door and found Moathodi sitting at the edge of the bed. Seane:(Softly) Good evening love!! Moathodi:(Stared at her) at this time of the night Seane?...(sighed) Good evening. Seane:Ao! What have I done now? Am I wrong to greet my husband. Moathodi:No you are not…I want to know why your phone has been off the whole of this afternoon that’s what I want to know. Seane:I was in a meeting the one I told you about when I left this morning gape I told you gore am going to come back late today. Moathodi: Seane! You know how long I have been waiting for you? and I have made myself clear that I don’t want to hear you saying you were in a meeting because I told you that you have to close your stores cut off your communications with your clients or suppliers…(Stared at her) didn’t I say that? Seane: is it because of my sickness? Moathodi: yes and if you don’t know I have filed a divorce case. Am going to take what belongs to me in this house and leave you. Even this house that we have built together you will have it. I will build my own. Seane:(tearfully) you cant leave me what about the poor kids? Moathodi: You should have thought about them before you went out there and sleep with men you are a disgrace and I never thought you would do such a shameful and evil thing Seane..(clicked his tongue) Seane: Please love! I made a mistake and I really regret please don’t leave me. Our children need us how am I going to explain to my parents then. Moathodi kept quiet and stood up to take a document which was on top of the table and handed it to Seane he then sat down staring at her. Seane:And what is this?Moathodi: You know how to read I told you that am divorcing you. That’s the copy of the divorce form you will sign it ga re tsena ko ga molaodi whether you like it or not nna am leaving. Seane stared at the file and tear dropped on the sheet her eyes became reddish and she wiped her tears as the kids entered the room. Pako:Mom we have been waiting for you in the bathroom. Seane:(Wiped her tear) Okay honey am coming… At Metlha’s House Later that morning Metlha locked the door of his house and tied his shoe laces as the car waited for him outside the yard he then checked around the house to make sure the windows are all closed and then hurried to the car and opened the back door and climbed in inside the car there three men that he didn’t know the driver was Dips his friend. He greeted and they all stared at him without responding he then turned to Dips who was in the drivers seat. Metlha:(Sighed) kante o ne o re re vaela kae? Dips:Don’t worry you will see akere ga o bereke so I found a piece job for you. Metlha: what kind of Job Dips?Dips: Metlha I told you gore you will see when we get there…(took a deep breath) okay its to build a house ko G-west legale our job is just to make bricks that will be used to complete the house Mosadi wa ntlo ya teng a re she hired some people but they left before finishing the house. Metlha:(sighed) you could have told me last night I could have put on my overall kana should I go back to the house and take them I will wear them on the way. The man sitted next to him stared at him. Man1:No man!! O tile gore dia re berekela mo nakong go lofa. Metlha:Okay

lets go. Dips increased the car volume and drove off. Metlha took out his phone and typed a message then sent it to Kago and then put it on as he shook his head in response to the beat of the music that was played on the car radio. At The Mall Later that day Lefika drove the car in the parking lot searching for a parking spot he then reversed and waited for the other car that was coming on his left to pass so he could park properly. He then rolled up all the windows and then dialed a number on the screen. Voice:(Picked up) hello! Lefika: Sir I think I forgot the directions you gave to me I cant see any medical centre here and I have been waiting for like 30 minutes. Voice:Okay don’t worry I will come and pick you up where are you right now? Lefika:Am in the parking lot the one behind the market stalls. Voice: You were so close my office is right infront of those stalls but I will come and pick you up just wait there. Lefika: Okay thanks sir. He then hung up and put the phone in his pocket meanwhile there was a knock at the window and he rolled it down to his surprise it was Riri and her friend. Riri:(smiled) Hi. Lefika:(Opened the door and stepped out) hey what are you doing here? Riri:I accompanied a friend of mine here her name is Pearl. Lefika: (turned to pearl) hello. Pearl:(Smiled) hi Lefika:(Turned to Riri) Am sure you thought am with Wame right? Riri:(sighed) you are right just that I know your car that’s why I came to say hi…(looked inside the car) where is her? Lefika:(Took a deep breath) She went to check her aunt in Block 8. Riri: okay so you went to drop her there?Lefika: yes infact she is going to spend a night there because her aunt is not well. Riri:(Paused) Or really? And you will be alone tonight? Lefika’s phone started ringing he reached to it and turned to the girls. Lefika: A moment please.. He then picked it up. Lefika:Yes sir. Dr Lets: Where are you? am in the parking lot. Lefika: Just search around a white Mercedes Benz plate number B 684 AHG…Am right there. Dr Lets: Okay I think I can see it. Lefika : Good. Lefika then went to the girls and opened his car. Lefika:(Stared at Riri) Am sorry I have to go I was just waiting for my optician I have to change the lens of my specs…see you Riri:(smiled) okay bye. Riri and Pearl left smiling and murmuring he stared at them and closed the door as he put on his jacket. IN THE CAR… Later that afternoon Metlha stepped out of the car and stared at Dips. Metlha:(sighing) we have been here since morningare we not arriving yet? Dips:listen Metlha you worry too much ah! Metlha:(Angrily) you cant say that where are we now? Seems like we are lost in this bush. I don’t even know what we are doing here…(walked to closer to him and whispered) who are these men? Dips stared at him and said nothing. Metlha:(Cleared his throat) Dips! Be honest with me where are we? Dips removed a gun and pointed it to him the men stepped out of the car holding guns also. Dips:(Sighed) You know how to use a gun?Metlha:(Scarily) Gun? Wa ntshosa jaanong Dips kante ga se gore re ya piece job’ng yoo neng o bua ka yone? Dips: Yeah the job is bit different than the one I told you about…(Paused for a moment) It’s a house robbery and we are waiting for the evening so that we can do our job without anyone seeing us. Metlha:NoNo! Just take me back home am sorry I cant do that I will rather suffer than rob someone. Dips:(Deeply) you are not going anywhere you are with us….(removed a gun from his backpocket) this is your gun just take it even though you don’t know how to use it keep it wa utlwa. Metlha nodded and took the gun from him as his hands shivered… . . . To be continued...


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