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#8 At Builders World Later that day Metlha was called to the manager’s office he left what he was doing in order to go and hear what he is called for he knocked at the door and then went inside. Manager:(Cleared his throat) You can have a sit. Metlha pulled a chair and sat down. Metlha:(smiled) Thank you sir but I heard that you wanted to see me that’s why I left the work and came here immediately. Manager:(sighed) you are right I know you were still busy but this is important …(looked into his eyes) how is everything? I mean I once got some complaints from your co-workers and they said that your absenteeism is now getting worse. Metlha:(Paused) but I only missed two days because I wasn’t feeling good but I did report to my supervisor when I came back to work. Manager: Okay that’s not the issue for now I just wanted to let you know that your days are over just as we agreed that we will hire you on trial since you were replacing someone so our journey with you ends here because we don’t need anymore. Metlha: just like that? Manager:Yes!! Is there any problem? Metlha: No just that I wasn’t expecting such bad news…(thoughfully) I thought I was supposed to work till the end of this month if I recall well we agreed that my trial end on the 30th so what happened to that sir? Manager: look here we didn’t hire you based on your qualifications and you never signed any form here that shows that you will work till that date you mentioned I was just doing you a favor and even if I didn’t pay you there was not gonna be any legal action you were going to take…so kindly sign below your name and leave. Metlha shook his head and took the pen from the table and signed the paper. Metlha:(stood up) Am not getting paid as well? For the job I have done for the past days . Manager:No and please close the door behind as you leave hope you will find a job somewhere. It was great knowing you. Metlha closed the door and went to his locker and removed all his belongings and walked towards the gate as one of his co-worker ran after him. Him:(Loudly) Hey Met! Met sup bros. He kept walking slowly with his jacket on the shoulder he then stopped and turned. Metlha:(Sadly) Ke a vaya!! Him:(Sighing) o vaela you cant leave the work undone kante you forgot gore we have to work extra hours today. Metlha: Am not working here anymore…(sighed) go fedile. Him:(Stared at him) What do you mean? O a tlogela?Metlha: My days working here are over I wonder how am going to survive afterwards go thata ko ntle my life is becoming hard day by day ke gore I have relationship problems I don’t have a family I lost both my parents. Ga gona yoo ke ka lelelang ko go ene and now this am being told gore I have to leave the premises since my contract is over. Him:(shook his head)Eish that’s heart breaking but don’t lose hope my guy maybe where you are going you will find a decent job o seka utlwa botlhoko thata my guy. Metlha:Yeah let me just go home and rest and start to think about my life and what to do next. Him:(nodded) Sho! I will passby your house ga ke chaise o tla bo le teng? Metlha: I think so. Him: Okay shapo. Metlha opened the small gate and left as he crossed the main road to the other side. At Riri’s House KT sat down on the couch and stared at Riri who was busy with her phone.. KT:(Cleared her throat) so that’s your new style? Riri:(sighed) meaning? KT: I mean I have been here and you just said hi and then you took your phone and you have been smiling I don’t know whats in that phone that makes you smile like this. Riri:Its just my cousin she uploaded some memes on facebook so I have been scrolling on her timeline to check more of her uploads. KT stood up and went to confirm but Riri hid the phone from her. Riri:Bathong! KT: I want to see what is making you to smile like this maybe its funny who knows. Riri: Don’t worry its nothing funny. Just some random memes that I don’t think you will like. KT: Ijoo!!(took a deep breath)motho tswa mo go tsone. Riri:Oh by the way did you manage to get the feedback for the vacancy you applied for ko Bankeng? KT:(leaned back on the couch) Its like hundredth time you are asking me about that. Riri:(Stared at her) really? KT: Riri I told you that I haven’t got any feedback from them. Riri: Okay so whats the plan are you going to continue working at choppies while waiting for them to reply? KT: Yes I don’t have any other choice I will be patient with them. Riri: Good for you girl. KT:Kana wena o ngwana wa sekgowa atleast your parents are helping you with accommodation fee while you are finishing your degree gape even if you don’t finish you will still have the chance to work on one of your parents stores. Riri:(sighed) nna? Store? Nna they are not my stores

gape even if you don’t finish you will still have the chance to work on one of your parents stores. Riri:(sighed) nna? Store? Nna they are not my stores gape nna ga ke feetsa am going to own some business you will see. KT: (Smiling) Tsena wena girl!! Waitse I like your confidence I wish I was you. Ebile you remind me the day you told me about Wame’s boyfriend…(laughing) are you still obsessed with him ne mma? Riri:(Smiled) That guy I so love him kana that’s my type. E seng bo Rex mxm!...Ke gore am still asking my self gore Lefika o bona eng mo go Wame kana wame doesn’t know anything about fashionshe knows nothing about whats trending and that guy le fa ke mo lebile I can see gore he deserved someone who is a bit crazy someone who will go out with him for dinners holidays…so bo Wame kana ke bathonyana ba modimo so o santse a le boi. KT: If Wame hears about this I don’t know whats going to happen ijah! Riri: e tla bo ele wena o mmoleletsenggape the guy knows gore am into him I even called him this morning and he was smiling and shy. KT:(Gasped) you are lying? Kante are you serious ne mma? Riri:(clapped her hands) Am not playing games am so serious. KT: Hle mma Riri o seka wa dira jalo wena waitse I feel sorry for Wame she will be heartbroken if you take her man please stop tempting Lefika. Akere o nale Rex. Riri: (Concluded)Life is too short mo ke gabs mma!! If you are a crybaby o tla ipona. KT:Ijo!! O padile mma! At Lefika’s House Lefika sneaked into the living room holding a smallbox wrapped beautifully and decorated with some shinny colors he then walked slowly approaching Wame who was sitting on a couch reading a magazine he then whispered in her ear and Wame turned slowly and smiled. Wame:(smiling) I thought you were sleeping in the bedroom. Lefika:(sat down) I just woke up ga kena boroko so I came here to disturb you. Wame:(laughed) gatwe disturb you? hee! Lefika:(smiling) Look what I have for you… Wame:(stared at the box) Wow! Whats inside? Lefika: You can open and see… Wame opened the smallbox and it was a necklace made of diamond and inside was a small note written on it some beautifully Wame smiled and a tear dropped from her eye as she hugged Lefika tightly Lefika then took the necklace and placed around her neck. Wame:(smiled) Its beautiful. Lefika: Just like you…(cleared his throat) I want to build a future with you you are the only person who makes my life complete at times I thank God for giving me youand I consider it the greatest gift I ever received in life compared to all sort of luxurious materials I have…(looked intently into her eyes) Am really lucky to have you. Wame: Am just speechless what should I say. They both laughed as it was awkward meanwhile Lefika’s phone rang he paused and stared at Wame and then answered it as he left the room. At Metlha’s House Metlha paged through the press and then looked at the job vacancies but he couldn’t meet the requirements he then closed it and dialed Kago’s Number it rang and she answered it. Kago:Hello Metlha: hi how are you doing?Kago: am fine. Metlha: I was wondering if you maybe you wont mind coming and stay with me since am staying alone. Kago:Don’t you think its bit too early to do that I mean am still nursing a small baby and I don’t think my aunt will allow me to move out. Metlha: Okay was just my thoughtjust that I..(paused)its finegape I don’t have anything you could live on akere I told you gore I don’t have a proper job and am living by a side hustle. Kago: yeah but that’s not the case. Metlha: But after all am grateful for the money you gave me it helped me a lot. Kago:Come on! Its nothing to worry about Metlha I was just thinking maybe you should try hard to find a job and le nna am helping you to find one gape if you are on facebook there are groups which can be of great help where people help each other to hunt for jobs you can benefit from them. Metlha:(smiled) Thanks for letting me know I never… The call ended immediately he then sighed and put the phone on the table later on there was a text that was sent in his message box Metlha opened it and it reads “ LEAVE MY WOMAN ALONE OR AM GOING TO KILL YOU” He read once again and the sighed heavily as he walked outside the house


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