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#7 At Lefika’s House Later that afternoon Lefika parked the car and stepped out and then opened the passenger door for Wame to climb out he then shook his head and removed his plastic bag from the trunk as Wame leaned on the sipping from her drink. Lefika:This world.. Wame:(stared at him) What my love. Lefika: Am starting to hate your friend I mean what kind of human being will force themselves on other people? Kana after you left us ha FNB ATM o ya restroom she asked me if I still love you I mean what kind of question is that? Wame:That’s how she is love I mean all girls I like that but I dont think she was asking with the intentions to confirm if you still love me. En eke girl e shapo. Lefika: No love you could have seen how she looked at me. It was a bad idea going with her to the mall gape its not like she was going there to buy anything she was just strolling around with us. Wame:(walked closer to him) O seka mo tsenya mo pelong lets just forget about her and work on our lives we still have a lot of things to worry about. Lefika:(sighed heavily) I know but I don’t like her and am serious about it kana ke gore wena it seems like you are too blind to notice her nna tota I want only you in my life. Wame:I hear you…(picked her bag from the backseat) lets get inside the house its getting cold here. Lefika: Don’t forget your recharge card on my seat. Wame picked the recharged car and there after Lefika locked the car and they went to the house. At Kago’s House Metlha walked inside the house and stared at the baby as Kago prepared breastfeed her. Metlha:Do you think it’s a good idea that I went inside the house because according to Setswana tradition people are not allowed inside the house where there is a new born baby. Kago: (smiled) don’t worry this is a new generation. Dilo tseo ke tsa bagolo ba bogologolo. Metlha:(nodded) yeah so is it a boy or girl? The baby is much prettier. Kago:(stared at the baby) It’s a girl her name is Precious it’s a precious gift from God. Metlha: Nice name she looks exactly like you. Kago:(smiled) Thank you you want to hold her?Metlha:(Paused) but I don’t know how to hold a baby. Kago:(stood up) just give it a try. She handed the baby to him wrapped with a small soft blanket. Metlha smiled staring at the baby. Metlha:(Cleared his throat) so where is the father? You haven’t said anything about him. Kago:(took a deep breath)Its complicated you wont believe me when I tell you that he is staying with another woman this is his house and he left it with me. He went to stay with another girl and it seems like they have been together while I was pregnant. Metlha:That’s pity but is he helping you with caring for the baby? I mean supporting the baby because I know its difficult to raise a baby on your own. Kago:he tries but he stopped after moving on to stay with her new girl…(changing the topic) so what do you in life?Metlha:(Paused and sighed heavily) am a hustler. Kago:(nodded) Do you have girlfriend? Metlha:She left a long time ago. Kago:Why? Metlha: I wasn’t the right one for her I think I was the cause. Kago: you mean she left because of you? have you ever done something that would upset her or made her to leave you? Metlha kept quiet for a moment and he never responded. Kago:(low voice) Okay am sorry I know its bit awkward that am asking you that. Metlha:(Stared at her) Its okay..(checked his watch) I think I have to go I have to go and meet my friend am expecting him. Kago:(nodded) Its fine…(cleared her throat) you can always come here if you don’t mind you seem cool and kind. Metlha:(smiled) Thank you so who is helping you since you seem to be staying alone here. Kago:I have a cousin and aunt they spend the whole day here they are not leaving far from here they just left some hour ago. But I told them to leave since I was expecting you. Metlha: I see and at night? Are they coming here too because its risky for you to be staying here alone at night. Kago: No but its much safer than you think…(reached for her wallet and took out a 100 pula note) Take! Metlha:(Paused for a moment) Its okay you can keep it. Kago: Are you sure? I mean you can use it for transport fare or anything you want. She then opened her wallet and took out another note a 50 pula. Kago: you can have both of them akere you just said you are not working I know how hard its like outside there. Metlha thought for a moment and took the money. Metlha: Tanki you are so kind…bye! Kago:(smiled) Shapo! Metlha left the house and walked out the gate heading to the taxi stop

Kago walked to the door and stared at him and then closed the door. At Seane’s House In the morning Seane closed the bathroom door and opened the tap to fill the bathtub with some water she then got inside the bathtub and poured some shampoo inside as the big foam began to form itself in the tub she relaxed inside and meanwhile her phone started ringing she closed the tap and removed her phone from her gown that was left lying on the floor. She looked at the caller and it was Modise she then ended the call and leaned on the bathtub splashing water on her face the phone rang again and this time she decided to pick it. Seane:(picked up) hello! Modise: so that’s it? You are going to ignore my phone calls just like that? Seane: I don’t think we still have unfinished business together. Modise: O makgakga you shouldn’t be talking to me like that after what happened yesterday. Seane: E le gore how am I suppose to talk you? are you my man? Ijah! I don’t know why I allowed you to fool me into thinking that you can do everything for me as long as I sleep with you. Modise: (laughed) but you here we are we slept together we had sex together. And at the end you got what you wanted and I got mine too so there is nothing to be angry about. Seane: Look I married woman and… Modise:(interrupted) and I am a married man so what?Seane: listen tell me what you want and delete my number because I don’t think my husband will be happy if he find out that you called me. Modise: I want my 10% that is remaining you know what am talking about right? Seane:(Paused) 10 %?? Modise: yes and that’s 10K pula if you don’t understand you remember those clothes that sold abroad on your behalf? And we agreed that I take 10% from the profit and I want it now. Seane:Well! I don’t have the money now. Modise: That’s not the impression I got you were supposed to pay me back the money 2 months backand you haven’t done that I was patient with you but now I want whats mine. Seane: Is it because of what happened yesterday ? Modise: Exactly!...(sighed) you have two choices to give me back my money within this week or sleep together to get rid of the debt you are owing me. Its your choice. Seane:(Gapsed) how dare you? Modise you are a married man what me and you did was a mistake I cant sleep with you look I will find your money and give it to you that’s it. Modise: Be quick… Modise hang up and Seane stared at the phone sighed heavily as she got out of the bathtub wrapping herself with a towel. At Lefika’s House Later that morning Lefika sat on the bed and put on his shoes as his phone started ringing Wame was in the kitchen making breakfast for him. Lefika:Hello! Riri:(smiled) Morning Handsome!! Lefika:(paused) who is this?Riri:Its me Riri! Wame’s friend. Lefika: Okay and? Riri: I just wanted to check if you are fine gape you deserve all this morning calls and am sure Wame is always reminding you how handsome and kind you are. Lefika:Yeah she does. Riri: That’s great well I just wanted to greet you nothing else and I hope you will have a good day take care! Lefika: You too! Riri: Bye! Lefika: Shapo! Lefika shook his head and put the phone on the bed Wame was standing at the door holding a cup of coffee and some homemade biscuits. Wame: ke mang ele gore?Lefika:(sighed) you mean the caller? Wame: yes. Lefika: Ke one friend of mine he was just checking on me he is abroad studying medicine. Wame:Okay here is your breakfast guess what I made this biscuits for you? you can taste one and tell me how they are. Lefika took a biscuit from the plate and tasted it. Lefika:(smiled) you are truly a wife material I have to put a ring on that finger. Wame:(smiling) Thank you gape you deserve all this you are truly a gentleman hle rra Lefika.


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