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#6 At Lefika’s House The following day Riri knocked at Lefika’s door and Wame immediately went to open it she was dressed in all red her favorite outfit that she wears when she is going out. Wame stared at her from the toe upwards and she smiled and gave her a compliment. Wame:(cleared her throat) Going somewhere? Riri:(smiled) No…(turning around) what do you think? Am I good looking? Wame:(nodded) perfect!! O kare o miss universe hle mma…by the way come in!! Riri:(smiling) gatwe miss universe… She walked inside looking around the house and nodding staring at the caricatures that were pinned to the wall. Riri:(stared at wame) hlemma this house is big how do you feel living in this kind of house kana o kare hotel. Wame:(smiled) I just got used to it gape its not mine until Lefika marries me. Riri:(gasped) mme gone a reng ka nyalo? O tla e bona ne mma? Wame:(took a deep breath) I don’t know what to saybut hopefully he will marry just that he is waiting for the right time. Gape le nna I don’t think am ready to be a wife. Riri:tell him to be quick because you are competing with other girls out there he might change his mind ga o ka nna soft. Wame:(stood up) I don’t think he will go for another girl he already made his mind…(picked a tray from the table) do you want something to eat or a drink?Riri: bring a glass of wine…(thoughtfully) o kae ene Lefika?Wame:I think he is still in the shower. Riri: okay bring my wine. Ke tla tla ke mo dumedisa. Wame:(paused and stared at her) o dumedisa? Riri:(sighed) ee it will be inappropriate for me to just stay in someone’s house without greeting kana jang mma?Wame:yah gone…look I will be back o tle o mpolelele story sa ga pearl and her new man. Riri:(laughed) that’s a long story tla ka wine mma!! Wame rushed to the kitchen and took out a bottle of wine and some glasses and went back to the sitting room she sat down and poured some wine in the glasses and gave one to Riri she then leaned back on the couch listened carefully as Riri narrated a story to her. At Modise’s House Later that day Moathodi parked his car infront of the house and stepped out of the car with his wife. He walked to the door and knocked vigorously he then stepped back and took a quick look at his wife. Seane:Kante what are we doing here? I think we are making a mistake we should be respectful to Mr Modise and his wife and children too. Moathodi: It is not a mistake you and Mr Modise will have to explain what you have done I cant let him destroy my family and there after you expect me to keep quiet I will let his wife know about your relationship with him. Seane:(sighing) please don’t do that I know I have made a mistake Moathodi am your wife. I mean telling his wife too will cause more trouble we can solve this without involving the wife. Moathodi: Maybe you don’t know me you will see what am going to do. Meanwhile Mr Modise opened the door fixing his suit he then wiped the dirt from his shoe and greeted them calmly Modise:(stretched his hand to greet) Mr and Mrs Baatile how are you? Moathodi kept quiet but the wife responded with a smile. Seane: Dumelang. Modise:(Paused and stared at Moathodi) Is everything okay here you don’t look good. Moathodi: as you can see nothing is okay. I want to have a word with you. Modise:(sighed) Am sorry but you have to make an appointment before you meet me you just don’t come here uninvited am a busy man. Moathodi: Look I don’t care about whatever mad thing you call appointment I just came here so that we can settle some matter like adults. Modise: How about tomorrow because you caught me at an awkward moment

I just came here so that we can settle some matter like adults. Modise: How about tomorrow because you caught me at an awkward moment am on my way to a business meeting. Moathodi:(Cleared his throat)you will have to cancel it infact I want to know what you have been doing with my wife apart from business related work. Modise:(stared at Seane and breathed heavily) have we been doing anything apart from business related work? Seane kept quiet and stared at Moathodi. Moathodi: (angrily) answer the damn question because if you don’t I will slap you. Seane:(shook her head) Nothing! Moathodi: Nothing… just nothing? Don’t make me angry…(turned to Modise) I want you to tell me what made you to leave your wife and decided to sleep with mine whilst you know that you have a virus why?Modise:(shocked) I beg your Pardon Mr Baatile? Is that how you are supposed to talk to me insulting me like that…look leave my house now!! GET OUT!! Moathodi: Am not going anywhere infact where is your wife she have to know about this. Am not leaving any stone unturned. Modise: If the devil has sent you to destroy my marriage then you are lying am not gonna allow that here. And don’t ever try to bother my wife are you crazy? Moathodi: Oh I see its your habit you go around claiming to be a saint whilst you chop other men’s women I want you to know that its not the first time I have heard about you its your daily work and your wife doesn’t know about it. Modise:(Angirly) LEAVE MY HOUSE NOW!! LEAVE! Moathodi pulled him by the tie and he fell down on the ground and his suit was covered by dust all over Seane ran back to the car sighing heavily she climbed in and watched from a distance as she was very scared. Moathodi punched him and pushed him against the door and Modise started bleeding he then spitted some saliva on Mr Modise and clicked his tongue and headed back to the car. Modise:(sighing heavily) you are going to pay for this am calling the police. Moathodi:(Paused and stared at him) Go ahead and call them its not over yet. Mr Modise searched his phone from the pocket and dialed a number on the screen as he walked inside the house. IN THE CAR. Moathodi closed the door and started the engine and then tuned to Seane. Moathodi:(Sighing) You are going to learn a hard lesson when we get home after that am going to transfer all the money from your business account to mine akere the money drives you crazy… He clicked his tongue ones more and drove off. At Lefika’s House Meanwhile Lefika walked out of the bathroom wrapping himself with a towel and he headed straight to the sitting room Riri stared at his muscles and smooth face she swallowed deeply and she couldn’t hold herself anymore. Lefika smiled and stared at her. Lefika:(Staring at Riri) HI! Riri:(Softly)Hi. Lefika then proceeded and kissed Wame on the forehead and sat down applying his body perfume. The scent spread around the house quickly. Wame:(smiled) you are going out?Lefika: Yeah am going to the mall I want to buy some few things there. You know I haven’t went out for some weeks now but you can go with me if you don’t mind. Riri:(interrupted) And I would like to go too I was planning to go there. They both stared at her immediately. Lefika:(sighed) Okay No problem. Riri:(smiled) you are so kind hlerra! Lefika then stood up and headed to the bedroom to get dressed Riri couldn’t take her eyes off from him until Wame noticed it. Wame:(cleared her throat) Are you okay?Riri:Yeah! I hope am not too forward you know how I am. Wame:(smiled) you are my friend and I know you better than anyone. They both laughed as they took the last sip from their glasses. At Metlha’s House Metlha’s phone rang and he immediately pulled it from the pocket and answered it. Metlha: Hello Kago: Hi how are you. Metlha: Am good what is it? Kago: Ao!! I was just checking on you you seem disappointed the other day when I talked to you over the phone. Metlha: Not at all am fine… Kago:I will send you my address so that you can come and see where am living and am always grateful ever since you helped me. Metlha: don’t worry…(sighed) didn’t you say you are staying with your boyfriend?Kago: No I moved out. Akere I told you how he is I don’t think I will ever be with him anymore. Metlha: then about the baby?Kago: I think you are asking so many questions I will just send you my address..bye!! She hung up and Metlha thought for a while afterwards…


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